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Riviera: The Promised Land (PSP)

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This game is titled Riviera: The Promised Land in North America, Europe, and Australia and Riviera: Yakusoku no Chi in Japan.


Extra Contents options

Collect the indicated item to unlock the corresponding option at the "Extra Contents" screen.

CG Collection: Album in Chapter 1.
Chapter 8: Key To Hell in Chapter 5.
Face Collection: Magic Mirror in Chapter 6.
High Score: Valdes Scripture in Chapter 4.
Item Manual: Item Manual from Claude after Chapter 2, and give him the correct code.
Sound Test: Music Sheet in Chapter 4.
Voice Collection: Spiral Shell from Reiche after Chapter 3, and give him three unidentified mushrooms.


Chapter 3: Bath scene

Near the end of the chapter, have Lina and Fia get up the feather. Return to Elendia and talk to the fairy inside Lina's and Fia's place to find out where they are. Go to Undine Spring. Continue to the next screen but do not talk to the fairy. A command mini-game will start. You will have only one chance to successfully complete the game to be allowed though to view the scene.

Chapter 4: Bath scene

At the middle of the chapter there will be a type of bush. Examine it and pick it up to learn that it is mint. Return to Elendia and talk to the fairy inside Lina's and Fia's place. Go to the Undine Spring. A golem will be guarding it. Defeat it to view the scene.
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