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Risen 2: Dark Waters (PlayStation3)

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Easy "Big Game Hunter" achievement or trophy

 PC  All 2,000 kills must be done in the same session, without exiting the game. Go to Takarigua and enter the cave under Jack's tower. Enable the god and invisible codes. If you need a rifle, also enable the give It_Rif_Assault code. Spawn powder kegs with the give It_Exp_PowerKeg 220 code and fill the main room and the right corridor up around the corner with them. Save the game, then spawn fifty enemies in the main room with the spawn AntWorker code. Enter the corridor around the corner, then blow up the powder kegs with your rifle. Reload the game and repeat the process as many times as needed.

Go to Tacarigua near Jack's lighthouse. Do not kill monsters there when first starting this process. If desired, first complete the "The Sugar Shipment" quest by entering the cave and collecting the sacks of sugar without killing the termites. Also, do this after completing Maracai Bay in order to have better equipment and allow more monsters to spawn. Purchase at least six bombs from Thompkins (at Tacarigua) and Fernando (at Caldera). Kite the sand devils in the eastern part of the beach to a group of warthogs and some sunken ones. Kite them all to the front of the termite cave. If done correctly, you should have over twenty monsters following you. Save the game. Use the bombs to take out the monsters. If needed, soften them up first so the bombs will kill them. Reload the game and repeat the process as many times as needed.

Easy "Detective" achievement or trophy

Bring the deserter, Angus, to Valdez. Alternately, speak with Osamu after telling Corrientes about the entrance.

Easy "Digger" achievement or trophy

This must be done in a single game session. Exiting the game will reset the counter. Saving the game in front of an "X" which marks a treasure. Dig it up, then reload the game. Repeat the process until the achievement or trophy is earned. Note: Attempt this with a chest that can give you a legendary item (for example, the Meerschaum Pipe inside Pete's treasure chest near ruins at Tacarigua; or the Comb With One Tooth inside the treasure chest at the cave on the beach at Caldera) to also earn 100 quests finished for Mr. Industrious. Also, this can be completed faster with the Treasure Island DLC, as there is a location that has four treasure "X"'s next to each other, allowing four increments to be earned per loading of the saved game.

Easy "Made of Money" achievement or trophy

  • Besides the gold accrued by questing and looting, build your total by selling items by using the following procedure. Select a saved game file with lots of valuable items in your inventory. Go to a vendor. Quick save directly in front of him. Sell everything in your inventory. Quick load the saved game. Repeat the process until the achievement or trophy is earned. Note: The counter of acquired gold gets reset to 0 if you exit the game.
  • This must be done in the same game session. Search some ruins for idols and other valuable items. Go to a vendor, sell the items, then buy it back. Sell it again, buy it back, and repeat the process.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

100% (Platinum): Earn all Risen 2 trophies to unlock the platinum trophy.
Knight in Shining Armour (Bronze): 'Rescue Patty!' completed.
Voodoo Pirate (Bronze): 'The Ancestors' Blessing' completed.
Liberator (Bronze): 'Free Hawkins' completed.
Harpooner (Bronze): 'The Titan Weapon' completed.
Captain (Silver): 'A New Ship' completed.
The Right Hand (Bronze): 'Chaka Datu's Legacy' completed.
The Hand of God (Bronze): 'The Greedy Captain' completed.
Provisions Master (Bronze): 'Ship's Equipment' completed.
Friend of the Gnomes (Bronze): 'The Gnome Eater' completed.
Tub Captain (Bronze): 'Build a Raft' completed.
Cheese Knife (Bronze): 'The Cunning Captain' completed.
Necromancer (Bronze): 'The Split Soul' completed.
Mr Industrious (Gold): Completed 250 quests.
Blademaster (Bronze): Learned everything about blades.
Gunslinger (Bronze): Learned everything about firearms.
Rogue (Bronze): Learned everything about cunning.
Voodoo Wizard (Bronze): Learned everything about voodoo.
All-Rounder (Silver): Learned each skill once.
Tour Guide (Bronze): At least 5 crew members on the ship.
Birdbrain (Bronze): Used parrot 5 times.
Drunkard (Bronze): Won drinking duel mini-game 10 times.
Crack Shot (Bronze): Hit 10 times in one game in the shooting mini-game.
Kleptomaniac (Bronze): Picked 100 locks.
Digger (Bronze): Dug up 50 treasures.
Protector (Bronze): Won duel against Severin.
Skinflint (Bronze): Acquired 1000 gold.
Cash Cow (Silver): Acquired 100,000 gold.
Made of Money (Silver): Acquired 300,000 gold.
Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Found first treasure in the game.
Storyteller (Bronze): Collected 10 legendary items.
Legendary Hero (Bronze): Collected 20 legendary items.
Beginner (Bronze): Killed 10 monsters.
Crab Catcher (Bronze): Killed 10 giant crabs.
Deep Sea Fisherman (Bronze): Killed 50 sea monsters.
Pet Cemetery (Bronze): Killed 20 ambient animals.
Bane of the Beasts (Silver): Killed 500 monsters.
Big Game Hunter (Silver): Killed 2000 monsters.
Just a little tipple... (Bronze): Drank first rum.
Long John Silver (Bronze): Set course for Treasure Isle for the first time.
Alligator Jack (Bronze): Killed all alligators on Treasure Isle.
Templar (Bronze): 'The Air Temple' completed.
Robinson Crusoe (Bronze): 'The Marooned Sailor' completed.

Additionally there are fourteen secret trophies.

He Really Exists! (Bronze): 'Find Steelbeard' completed.
Pirate (Bronze): 'Become a Pirate' completed.
Pirate with Muskets (Bronze): 'Four Muskets against Crow' completed.
Bookworm (Bronze): 'Following Garcia's Trail' completed.
Detective (Bronze): 'Garcia's Masquerade Uncovered' completed.
Artefact Hunter (Bronze): 'Steelbeard's Artefact' completed.
Ghost Pirate (Bronze): 'The Journey to the Underworld' completed.
Lord of the Tentacle (Silver): 'Defeat the Kraken' completed.
The Curse Is Broken! (Gold): 'Kill Mara' completed.
Tough Bastard (Bronze): Learned everything about toughness.
Seafarer (Bronze): Travelled by ship 20 times.
Monkey Dance (Bronze): Used monkey 20 times.

Air Temple

Treasure Isle


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