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Realms Of Arkania: Blade Of Destiny (Amiga)

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Easy experience

In the central-northern part of Prem, you can find a hidden cavern at the end of a short road. When you step on the correct location, a screen with the door will appear. Every time you leave the cavern, you will gain about 400 experience points. Repeatedly enter and leave the cavern to gain a few levels quickly. Note: Make sure you have high energy to deal with the occasional cave-ins.

Treasure map pieces

To complete the game, find the following items. Find seven parts of the treasure map to find the Blade of Destiny and the attack plan from the Orcs. This can be found in the orcish cave between Skelellen and Phexcaer. With the attack plan, you can find the Orc camp between Phexcar and the Lonely Lake where the Anchorite lives. You will still have enough time to find eight pieces of the map. Locating the ninth part depends on a random encounter and it cannot always be discovered. When you get the message that something on the map can be decrypted, you will have enough parts to find Hyggelik and Grimring. You must get to the Or camp and defeat the Orc Champion no later than two years and ten months after starting the game. The date when the Orcs will raid the land is the 27th Peraine, 17 Hal. When you have Grimring and the attack plan, you can afford to do other things, but always keep note of the calender.

Easy "As Good as New" achievement

Make a 400 ducat donation at a temple, then pray for a miracle to bring back a party member from death. You can then reload a saved game to get your money back and continue.

Easy "Asking for Battle?" achievement

Save the game, then purchase a Battle Axe from a well-stocked weapon shop, such as the one in Tyldon. Equip the axe on a character and enter combat. After earning the achievement, reload the saved game file to get a refund on the axe.

Easy "Ban Beamer" achievement

Enter the "crumbling inn" (also known as the "abandoned hostel" or "tumbledown inn") optional dungeon located halfway between Daspota and Ottarje. After entering one of the last rooms on the second floor, you will get an option to interrupt a summoning. Do so to earn the achievement.

Easy "Barbarians are Free" achievement

Enter a tavern and find the table with four wooden mugs on it in front of the bartender. Select the third mug from the left. Instead of showing the usual action menu, you will hear the "Die Barbaren sind frei" tavern song.

Easy "Bleeding hell!" achievement

Find the magical chainmail in a cave on Runinshavn island that has the description "This Chainmail is cursed! It only protects against the undead, and causes constant physical pain for the wearer". Equip that armor and enter battle with it. The curse only lower's the chainmail's AR value to 2, and can be unequipped as desired.

Easy "Brother of the Orks" achievement

You need to run out of time before completing the main quest. The game starts on 24th of Travia, 1008, and your deadline occurs on 27th of Peraine, 1010 which is a total of 30 in-game months. Completing all quests and dungeons (including those from DLC) can be completed in about ten months. Note: "Brother of the Orks" cannot be earned if you travel to the designated place early, choose the menu option to wait there until the Orcs arrive, then lose the final battle. If you are finished early, to advance time, sleep at an inn one day at a time. Note: You may also need to use the "Buy food and water" option every five days. To do this easier, start by sleeping until early morning to align the sleep cycle. Then the next time you sleep, the sleep duration prompt will default to 24 hours, which is the maximum amount. As an added benefit, this also lets you sleep another 24 hours without having to reserve the room again.

Easy "Can you eat this?" achievement

While in a camp, hunt for food and water. If your party members are not hungry enough to eat everything, the leftovers will be turned into a various amount of food supply packs. Note: The random stag, boar, and rhino hunting events that occur while travelling will not qualify.

Easy "Cave Explorer" achievements

There are fifteen dungeons in the main game, in the following locations. DLC quest areas will not qualify.

The Old Bailey: Southwestern building in Thorwal.
A dungeon (Dwarven Dungeon): Southwestern building in Upper Orcam.
A cave (Daspota Treasure): About one sixth of the way from Rybon to Thoss.
A crumbling inn (Abandoned Hostel): About one third of the way from Daspota to Ottarje.
A wolf den: About halfway between Ottarje and Orvil.
The spider cave: About halfway between Ottarje and Skjal.
An abandoned mine: Large building in the west part of Prem.
A cellar (Temple of the Nameless One): Hjalland Reverse path, about one quarter around the island.
A cave (Pirates): Runinshavn island, central route towards the Lighthouse.
A ruin (Black Magician): About one third of the way from Thoss to Rybon.
The Dead Ship: random encounter at sea after hearing about it in Thorwal tavern.
A Pirates' Cave: About one third of the way from Brendhil to Manrin.
A cave (Goblins): About halfway between Orkanger and Felsteyn.
A cave (Orcs): About two thirds of the way from Skelellen to Phexcaer.
A ruined castle (Hyggelik's Ruin)

Easy "Chuck Alriks" achievement

During character generation, roll a fighter and modify the strength stat up to 13. Upon every level-up, increase strength by 1. The spell "Attributo" can temporarily raise your strength by +1. ST Elixir potions will increase strength by +5. Loot the corpse near the entrance of the "A cave" dungeon on Runinshavn island to get a Belt of Strength that increases strength by +3.

Easy "The Glass is Half Full" achievement

Get your party members drunk in a tavern. After a few rounds select the last "look around the tavern" option to return to the tavern lobby and have the "drunk" status activate. You can also try leaving the tavern and entering it again.

Easy "Griffinwhisperer" achievement

You will encounter a pack of griffins blocking the path halfway between Phexcaer and Hermit's Lake. Try to negotiate with them and they will take a party member as a sacrifice unless you answer the riddle "Unbroken, it is what moves all, but take half away and it is the end". The correct answer is "Wheel".

Easy "How did this get in my pocket?" achievement

Enter the tavern after you create your party. Save the game, then attempt to pickpocket with the character who has the worst rank in Pickpocketing. This can be determined by hovering over the portraits of the characters in your party when prompted to select a person to do the pickpocketing.

Easy "Jinx" achievement

Go to Runinshavn island. Follow the Central Route towards the Lighthouse until you find a cave. Enter it and search the left side of the starting room. Save the game. Select "Yes" when the message "There is a hole in the wall in front of you. Do you want to reach into it?" appears. You will get bit by a diseased rat. Reload the saved game after achievement is earned.

Easy "O Sole Mio!" achievement

While in a tavern, one of ways to make money is through the "Play Instrument" option. Your character must have a musical instrument and should have a good "Play Instrument" talent rating. You can perform more than once without leaving the tavern. Note: "Erinnila" can earn about 1 Silver for each successful attempt.

Easy "Pacifist" achievement

Your goal is to make all enemies retreat and/or incapacitate them with magic. Human enemies will attempt to flee the battle when low on health, as long as their path is not blocked. Casting combat spells can cause enemies to flee, turn to your side, or make them unable to fight will count towards the achievement.

Easy "Poor as a church mouse" achievement

Try to cheat in Phexcaer's gambling hall and get caught. All of your characters' money and inventory items will be confiscated.

Easy "Quack Doctor" achievement

You must get a critical failure on the skill check for "Treat Wounds" and cause the illness "Traumatic Fever" (originally named "Tetanus") to the patient. Due to the statistics involved, this is almost impossible. To improve your odds, back up the "quick.dsa1save" saved game file and use a text editor to change the heilenwunde value of the first character to -20. Change it back to its original value after earning "Quack Doctor".

Easy "Rich Like Stoerrebrandt" achievement

While walking from Daspota to Rybon you will find information regarding the "Daspota Treasure" dungeon. Travel north from Rybon towards Thoss for about two days to find its entrance. The dungeon contains many pirates, some traps, and a large treasure at the end that is guarded by a Boss. Clear out the dungeon to earn the achievement.

Easy "The Savior of Thorwal" achievement

Complete the main quest by completing the following tasks within the 30 in-game month limit. The game starts on 24th of Travia, 1008, and your deadline occurs on 27th of Peraine, 1010. Completing all quests and dungeons (including those from DLC) can be completed in about ten months.

Putting together the map to get the sword Grimring
  • You must obtain at least seven of the nine pieces of the map. Most pieces are owned by people living in various towns. You will be given a few names to start with. To find their house, ask people in a tavern. After talking to the named person, you will get more contacts and/or a map piece, if you use the correct dialogue options. Some people may ask that a task be first completed.
  • One map piece is sold by the travelling salesman, "Honest Jorge" (originally named Treborn Kolberg) randomly encountered while travelling.
  • One map piece is given to you by the ship captain, Swafnild Egilsdotter during a random encounter while visiting a ship harbor in town.
  • One map piece is obtained from a unicorn encounter to the northwest of Hermit's Lake.
  • After collecting enough map pieces, travel from Vilnheim to Phexcaer (or from Skelellen to Phexcaer), then follow the map. The dungeon "Hyggelik's Ruin" is located at the end of the southern fork of the Bodir river. Do not collect any gold there, as the same curse that doomed Hyggelik's party will lock you there.
Find out when and where the orcs plan to set up camp, then defeat their leader
  • Obtain the orcish document at the orcish cave two thirds of the way from Skelellen to Phexcaer, behind a pitfall trap and a special door locking mechanism. Once inside, find the orcish talisman, equip it on your party leader, then them hold the lever down while the other members of your party loot the chests.
  • The orc camp spot is near Hermit's Lake, from the Phexcaer side. If you arrive early, you can use an option to wait until the orcs to appear. The character with Grimring equipped will fight the orc leader in a one-on-one battle. You will have a final to prepare. Although all your spellcasters get a -10000 AP penalty, stat boost potions will still work. Your other characters cannot interfere with the battle or trigger an all-out brawl with the orcish guards.

After the ending sequence, a cleared saved game file will be created that allows you to resume at Thorwal and continue playing for completion of the optional quests and dungeons.

Easy "Tin Can" achievement

Enter a well-stocked weapon store with at least 144 ducats to spend. Purchase the following items for your Warrior: Plate Mail (+5) for 130 ducats, Plate Armour (+2) for 7 ducats 8 silver, and a Great Helmet (+3) for 6 ducats 5 silver. Note: You can substitute a randomly dropped magical Chain Mail from a dungeon for the Plate Mail.

Easy "Toast with Cheese forever" achievement

Go uphill in Prem to reach the large bridge at the northern area of the town. Take the wooden staircase the right of down to a large NPC building, then travel west, then north, and then northeast through a long tunnel to reach a lake. Climb the rocks at the northwestern area then turn left to reach a obscured pathway. Follow it until reaching the end, then read the silly plaque on the wall.

Easy "You Need it More Than Me…" achievement

When the "Beggar" random encounter occurs in a town, choose the option to give him 1 ducat to progress towards "You Need it More Than Me…". Reload the game and repeat the process. Note: Repeatedly enter a tavern, perform with an instrument to make time pass, then go back into town to trigger random encounters more frequently.