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Real Racing 2

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1995 McLaren F1 GTR

Win all tournaments.

Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Amateur: Driver level reached: Amateur.
Car Collector: High Performance: Own all GT cars.
Car Collector: Money to Burn: Own all cars.
Car Collector: Muscle: Own all 8/10 cylinder cars.
Car Collector: Quadruple: Own all 4 cylinder cars.
Car Collector: Sextuple: Own all 6 cylinder cars.
Cream of the Crop: Fank in the top 100 for any 1 track.
Dark Horse: Achieve gold in a championship race from 16th position.
Face-off: Achieve gold in all Head-To-Head races.
High-Flier: Earn $1,000,000.
No Less than Gold: Club Division: Achieve gold in all Club Divison events (Tier 1).
No Less than Gold: Grand National: Achieve gold in all Grand National events (Tier 3).
No Less than Gold: Pro Circuit: Achieve gold in all Pro Circuit events (Tier 4).
No Less than Gold: State Showdown: Achieve gold in all State Showdown events (Tier 2).
No Less than Gold: World Series: Achieve gold in all World Series events (Tier 5).
Pacemaker: Submit a top 500 Time Trial time for every track.
Perfectionist: Achieve gold in all career events.
Pole Or Bust: Achieve pole position in a Champtionship qualifier.
Pro: Driver level reached: Pro.
Pro-Am: Driver level reached: Pro-Am.
Purist: Achieve gold in a career event with no assists (brake/steering).
Spotless: Win a championship race without taking damage.
Spray Shop Veteran: Purchase a paint job for 5 cars.
String of Success: Place first in 10 consecutive multiplayer races.
The Eliminator: Achieve gold in all Elimination races.
Time To Gloat: Lap an opponent in any career race.
Upgrade Addict: Upgrade a car to its maximum level.