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Rayman DS

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The Menhir Hills: Avoid damage from vines

Their are vines on this level that are blocking you from crossing. Certain rockets fly at you to hit you. Do not blast them with your fists. Keep spinning in a tight circle and the rocket will stop attacking you and be dizzy. Jump onto the rocket, and if you go across the vines you will not get hurt.

Tomb Of Ancients: The 1,000th Lum

Created by durden77.

In the Tomb Of Ancients, you must pull three switches for three platforms to appear. In the poison lake, look at the four gravestones carved in the wall left of the spider web. Look closely to the left of the fourth gravestone. You can see that there is a secret passage, because the walls do not fit correctly. Use your helicopter from above to enter it.


The Crows Nest: Wrong Lum count

On the very last level, the screen reads 0/0 Lums, but when you go in the level it will state that you have 41/40 Lums.

The Fairy Glade Part 1: Walk through wall

In level 2 when you are about to free Li, keep going straight where the first small turn is found. You should go through the wall. You will fall for awhile, but will eventually die.

The Woods Of Light: Rayman clone

In the first level, there is only one way to die; fall in the dark hole before you open the second cage. Do that and get a "Game Over". If you try again, you will see yourself walking to a wall from the place where you opened the first cage.


Strategy: by Acid_1

Strategy guides from GameFAQs

Code Breaker codes from CodeTwink. Code Breaker device required.