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Rhythm Heaven Fever

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This game is titled Rhythm Heaven Fever in North America, Beat The Beat: Rhythm Paradise in Europe and Australia, and Minna no Rhythm Tengoku in Japan.

Cheat Codes

Police Call Rhythm Toy codes

The Police Call Rhythm Toy allows you to enter a code to get a call made of game sounds. Enter one of the following codes to get the corresponding effect.

Effect Code
Mr. Upbeat MATCH
Wake-Up Caller BOUTS
Munchy Monk BIRDS
Kung Fu Ball SEESAW
Pirate Crew GOLFHERO


Endless Games

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding game.

Endless Remix: Earn "Perfect" ranks on all 50 games.
Lady Cupid: Earn 32 Medals.
Mr. Upbeat: Earn 3 Medals.
Munchy Monk: Earn 23 Medals.
Wake-Up Caller: Earn 11 Medals.

Two Player Endless Games

Earn the indicated number of Duo Medals to unlock the corresponding game.
mtiyd ueblsinun

Bossa Nova: All Duo Medals.
Clap Trap: 1 Duo Medal.
Kung Fu Ball: 4 Duo Medals.
Mochi Poundingq: 2 Duo Medals.
Pirate Crew: 6 Duo Medals.

Extra Games

Earn the indicated number of medals to unlock the corresponding remixed game from Rhythm Tengoku.

Power Calligraphy: 41 Medals
Sneaky Spirits: 38 Medals
Tap Trial: 44 Medals
The Clappy Trio: 35 Medals

Rhythm Toys

Earn the indicated number of medals to unlock the corresponding toy.

Hi-Hat: 14 Medals.
Police Call: 7 Medals.
Rhythm Fighter: 21 Medals.
Toy Car: 1 Medal.

Always have Perfect Challenges

Earn a Gold Medal on all games and remixes (fifty total). You will now always have a chance at a Perfect Challenge during a random game.




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