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Radiant Silvergun (Xbox 360)

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Save the game to unlock Buster's Silvergun gamerpic (player one/blue) and Reana's Silvergun gamerpic (player two/red).

Ikaruga mode

Earn an achievement to unlock a special chaining mode. Radiant Silvergun will use the chaining system found in Ikaruga and the Ikaruga Leaderboards will be unlocked in the online rankings.

Extra credits in Arcade mode

Each hour listed in Play Stats in Arcade mode will add one additional credit.

Free Play in Arcade mode

Accumulate a "Total Play Time" value of seven hours.

Extra lives in Story mode

Each hour listed in Play Stats in Story mode will add one additional life.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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Complete Breakdown (10 points): Destroy a boss with 100% destruction.
Clear Arcade (15 points): Clear Arcade Mode.
Clear Story (15 points): Clear Story Mode.
Hyper Sword (5 points): Use Hyper Sword.
MERRY (5 points): Find hidden bonus.
On the Leaderboard (10 points): Upload a score to the Leaderboards.
Weapon Master (20 points): Get three weapons to maximum level.
Max Chain (20 points): Get 100,000 points by chain bonus.
Cleared Without Using Continues (30 points): Clear Arcade Mode without using continues.

Additionally there are three secret achievements.

Genuine Complete Breakdown (20 points): Destroy all bosses 100%.
Sword Master (30 points): Clear level 1 using only the Sword.
Top Breeder (20 points): Find all hidden bonuses.

Avatar Awards

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

Long-Sleeved T-Shirt: Play the Arcade Mode 20 times.
Player Battleship and Controller: Play the Story Mode 20 times.