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Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD (PlayStation3)

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Extra energy

Your maximum energy is increased for every six cages collected. Note: There are a total of 60 cages in the game.

Rayman 2-D Madness mini-game

Collect jewels during the game to get 1000 game points.

Racket Jump mini-game

Collect jewels during the game to get 3000 game points.

Crush mini-game

Collect jewels during the game to get 4000 game points.

Razzof Circus mini-game

Collect jewels during the game to get 6000 game points.
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Bog Of Murk: Defeating Begoniax the witch

When she jumps on her cauldron, jump up and hit her. She then turns into a frog (you sometimes get hit yourself). when she goes right, do the same. Then go the other way and keep hitting her. When you have defeated her, jump through the mirror.

After going into Begoniax's house you will face her in battle. Here are her attacks:

1. She will swipe elixir at you, which will turn you into a frog for about a minute. To avoid this attack, keep running to the right.
2. She will rise up her pitchfork and run around in circles hitting you. To avoid this attack, stand still and press A at just the correct moment.

To hurt Begoniax you must avoid her elixir swipes, then jump. If done correctly, a red target will appear on the elixir for you to punch. Punch the elixir and Begoniax will turn into a frog. Punch Begoniax while she is a frog and it will lower her health. Repeat this until Begoniax dies.

Clearleaf Forest: Defeating Master Kaag

Master Kaag is a hoodlum on big mechanical legs stomping around a circular arena. To defeat him you must look around and find the circles in the corners of the arena. Look for the circle that glows. Carefully, without getting too close to Master Kaag, run over the glowing circle in the bunch. In the middle big circle, an orange can (Shock Rocket) should appear. Do not let Master Kaag get the Shock Rocket and stomp on it. Get the Shock Rocket and Master Kaag will start running away. Aim at Master Kaag with the Shock Rocket and hit him. Repeat this until Master Kaag dies. Immediately after defeating Master Kaag, Rayman will jump on his forgotten legs and ride them when the Hoodlums arrive. When the Hoodlums are near one of the legs, press A to stomp on them.

On the last level of Clearleaf Forest when you battle the large Hoodlum on the mechanical legsm run over the thing that looks like fire. Three blue lines will appear. Do this three times and a power-up will appear in the middle of it. Get it, but remember that the Hoodlum can destroy it. When you get it, you must hit him three times and he will die .Then a group of hoodlums will enter the arena. You will get on the legs and squash them. then go to the doctor.
Shawn Hooton.

Hoodlum Headquarters: Defeating Nasty Machine

To defeat the machine you must rapidly punch the target on top of it. When the top of the meter is reached, a certain Hoodlum will come out. Use regular strategies to defeat the Hoodlums. Repeat this until the machine dies out.

The Desert Of The Knaaren: Defeating Reflux

Reflux has the following attacks.

1. He will spin around in a spiral. To avoid this, run in the other direction at all times.
2. He will send out powerful lasers. To avoid this you must jump over the laser spots on the field.
3. He will make bomb lasers fall from the sky. To avoid this, wait on the climbable wall at the edge of the arena.

To heal, get on the climbable wall that was mentioned above and grab the red Lums. When you avoid Reflux's attacks he will fall back. Whenever Reflux falls back on his rear, grab the Red Can (heavy metal fist) on the climbable wall and go to him. While he is sitting, a target will appear on his magic staff. Hit the magic staff as many times as possible. Repeat this until Reflux dies.

The Desert Of The Knaaren: Defeating the twin mecha Hoodlums

After defeating Reflux two mechanical flying hoodlums will pick you up and attack. To defeat them, get as far away as possible with a target on them. Avoid their attacks when you can and punch them. Repeat this until they die. Remember to use the power of Leptys against them as black Lums.

The Land Of The Livid Dead: Defeating the armored Hoodlum

To defeat this Hoodlum you must grab the nearby Red Can (heavy metal fist) then hold down your punch until it is fully charged. When your punch is fully charged, hit the Hoodlum. The armored Hoodlum's armor will fly above and expose him. When he is exposed, punch him. Repeat this until the armored Hoodlum dies.

The Tower Of Leptys: Defeating Reflux

Reflux returns here at the top of the tower of leptys with an even easier challenge. His attacks include lasers shooting from the ground and lightning balls. Run and grab the Blue Lockjaw Can, Run over to Reflux's shield and hit it while shooting the laser waves at it rapidly until the shield dissapears. Then, grab the Red Heavy Metal Fist can and hit Reflux when he is not protected. Repeat this until his next form appears. By sticking the power source of Leptys into his back, Reflux has become huge. His attacks are to swipe the ground, punch the ground to make Rayman shoot up, and to shoot bombs from his back. To defeat him you must always stay in the cracks between the platforms. Whenever he is not attacking, jump from crack to crack. Eventually you will reach a Blue Lockjaw Can and Reflux will shoot out the bombs. Run around the bombs going to the left and swing from the Purple lum (Grapple). Then, jump from the Purple lum and get the Red Heavy Metal Fist can. Reflux will try to punch, but will miss leaving his arm out. Run up Reflux's arm and get on his back. Notice the purple orb. Punch it rapidly. Repeat this until Reflux goes into his next phase. Reflux is is floating in midair. He will shoot out belch waves. Follow the stream of yellow Throttle Copter Cans and avoid Reflux's belch waves until you are finally at the top. Hit Reflux and he will fall down. You will now face Reflux with wings. His attacks are red beam orbs and bashing into the hovercraft. The first and normal phase is Rayman as the laser director. Shoot the red orbs that are shot by Reflux and aim for the shield on his forehead. When the shield is gone he will build it back. Repeat this and Reflux will try to ram into the hovercraft. Whenever Reflux is on his way, shoot the magical orb that was previously protected by a shield. Occasionally Reflux will call out Hoodlums and force you to the ground. Accelerate around the Hoodlums and shoot bombs. Repeat this until Reflux dies.

The Tower Of Leptys: Defeating Andre

In the ruins of Reflux. Andre comes to the field and you land back on it. There are no means by which Andre can hurt you except he flies after you wherever you run. When near Andre, do the Grimace power given to you by Leptys. Andre will turn into a red Lum.

Keep powers with you

Stand on a can and your powers will stay with you.

Rayman 2 reference

In the Hoodlum's factory, get to the place where you have to jump across crates to get to the other side. Once there, keep going up. You will eventually reach a location with a switch to activate the lifts to get to this second "conveyor belt". On those lifts, get pretty well up to the top. There is a hole in the side of a huge "pipe". Jump and helicopter over there and go in. You will see some of the villains from Rayman 2,, including Admiral Razorbeard and his other cronies.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Where is my Andy? (Bronze): Complete all the chapters.
Perfection needs no arms (Gold): Complete every chapter with a perfect score.
Hero of the Teensies (Bronze): Save every teensie in the game.
Pest control (Silver): Find and get the bonus score of every Matuvu.
Flower power (Silver): Find and get the bonus score of every Tribelle.
Green's so in (Silver): Get all the Green Jewels.
Coin-op gamer (Bronze): Unlock and play all the arcade games.
Hands on the prize (Bronze): Retrieve Rayman's hands from Globox.
Taste All the Superpowers (Bronze): Collect every superpower.
Patience pays off (Bronze): Watch the real ending.
Junior Journalist (Bronze): Take your first picture in the game.
Disco Trip Master (Silver): Complete any disco trip without retrying.