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Real Racing

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Between the lines: Win a race without leaving the road.
Brand Loyalty: IEJ: Achieve a podium position in the IEJ Trophy with the IEJ Exotic.
Brand Loyalty: NrGee: Achieve a podium position in the NrGee Super Sprint with the NrGee Hatch.
Brand Loyalty: Telkodata: Achieve a podium position in the Telkodata 1000 with the Telkodata Sedan.
Brand Loyalty: Ubermart: Achieve a podium position in the Ubermart Challenge with the Ubermart Muscle.
Car Collector: Exotic: Unlock all Exotic cars.
Car Collector: Hatch: Unlock all Hatch cars.
Car Collector: Hoarder: Unlock all cars.
Car Collector: Muscle: Unlock all Muscle cars.
Car Collector: Sedan: Unlock all Sedan cars.
Clean Sweep: Clean sweep a championship (gold in all divisions).
Cream of the crop: Rank in the top 100 for any 1 track (Game Center leaderboards).
Cut The Mustard: Exotic: Beat 00:43 in Time Trial on Alkesha Island with a Exotic.
Cut The Mustard: Hatch: Beat 00:39 in Time Trial on McKinley Circuit with a Hatch.
Cut The Mustard: Muscle: Beat 01:06 in Time Trial on Montclair with a Muscle.
Cut The Mustard: Sedan: Beat 01:07 in Time Trial on Mayapan Beach with a Sedan.
Marathon: Win a 9 lap Quick Race against opponents.
Perfectionist: Achieve the gold quaification time for all classes.
Real Racer: Complete a race using method B or E with no assists.
Speed Demon: Reach a to speed of 180mph (289km/h).
Well-travelled: Unlock all tracks.