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Rise Of Nightmares

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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Destiny's Path (5 points): Cards of Insight.
Fading Footprints (5 points): Forgotten Records.
Creature Executioner (15 points): Attacks from below are effective against creatures too.
Iron Fist (10 points): Keep punching. Don't stop.
Knife User (10 points): Keep swinging that knife.
Creature Fighter (20 points): You cannot always run from danger.
Creature Slayer (50 points): Leave nothing moving in your wake.
Creature Slicer (15 points): You need to lure them into their doom.
Invitation to a Nightmare (5 points): This is where it all begins.
Nice Gesture! (5 points): Try touching things.
The First Kill (5 points): Subdue your fear and confront the horrific.
Brawl King (15 points): Don't pick things up.
Creature Hunter (30 points): Defeat as many kinds of creatures as you can.
Weapon Master (30 points): Pick up every weapon you see.
Creature Crusher (15 points): Kick'em to their doom!
Creature Bomber (15 points): Burn baby, burn!
Craftsman (10 points): Dismember a single creature while leaving it alive.
Watcher (5 points): The actions of others are fascinating.
Mad Bomber (10 points): Keep tossing those tubes.
Dismantler (10 points): It's easy to cut things down to size.
Sage (10 points): Let loose with loads of energy.
Pipe-Layer (10 points): You can use tools too.
Axe Chopper (10 points): It's good for more than chopping down trees.
Scavenger (10 points): Take weapons from creatures.
Headhunter (20 points): They're creatures. It's okay.
Multi-Hitter (10 points): Knock out more than one at a time.
Lightning Reflexes (20 points): Demonstrate outstanding response time.
Limb Lopper (10 points): Plants aren't the only things you can prune and trim.
Ernst (10 points): Such fierce strength.
Brute (5 points): There is more than one way of opening a door.

Additionally there are twenty secret achievements.

Master Sleuth (50 points): Found all of the Detective's Tapes.
Tarot Master (50 points): Obtained all Tarot Cards.
Nightmare Defeater (50 points): Cleared the main game on the "No Mercy" difficulty level.
Nightmare Vanquisher (100 points): Cleared the main game on the "Torture" difficulty level.
Nightmare Escapee (30 points): Cleared the main game on the "Humane" difficulty level.
Aaron and Katja (10 points): Cleared Act 0.
The Train (10 points): Cleared Act 1.
The Survivors (10 points): Cleared Act 2.
The Nightmare (10 points): Cleared Act 6.
Viktor (10 points): Cleared Act 7.
Stirrings of Death (10 points): Cleared Act 8.
House of Madness (10 points): Cleared Act 3.
Friend or Foe? (10 points): Cleared Act 4.
The Forest (10 points): Cleared Act 5.
Escape From the Grasp of Evil (30 points): Obtained an A-Rank in Act 10, Scene 1.
Live to Tell the Tale (30 points): Obtained an A-Rank in Act 10, Scene 2.
Fight or Flight (30 points): Obtained an A-Rank in Act 10, Scene 3.
Sharp-Eyed Traveler (20 points): Discovered all "Secret Events."
Endless Nightmare (60 points): Survived the Endless Nightmare.
Master of the Nightmare (60 points): Cleared the "TORTURE" difficulty without dying.

Avatar Awards

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

Alchemy T-shirt: Unlock all fifty achievements.
Nightmarish T-shirt: Complete the game.