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Rapala For Kinect

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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First Catch! (10 points): Catch a Fish in Arcade Mode.
Bass Maestro (15 points): Catch 50 Fish in Arcade Mode.
Fishing is a Lifestyle (20 points): Catch 250 Fish in Arcade Mode.
TAI-KOU-BOU (50 points): Catch 1000 Fish in Arcade Mode.
10-Mile Gorge Champion (20 points): Achieve 1st place in 10-Mile Gorge.
Big Bog Swamp Champion (25 points): Achieve 1st place in Big Bog Swamp.
Lake Lauri Champion (30 points): Achieve 1st place in Lake Lauri.
Lake Kitchigoomee Champion (35 points): Achieve 1st place in Lake Kitchigoomee.
Northern Lights River Champion (40 points): Achieve 1st place in Northern Lights River.
World Class Angler (10 points): Register in an Online Leaderboard.
Piano Tuner (15 points): Adjust sound setup.
Lure Novice (10 points): Use 5 of 80 Available Lures.
Lure Pro (15 points): Use 40 of 80 Available Lures.
Lure Legend (20 points): Use All Available Lures.
Fish Collector (10 points): Catch 5 Different Fish.
Fish Mania (15 points): Catch 12 Different Fish.
Fish Are My Life! (20 points): Catch 29 Different Fish.
First Race (10 points): Reach the Finish Line in a Boat Race.
Two Hundred Items (10 points): Collect 200 Items in Boat Races.
Master Items Collector (20 points): Collect 500 Items in Boat Races.
Pro Racer (15 points): Get 1st place 50 Times in Boat Race Mode.
Boost Jump! (15 points): Jump from a Platform while using Boost!
Fast Cast (20 points): Quick Aim! Quick Shot!
Attracted Five (15 points): Attract 5 fish.
Provoked a Dozen (20 points): Provoke 12 Fish.
Speed Catch (20 points): Catch a Fish quickly.
Unbroken (20 points): Clear an Area Without Breaking Your Line.
Twice as Heavy (20 points): Break the Stage Score Record by a Wide Margin.
Reel Master (20 points): Reel a Lot.
Count Master (10 points): Evade Fish's Full Power Attack Fifty Times.
Cast Master (10 points): Cast Perfectly 200 Times.
First Hook (15 points): Get it on your hook.
A Flotilla (10 points): Complete a Multiplayer Boat Race Mode.
Worldwide Racer (15 points): Play All Courses in Multiplayer Boat Race Mode.
One and Done (10 points): Clear Any Location in Multiplayer Mode.
Fished Them All (25 points): Clear All Locations in Multiplayer Mode.
Look Who's Popular (10 points): Play in Multiplayer Mode 50 Times.

Additionally there are thirteen secret achievements.

Caught Titan (30 points): Caught 10-Mile Gorge's Boss Fish.
Caught Viper (35 points): Caught Big Bog Swamp's Boss Fish.
Caught Goldie (40 points): Caught Lake Lauri's Boss Fish.
Caught Viking (45 points): Caught Lake Kitchigoomee's Boss Fish.
Caught Sailfin (50 points): Caught Northern Lights River's Boss Fish.
Like Looking in a Mirror (15 points): Caught a Fish Face.
Caught All Fish Faces (30 points): Caught all the Fish Faces.
No Fish Face (15 points): Returned Fish Face to Normal.
Aquarium Regular (10 points): Visited the Aquarium Several Times.
Don't give up! (10 points): Game Over.
Try it again! (20 points): Continued.
Danger! Watch out! (10 points): You almost dropped the fish you just caught.
Memories (20 points): Filled the Photo Gallery.