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R.A.W. - Realms Of Ancient War (Xbox 360)

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Easy "Critical Hit" achievement or trophy

  • Play as the rogue. She can get critical damage through a level 20 buff skill. Find a group of enemies, then use both the damage and the critical buff. Enter the crowd and use the 1000 Daggers skill. You will eventually get a hit that qualifies.
  • Play as the magician until at least level 33. At the "Desert Hundreds" location, purchase a chaos set (helmet, protection, leggings, etc.) with the greatest possible force from the merchant. Revisit the location to force new items to appear. When ready, you should have 99 Wisdom, at least 85 Strength, 1,000 to 1,040 damage, and the Meteorite skill. Return to the "Quarry Dwarfs" and find weak enemies. Attack them with the charged Meteorite skill and you should get critical damage of at least 2,100 points.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Eternal Hero (25 points): You have completed the game with all heroes.
The Skill Master (20 points): You have raised all of your skills to level 1.
The Path of Fortune (20 points): You have 50,000 gold coins.
The Great Explorer (15 points): You have found 5 statues of Kilthi.
Critical Hit (10 points): You have struck an enemy for 2500+ HP damage.
Fearless Hero (10 points): You've completed a level without once dying.
The Spirit Master (15 points): You have possessed 15 mobs.
Dead species (15 points): You have killed 1000 mobs in the main campaign.
The Adventurer Spirit (20 points): You have completed 50 quests.
The Full Set Collector (20 points): You have equipped a full set of epic or legendary armor.
A Team of Heroes (10 points): You have played with a friend.
Battle for a New Alliance (20 points): You have completed the game a first time.