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Road Wage

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Cheat Codes

Edit car

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit any car file in the "/Program files/Nonstop/Road Wage/Cars.ini" directory. You can change any attribute of that vehicle as desired.


Time bonus

Reach the delivery point before the Tip Countdown starts to get receive cash for whatever remains on the timer. The faster you get there, the more money you will be awarded.
tsgol, pv

Pick-up bonus

Pick up the dollar sign items during the level. You will earn more money towards this bonus.

Evil bonus

You can receive money here only if your car is set to evil. When driving an evil vehicle, destroy other cars to earn money for this bonus. The Tank Rage is useful.


Full car speed

Take Supercharges to get the full speed of the car.

Easy tips

When on the good side, you can throw things at other good cars, police, and the other trucks. Throw a lot of it at them and you may get a tip. Note: If you throw too much, you will destroy that car. Do not throw things at the evil side or they will retaliate.


Strategy: Demo: by MetroidMoo