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Quantum Conundrum (Xbox 360)

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"Do A Thing!" option

Successfully complete the game.




Easy "Ah, finally some peace and quiet" achievement or trophy

Collectibles are easy to find. The level selection screen will indicate which levels have collectibles. However, there is collectable that can be missed inside the R&D room at the mansion. The door is found near the level selection blueprints. It is found to the upper left near the fan and can only be obtained after getting the blueprint that allows you to use reverse gravity.

Easy "Art Major" achievement or trophy

Play the "Through The Glass Flooring" level in the Red Wing section. Collect all of the batteries, then walk past the robot with a laser which blocks you from bringing any objects to the end. Jump on the conveyor belt or the wooden planks below then search for a passage to get back up. You will find a painting of a boy sitting on luggage in that path back up. Examine the painting and switch between all four dimensions. Although the same painting can be found before this point, you will not have access to all the dimensions and therefore cannot use it then to earn "Art Major".

Easy "Big Meanie" achievement or trophy

Play the "Choose Wisely" level in Red Wing. When you select a battery at the beginning, IKE will appear behind the glass panel next to the door you started at. Break the glass panel that IKE is standing in front of (the right side) and it will knock him down. Note: If you break the left side panel, IKE will disappear.
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Easy "Did a Thing!" achievement or trophy

Select the "Do A Thing" text that lights up on the top right corner of the main menu after the game has been completed.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Still Alive (30 points): Make it through every level at least once without dying.
Art Major (20 points): View your portrait in all dimensions.
Testing the Fences (20 points): Break 20 panes of glass.
Big Meanie (10 points): Knock Ike over with an object.
Extraordinaire Extrapolator (80 points): Powered up the Uber-IDS.
Peerless Perambulator (50 points): Powered up the third generator.
Symmetrical Sojourner (40 points): Powered up the second generator.
Dimensional Drifter (30 points): Powered up the first generator.
Nuclear Nooby (10 points): Pick up the IDS device.
Honor Student (20 points): Achieve Shift Goal on all maps.
In less than 12 Parsecs (20 points): Achieve Goal Time on all maps.
Finally some peace and quiet (30 points): Collect all collectibles.
Well, look what you found there (10 points): Collect 1st collectible.
Did a thing! (10 points): Use the menu item "Do a thing!".
Explorer of All Roads (20 points): Solve "Choose Wisely" choosing each battery first.

The Desmond Debacle