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Record Of Agarest War Zero (PlayStation3)

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This game is titled Record Of Agarest War Zero in North America, Agarest: Generations Of War Zero in Europe, and Agarest Senki Zero in Japan.



Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.

First Generation Heroines, Leonhardt, and Ellis: Complete the first Event in Trizon Fortress and Generation 1 (Lucrellia).
Second Generation Heroines, and Ladius: Complete Bethesda Fortress and 2nd Generation (Graccia).
Third Generation Heroines, and Thoma: Complete the First Generation.
Fourth Generation Heroines, and Duran: Complete Loger Forest(Gen2), and Generation 4 (Enhambre).
Rex and Dyshana: Complete the Scarred Mountains(End of Gen2) and 5th Generation (Aegisthus).




Unlimited Gold, TP, EP, etc.

A lot of grinding is necessary to get decent gear and experience. The easiest way to do it is as follows. Go into "Settings" and turn off "Show Movements" and "Show Effects". Then, press Select  PlayStation3  or Back  Xbox 360  to turn on "Auto Battle". You can select a battle slightly further back in the story line and let the AI do your grinding for you. The process is quick, and the AI is actually quite competent in using group attacks and healing. As long as it is not too much of a challenge, you can ignore it and let the CPU do your grinding. It will even Overkill quite often, which provides bullions which can be converted at the blacksmith and sold for a lot of gold.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
bic, siefav, vi

First in our Hearts (Bronze): Cleared Generation 1.
Second to None (Bronze): Cleared Generation 2.
Fleet of Foot (Bronze): Raise your AGI over 50!
Stout of Heart (Bronze): Raise your VIT over 50!
Strong of Body (Bronze): Raise your STR over 50!
Sound of Mind (Bronze): Raise your INT over 50!
Stroke of Luck (Bronze): Raise your LUK over 50!
It's a Trap! (Bronze): Captured a monster.
Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (Bronze): Converted an item.
It Happens to a Lot of Guys (Bronze): Nope, he did it again.
It's the Only Way to be Sure (Bronze): Defeated an opponent with an Overkill.
Better Safe Than Sorry (Silver): Overkilled 500 enemies.
It's My Specialty (Bronze): Successfully executed a Special Art.
Monstrous (Bronze): Combined monsters.
Nirvana...? (Bronze): Created a marionette.
Stay Classy, Kraltarla (Bronze): Change your class. This takes a special item...
Til You Drop (Bronze): Went shopping 500 times.
Certified Pre-Owned (Bronze): Sold 1000 items.
Fight in the Shade (Silver): Defeated 10,000 enemies.
Love is a Battlefield (Silver): Engaged in 2,500 battles.
Real Soviet Damage (Silver): Dealt 10,000,000 points of damage.
You're Already Dead! (Silver): Try and get a hit count of 650.
Spoils of War (Bronze): Earned 25,000,000 G.
Enhance! Enhance! (Bronze): Earned 25,000,000 EP.
Point Technician (Bronze): Earned 10,000 TP.
You're En Good Hance (Silver): Enhanced items over 5,000 times.
Homeowner (Bronze): Got your first title!
Landlord (Silver): You have more than 100 titles.
Monarch (Gold): You have all the titles. Good work!
Profilific (Bronze): Un all profiles.
David Attenborough (Silver): Completed the monster picture book.

Additionally there are thirteen secret trophies.

Platinum Trophy (Platinum): You've acquired all the trophies.
Truth and Consequences (Gold): Saw the true ending.
The Important Bits, at Least (Silver): Cleared the digest route.
Time and Again (Bronze): Successfully executed a distinctive Special Art.
The Combine (Silver): Combine monsters 100 times.
He Chose...Poorly (Bronze): Changed Ellis's appearance.
Son of a Beach (Silver): You have visited the beach.
Hot Springs Eternal (Silver): You have visited the hot springs.
I Know (Silver): You reached the end of a generation with at least one woman completely in love with you.
Don't Get Cocky! (Silver): You've defeated the monstrous Decimal.
They Mostly Come Out at Night (Silver): Defeated the four types of hidden monsters.
We Meet at Last (Silver): Encountered the worst enemy.
Dungeon Master (Silver): Cleared all the hidden dungeons.