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Quake (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode


Change gravity

Enable the sv_gravity <number> code. Regular gravity is at 800. Ziggurat Vertigo (Episode 1 Map 8) is at 100. You can make the gravity any number, including negatives and values larger than 10,000. At negative gravity, your character will rise up quickly or slowly, depending upon what the negative is set to. To control yourself during altered gravity, enable the fly code. By using [Swim Up] and [Swim Down], you can fly around while Fiends jump. Grenades from both you and the ogres will be affected by the changes.


Walkthrough (PC)


Well Of Wishes secret

This is a secret extra for the Crypt Of Decay (Episode 2 Map 3). After the spiked hall, go forward, turn backwards, then look to your right. There is a room there where you must take a leap of faith to cross. Get the quad and keep going towards the wall until you reach a hall. Enter it and go down and swim. The Dope Fish is at this location. Go to the left of the fish and shoot to find the exit to the secret level.

Once you find the Well Of Wishes, go down into the well and look on the wall. The big green stupid looking fish with uneven buck teeth is the Dope Fish from the Commander Keen series of games.

Nine Inch Nails logo

Look closely at the nailgun ammunition boxes to see the "NIN" logo for Nine Inch Nails, the band that did the music for the game.
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In Episode 2 Map 7 (secret level), shoot all of the gargoyle faces once. They will bleed. Then, go to the long, flashing corridor where you encounter two Hell Knights in alcoves. Shoot the wall of the second alcove to reveal a hidden room containing the initials of Tim Willits and Teresa Chasar, along with a raven symbol for the raven levels that they made for Doom 2.


Make everything disappear

In map Episode 1 Map 4 (Grisly Grotto), kill the knight but do not use the buttons to make the platform fall at the beginning of the level. Instead, jump into the indent in the floor and enable the noclip code. Then, activate the buttons and the platform will fall through you. Deactivate the noclip code and enable the sv_gravity 10000 code. When you close the console window you will instantly fall about 100 feet below the level. Enable the noclip code and hold [Swim Up]. When you come back up through the floor, walk through the level. You will find that nothing is present. There will be no buttons, doors, weapons, ammo, monsters, etc. All that remains are the level limits and textures.


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