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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following commands in the chat window to activate the corresponding feature.

Effect Code
Open today's tips /tip
Show other control keys /h (help)
Show number of players on same server /w (who)
Show current location /where
Auto attack enemies without [Ctrl] + click /nc
Continue attacks; does not work on spells. /noctrl
Auto heal enemies (undead) without holding [Shift] /ns
Lists blocked personal messages /ex
Block personal messages from named players /ex <character name>
Allow personal messages from named players /in <character name>
Allow personal messages from everyone /inall
Block personal messages from everyone /exall
Leave current party /leave
Kick player from your created party /expel <character name>
Save current chat dialogue /savechat
Turn camera focus on /camera On
Turn camera focus off /camera Off
Save warp point; only with Warp Portal skill /memo
Toggle fog effects /fog
Create a party /organize <party name>
Create a Guild; must have Emperium item /guild <guild name>
Disband Guild that you created /gocp <guild name>
Toggle skill and casting effects /effect
Toggle red miss indicator /miss



Reverse Heal skill

Type /noshift in the chat window when facing undead opponents. By using the Heal skill, you will be attacking them with it. Note: Do not try this on enemies that are not undead, as it will heal them. Hold [Shift] to heal yourself while in this state.
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Type /ns in the chat window to enable reversing heal. With it, you can use the heal skill to kill the undead type enemies. Your in-game mouse pointer will now be a sword when you move it over players. This may make it difficult to move around or run away.

Shortcut for continue attacks

Type /nc in the chat window to enable attacks without having to continuously click the mouse button.

Easy Stun

Be a Swordman, and get Bash at level 10. Get Fatal Blow. Get a blade with 4 slot and insert 4 Savage Babe card . Use Bash on a monster and it will normally get stunned

Easy Zenys

At Mt. Mjolnir there are paths that have mushrooms. These are Red Mushrooms, and may drop two Mushroom Spores, one Poisonous Spore, and may also drop Red Blood. You can sell the spores for 18Z and 57Z respectively, and mushrooms respawn quickly.

In any private server (or any official RO server) go to Amatsu dungeon. Go around the Amatsu labyrinth. You should be able to get to the second level. Kill the Poisonous Toads which will drop Gold Rings (worth 15,000Z) and Royal Jellies (worth 3,500Z). Kill the Firelock Soldiers, which also drop Apple o' Archers which people will buy for about 1,800,000Z each.

Note: You need to be at least level 70 to accomplish this. In Payon Dungeon level 5 (@warp pay_dun04) Dokebi's drop one or two gold bars. Each sell normally for 100,000 Zeny each at any store. Beware of the Moonlight Flower NPC. Both the NPC and its summoned monsters (Nine-Tail) can do massive amounts of damage and take almost none in return at any level below 99 post-rebirth. At Pyramid Level 4 (@warp moc_pryd04), Isis drops Two Carat Diamonds and Three Carat Diamonds somewhat regularly on low rate servers. These both sell in the range of 10,000 to 30,000 Zeny each and weigh very little.

Warp to Anthell, level 2. Set Autoloot on (@autoloot) to prevent other ants from eating your bounty. Scout around for the darker-colored, rounder-shaped ants known as Vitatas and the khaki mole-like Glearths. Kill as many as possible. The other ants will ignore this, as so long as you do not attack them. Familiars will attack you regardless, but can contain useful items. These three creatures can have the following items.

Grapes (100Z)
Phracon (100Z)
Elder Pixie Mustache (116z)
Coal (250z)
Honey (250Z, commonly found)
Rough Oridecon (275z)
Rough Elunium (325z)
Accessory (400z)
Concentration Potion (400Z, commonly found)
Green Live (500Z, commonly found)
Red Blood (500z)
Star Dust (750z)
Sword (750Z, commonly found)
Great Nature (1,500Z)
Royal Jelly (3500Z, commonly found)

Easy experience

Find a monster that will heal itself, such as the Smokie (Racoon). Hit it a few times and let it heal itself. Depending on how much it healed itself, your experience should increase. You can get about three times the normal experience from the monster when doing this.

Using an Acolyte, you can raise the experience gained by yourself and others by healing the monsters. It will take a while longer to kill but it is more reliable than waiting for them to heal themselves. Note: This will not work on undead monsters as it will kill them. You must also have enable the /ns code.

Use this trick when playing a normal server for fast leveling for Wizards. Get slotted items. Slot them with cards that give dex, or an item itself that gives dex. Buffs are also useful. Go to any dungeon. Mob as many monsters as you can provoke (not the skill). Note: Use SG if you have no cast.
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Juice quest

While in Prontera, go near the east exit. There is a building that is like an inn. Enter it and go upstairs. Go left until you find two NPCs. You must have at least one Meat to start the quest. Talk to the boy. When he begs for your meat, ignore him. Then, talk to his mother and she will tell you about a place where you can make juices. Go to the Tool Shop in Payon. There should be another NPC at the side of the dealer. Speak to him and he will tell you what you need to make each juice.

Grape Juice = 1 Grape + 1 empty bottle and 10Z
Apple Juice = 1 Apple + 1 empty bottle and 5Z
Banana Juice = 1 Banana + 1 empty bottle and 5Z
Carrot Juice = 1 Carrot + 1 empty bottle and 5Z

Lord Knight

Start out with 9 STR, 9 AGI, 5 VIT, 1 INT, 5 DEX, 1 LUK. The best level for a novice to change jobs is level 25 to 30. As a Swordman, go to the Culverts level 2. Kill Planktons, Spores, Female Thief Bugs, and Thief Bugs. At level 35, start killing Tarous. At about level 45 to 52, go to level 3. Kill all the monsters there. At level 60 and above, go to Orc dungeon level 1. At level 65, go to level 2. Train there until your Job Level is 50. The recommended job change level is Blvl 71/Jlvl 50. As a Knight, go to Orc dungeon and get the skills desired. At about level 82 to 90, go to the Glast Heim Underprison level 1. Train there until level 99. To level up easier, get a +9 or +10 Liberation (Abyssmal Knight Card; recommended for Boss hunts), and Two-Handed Sword of Verserk (Doppelganger Card). Follow the Novice-Knight guide as described above. As a Lord Knight, it is recommended to have these stats: 99 STR, 99 AGI, 5 VIT, 1 INT, 25 or above DEX, and 1 LUK. The recommended equips for Boss hunts and WoE seiges are as follows:

Head (Upper): Neutral(Orc Hero) Helm, Solar God Helm
Head (Mid): Fin Helm
Head (Lower): Iron Chain
Garment: Mocking (Whisper) Manteau
Right Hand: Liberation (Abyssmal Knight) Two-Handed Sword of Verserk (Doppelganger)
Left Hand: Liberation Two-Handed Sword of Verserk
Armor: Ghost (Ghostring) Full Plate
Accessory 1: Glove of Eternity (Osiris)
Accessory 2: Glove of Concentration (Skel Prisoner)

If Two-Hand Quicken, a Berserk Potion, and the skill Berserk can be used with these, you all will be surprised at the results. You may even slay Orc Lord single-handedly.


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