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Rise Of Nations

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press [Enter] during game play, then type one of the following codes to enable the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Enable in-game cheat keys cheat keys on
Toggle game pause cheat pause <0 or 1>
Set all players to human and full map cheat sandbox
Set AI state cheat ai <on, off, or debug>
Machine guns around every human capital cheat safe
Set difficulty cheat diff <0-5>
Display achievements cheat achieve
Force alliance with nation cheat ally <name>
Force peace with nation cheat peace <name>
Force war with nation cheat war <name>
Force encounter with nation cheat meet <name>
Force encounter-off with nation cheat unmeet <name>
Turn off computer control cheat human <name>
Turn on computer control cheat computer <name>
Defeat nation cheat defeat <name>
Victory for nation cheat victory <name>
Show or change technology cheat tech<name><tech or all><on or of>
Show or change resource cheat resource <name><goodtype or all><+ or -><number>
Add indicated number of all resources cheat resource all+<number>
Show or change age for nation cheat age <number><name>
Show or change military level for nation cheat military <number><name>
Show or change civic level for nation cheat civic <number><name>
Show or change commerce level for nation cheat commerce <number><name>
Show or change science level for nation cheat science <number><name>
Show or change all library tech levels for nation cheat library <number><name>
Toggle bounding box mode cheat bbox <0 or 1>
Show combat ranges cheat ranges <0 or 1>
Kill object or all selected cheat die <name or no entry>
Adjust damage to object or all selected cheat damage <name or no entry><+ or -><number>
Insert unit or building at pointer location cheat insert <number><type><who=RED><x,y>
Insert unit or building at pointer location cheat add <number><type><who=RED><x,y>
Finishes selected building(s) or next item in queue cheat finish
Drop a Wild Bird at pointer location cheat bird
Drop a Nuke at pointer location cheat nuke
Packs the currently selected unit(s), if they are packing units cheat pack
Deploys the currently selected unit(s), if they are deploying units cheat deploy
Increase crafts in a craft-user cheat craft <number>
Toggle full map cheat reveal <0 or 1>
Change game explore configuration cheat explore <normal, explored, all>

, , , and

Cheat keys

Enable the cheat keys on code, then press one of the following keys in Quick Battle or Campaign mode to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
+1000 all resources [Alt] + [F5]
Selected building constructed faster [Alt] + [F9]

dlmdaept aeurihd nithciterdt wly,

Change color

While fighting you can change your color in the world campaign by pressing [Alt] + C.

Increase population limit

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "rules.xml" file in the "data" directory in the game directory. Search for the "<POP_CAP" line. From here, you can edit the desired population limit entries in quotation marks. Also, search for and edit the "<MAX_POP_LIMIT" value and type in the same number used in the entry for the pop cap field. Then, search for the "poplimits" entry. Edit each category to the desired population cap. Then, type in the desired population limits in the data brackets under each category.

For example, the end result would be:

<POP_CAP entry0="2500" entry1="5000" entry2="7500" entry3="10000" entry4="12500" entry5="15000" entry6="17500" entry7="90000 pop cap"/> 


<MAX_POP_LIMIT value="90000 pop cap"/> 


<CATEGORIES id="poplimits" title="Population:"> 
<CATEGORY name="5000"> 
<DATA>5000 </DATA>


Building near water

Do not put important buildings near a large body of water. Enemy ships can easily destroy the buildings, and you might not be able to properly counter it. This tip can also be of use fpr you to destroy enemy buildings.


If your opponent has built up a nuke shield, look for a location that is important to them (armies, cities, silos, etc.) near their territory line. Nuke as close as possible to their line, but on yours so that it is not deflected by the shield.


Press [Enter] to display the chat window, then enter one of the following numbers to say the corresponding taunt.

Taunt Number
Yes 1
No 2
Maybe 3
I need food 4
I need timber 5
I need metal 6
I need wealth 7
I need oil 8
I need knowledge 9
Do you need resources? 10
Little help here 11
This noob's rushing me 12
Build more troops 13
Build a wonder 14
Work on your economy 15
Work on your air force 16
Work on your navy 17
Wait for my signal to attack 18
Attack! 19
Let's get 'em 20
Guard my artillery 21
Move troops here 22
Grab some territory 23
Gonna boom 24
Gonna rush 25
Wanna ally? 26
Wanna make peace? 27
Of course you know this means war 28
Pay up or die 29
Prepare to be crushed 30
Who should we attack? 31
When shall we attack? 32
Where's the enemy? 33
They've got air power 34
Ships ahoy! 35
I spy a spy 36
Rare resources for the taking 37
The city is going down 38
Check out the timer 39
Let's set up shop 40
Wanna bet? 41
It's on 42
Was that supposed to hurt? 43
Have you fixed your little problem? 44
Good luck with that 45
Let me know how that works out for you 46
I may be slow, but I'm ahead of you 47
Classy 48
Play the tutorials, noob 49
Wake me up when your done 50
Get outta my face 51
Leave me alone 52
'Cause you need that 53
Is it over yet? 54
Do your parent's know you're up this late? 55
You okay over there? 56
And stay out! 57
Bwa ha ha ha ha! 58
Have fun stormin the caslte 59
Random! Random! 60
RanDOM! RanDOM! 61
Let the game begin 62
Dude, we know who you're going to take.
Just pick 'em and get on with it
Which part of 'click in' didn't you understand 64
What's the holdup? 65
Ahhh 66
Unh Unh Unh 67
Ohhh 68
Ughhh 69
Uhhh! 70
We're doomed! 71
Wanna give up? 72
Victory is mine! 73
Oww! My eye! 74
Not in the face! 75
Coming 76
Be right there 77
On my way 78
I'm trying to send some help 79
Gotcha covered 80
Check 81
It shall be done 82
Let me get right on that 83
Sweet 84
You da man 85
That's what I'm talking about 86
Consider it taken care of 87
Sounds like a plan 88
Groovy 89
Red 90
Blue 91
Purple 92
Green 93
Yellow 94
Light blue 95
White 96
Orange 97
Aaaaaaagh! The humanity! 98
Let me get that for you 99
They keep on rising 100


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