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Rat On A Snowboard

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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All-star Rat: Score combos by grabbing stars.
Completed 10: Complete 10 challanges.
Completed 30: Complete 30 challenges.
Donut Eater: Eat donuts.
Donut Muncher: Eat more donuts.
Donut Super Fan!: Eat more donuts.
Facebook Button: Find this button in the game.
Gift Snatcher: Tilt gifts off of toboggans.
Gift Thief: Tilt gifts off of toboggans.
Icicle Breaker: Break more icicles.
Icicle Destroyer: Break more icicles.
Icicle Tilter: Break icicles.
Meatball Boom: Let those meatballs explode.
Meatball Mayhem: Let more meatballs explode.
Three-starred 15: Get three stars in 15 challenges.
Three-starred 30: Get three stars in 30 challenges.
Three-starred 50: Get three stars in 50 challenges.