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Quell (Android)

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

Accomplished: Complete 10 levels perfectly.
Apprentice: Complete the 1937 shelf.
Champion: Complete the 1945 shelf.
Complete: Complete every Quell level.
Definat: Take over 10 minutes to complete a level.
Excellent: Complete the 1939 shelf.
Expert: Complete the 1943 shelf.
Fearless: Spiked 10 times.
Flawless: Complete 20 levels perfectly.
Funeral Bill: Spiked 20 times.
Groundhog Day: Retry a level 20 times.
High Stamina: Play for 1 hour.
Hoarder: Collect 100 pearls.
Hunter: Collect 50 pearls.
Impeccable: Complete 40 levels perfectly.
Keep Going!: Play for 10 minutes.
Learnt the Ropes: Complete the 1928 shelf.
Magpie: Collect 25 pearls.
Matchmaker: Push 2 sets of blocks together.
Meticulous: Complete a shelf in perfect moves.
Minimalist: Complete 3 levels perfectly.
Ouch!: Spiked 3 times.
Pearl Harboring: Collect 200 pearls.
Pearl Jammer: Collect 150 pearls.
Perfect: Complete every Quell level in perfect moves.
Precise: Complete a stage in perfect moves.
Pro: Complete the 1941 shelf.
Quick Thinking: Complete a level in under 5 seconds.
Ring Leader: Use the ring 5 times.
Road to Nowhere: Get stuck in a loop 5 times.
Scenic Route: Take twice as many moves as necessary.
Suicidal: Die on a first move.
Time Flies: Play for 30 minutes.
Tired: Push 10 blocks.


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