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Quarrel (Xbox 360)

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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A Rag Man (5 points): Make your first ever Quarrel anagram.
Anagramalamadingdong! (15 points): Make a staggering 100 Quarrel anagrams.
Jailhouse Rock (10 points): Capture a phenomenal 100 prisoners.
Four's a Crowd (10 points): Capture a prisoner from each player in a four-player match.
Incrediword! (15 points): Make a word worth at least 20 points.
Omniscience (30 points): Finish a match with a perfect Word IQ of 200.
Showdown Showoff (20 points): Defeat all-comers in Showdown.
Call That a Challenge? (20 points): Complete all Challenges to Gold standard.
World Leader (20 points): Dominate the Known Quarrel World and wear the Quarrel Crown.
Down in One! (10 points): Claim Calamari Cove from Dwayne, Caprice and Malik in a single turn.
Unbeaten! (20 points): Capture Starfish Bay in Domination without losing a single quarrel.
Elite Beat! (25 points): Defeat Rex, Helena and Kali in a single timed match.