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RockMan 10: Uchuukara no Kyoui!!

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This game is titled Mega Man 10 in North America and Europe, and RockMan 10: Uchuukara no Kyoui!! in Japan.


Hard difficulty

Successfully complete the game under the Normal difficulty setting.
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Challenge menu options

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding type of challenge at the "Challenge" menu.

Easy Boss challenges: Reach the boss under Easy difficulty.
Easy Mini Boss challenges: Reach the Mini Boss under Easy or Normal difficulty.
Hard Boss challenges: Reach the Boss under Hard difficulty.
Hard Mini Boss challenges: Reach the Mini Boss under Hard difficulty.
Normal Boss challenges: Reach the Boss under Normal difficulty.
Normal Mini Boss challenges: Reach the Mini Boss under Normal difficulty.


Complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the corresponding challenge in Challenge mode.

Blade E: Reach Blade Man under Easy difficulty.
Blade H: Reach Blade Man under Hard difficulty.
Blade N: Reach Blade Man under Normal difficulty.
Block Devil E: Reach Block Devil under Easy difficulty.
Block Devil H: Reach Block Devil under Hard difficulty.
Block Devil N: Reach Block Devil under Normal difficulty.
Chill E: Reach Chill Man under Easy difficulty.
Chill H: Reach Chill Man under Hard difficulty.
Chill N: Reach Chill Man under Normal difficulty.
Commando E: Reach Commando Man under Easy difficulty.
Commando H: Reach Commando Man under Hard difficulty.
Commando N: Reach Commando Man under Normal difficulty.
Crab Puncher E: Reach Crab Puncher under Easy difficulty.
Crab Puncher H: Reach Crab Puncher under Hard difficulty.
Crab Puncher N: Reach Crab Puncher under Normal difficulty.
Nitro E: Reach Nitro Man under Easy difficulty.
Nitro H: Reach Nitro Man under Hard difficulty.
Nitro N: Reach Nitro Man under Normal difficulty.
Octobulb H: Reach Octobulb (Sheep Man stage) under Hard difficulty.
Pump E: Reach Pump Man under Easy difficulty.
Pump H: Reach Pump Man under Hard difficulty.
Pump N: Reach Pump Man under Normal difficulty.
Sheep E: Reach Sheep Man under Easy difficulty.
Sheep H: Reach Sheep Man under Hard difficulty.
Sheep N: Reach Sheep Man under Normal difficulty.
Solar E: Reach Solar Man under Easy difficulty.
Solar H: Reach Solar Man under Hard difficulty.
Solar N: Reach Solar Man under Normal difficulty.
Strike E: Reach Strike Man under Easy difficulty.
Strike H: Reach Strike Man under Hard difficulty.
Strike N: Reach Strike Man under Normal difficulty.
Suzak and Fenix H: Reach Suzak and Fenix (Solar Man Stage) under Hard difficulty.
The Keeper H: Reach The Keeper Man (Strike Man Stage) under Hard difficulty.
TriCastle H: Reach TriCastle (Blade Man Stage) under Hard difficulty.
W Archive E: Reach the first Wily Archive under Easy difficulty.
W Archive H: Reach the first Wily Archive under Hard difficulty.
W Archive N: Reach the first Wily Archive under Normal difficulty.
Wily Capsule E: Reach Wily Capsule under Easy difficulty.
Wily Capsule H: Reach Wily Capsule under Hard difficulty.
Wily Capsule N: Reach Wily Capsule under Normal difficulty.
Wily Machine E: Reach Wily Machine under Easy difficulty.
Wily Machine H: Reach Wily Machine under Hard difficulty.
Wily Machine N: Reach Wily Machine under Normal difficulty.

Challenge achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding challenge achievement.

Blue Bomber: Beat the game in less than one hour.
Destroyer: Defeat 1,000 enemies.
Hard Rock: Reach the boss room of a stage without being damaged on the way.
Headbanging: Defeat all Robot Masters as a helmetless MegaMan.
Invincible: Beat the game without losing any lives.
Mr. Perfect: Beat the game without taking damage even one time.
No Coffee Break: Beat the game without the usage of any kind of Tank (Energy, Weapon, or Mystery).
Superhero: Beat the game on Hard difficulty.
Tenacious: Beat the game without being forced to continue from a Game Over.
Trusty Sidearm: Defeat all Robot Masters without the use of special weapons (just your Mega Buster).
Whomp Wily!: Beat the game one time.
World Warrior: Defeat one of all kinds of enemies.


Walkthrough (Xbox 360)


Recommended order

Defeat the Bosses in the following order unlock and use the corresponding attack with the next Boss.

Sheep Man (use Mega Buster)
Pump Man (use Electric Wool)
Solar Man (use Water Shield)
Chill Man (use Solar Blaze)
Nitro Man (use Chill Spike)
Commando Man (use Wheel Cutter)
Blade Man (use Commando Bomb)
Strike Man (use Triple Blade)


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