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Quake 2 (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes

Level select

Press ~ to display the console, then type map <level code> using the following information.

Name Level code
Outer Base base1.bsp
Installation base2.bsp
Comm Center base3.bsp
Lost Station train.bsp
Ammo Depot bunk1.bsp
Supply Station ware1.bsp
Warehouse ware2.bsp
Main Gate jail1.bsp
Destination Center jail2.bsp
Security Complex jail3.bsp
Torture Chambers jail4.bsp
Guard House jail5.asp
Grid Control security.bsp
Mine Entrance mintro.asp
Upper Mines mine1.bsp
Borehole mine2.bsp
Drilling Area mine3.bsp
Lower Mines mine4.bsp
Receiving Center fact1.bsp
Sudden Death fact3.bsp
Processing Plant fact2.bsp
Power Plant power1.bsp
The Reactor power2.bsp
Cooling Facility cool1.bsp
Toxic Waste Dump waste1.bsp
Pumping Station 1 waste2.bsp
Pumping Station 2 waste3.bsp
Big Gun biggun.bsp
Outer Hangar hangar1.bsp
Comm Satelite space.bsp
Research Lab lab.bsp
Inner Hangar hangar2.bsp
Launch Command command.bsp
Outlands strike.bsp
Outer Courts city1.bsp
Lower Palace city2.bsp
Upper Palace city3.bsp
Inner Chamber boss1.bsp
Final Showdown boss2.bsp


Also try the following codes.

sv_gravity set gravity(800 normal, 0-750 is less, 850 or higher is more)
cl_blend 0 blend into walls. Set to 1 to disable.
cl_footsteps 0 silent footsteps. Set to 1 to enable again.
cl_entities removes all except walls (for you only).
cl_forwardspeed set running speed from 100-500 (200 normal, run 300)
cl_gun 0 gun view off. Set to 1 to enable again.

Unlimited ammunition

Begin a normal game, under any difficulty setting. During game play, press [Esc]. Select "Multiplayer", then "Start Network Server", then "Deathmatch Flags". Find the option for unlimited ammunition and turn it on, but do not start a multi-player game. Instead, press the [Esc] until your game resumes. You will now have unlimited ammunition.




Raven sign

In Episode 2 Map 7 (secret level) shoot all of the gargoyle faces once. They will bleed. Then, move to the long, flashing corridor where you encounter two Hell Knights in alcoves. Shoot the wall of the second alcove to reveal a hidden room containing the initials of Tim Willits and Teresa Chasar, along with a raven symbol for the raven levels that they made for Doom 2.

Defeating the Makron

Shoot him in the head with a rail gun. He will fall over and not be able to attack you. Note: This only works when he is small.

Avoid fall damage

When falling from high locations, hold [Jump] and you will receive any damage.

Developer gallery

In the room after you defeat the Makron, press one of the buttons next to the sliding doors in the floor. Run to the other side of the room where there is another button and door. Run into the door in the floor before it closes. Go down the passageway until you see a button on the wall. Turn around the corner and you will see a crack in the wall. Shoot it and go through the passageway. You will see an on screen message stating "Welcome to the id gallery" or something similar. In here you will see the pictures of the game's development team and buttons on the floor. Once you push all the buttons on the floor, a hole will be blown open in the floor. Note: Activate the buttons on the floor and the pictures are done as follows. Press the first button on the right and the picture in front of it will slide down into the floor. A gray picture will burn you. If you press the floor button in front of the other gray picture (across from the red one), it will explode. The red one's mouth slides open and a few body parts will fall out. If you push the button in front of the last one down (the blue one) it will start to spin. Once the hole is blown open in the floor, explore it. You will find a pool and a Tank having a pool party with two Iron Maidens and two tortured Marines on either side. Do not bother shooting the Tank and the two Iron Maidens as they will not shoot back and they are invincible. The only way out of here is back the way you came.
ytnatw larf tytd, wvf

Hidden marines in online manual

Start the HTML game manual. Display the credits by clicking the iD logo in the lower right corner. A marine from Quake will appear over Quake 2 logo, followed by a Quake 2 marine.


Unlimited ammunition

Note: This trick requires v3.20. Start a normal single player game. Go to main menu, then select "Multiplayer" and select "New Server" (but do not start a server). Go to game settings (deathmatch flags) and turn on the infinite ammunition option. Return to your normal single player game for unlimited ammunition.

No falling damage

Note: This trick requires v3.20. Start a normal single player game. Go to main menu, then select "Multiplayer" and select "New Server" (but do not start a server). Go to game settings (deathmatch flags) and turn off the falling damage option. Return to your normal single player game for no falling damage.



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