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Rockman Rockman

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This game is titled Mega Man Powered Up in North America and Europe, and Rockman Rockman in Japan.


Play as Bosses

Defeat a Robot Master in new-style mode using only the Mega Buster or Rock Buster to unlock that Boss as a playable character.

Play as Blues/Protoman

Successfully complete all 100 challenges in challenge mode.

Play as Mega Man C

Successfully complete New Style in normal mode.

Play as Rockman S

Successfully complete New Style in easy mode.

Play as Rock

Complete the game in hard mode to unlock Rock (unarmed Mega Man). He has a Rock Kick attack.

Charge Shot/Sliding move

Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.
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Alternate title screen

Defeat any Boss in New Style mode. Use that Boss as your character and load the game to have the corresponding person at the title screen. Defeat all Bosses in New Style mode and select Mega Man as your character to have all characters appear.


Recommended weapons

Use the following weapons to defeat the corresponding Boss.

Bombman: Rolling Cutter.
Iceman: Hyperbomb.
Fireman: Ice Slasher.
Oilman: Fire Storm.
Cutman: Super Arm, Fire Storm.
Elecman: Oil Slider, Rolling Cutter, Ice Slasher.
Timeman: Thunder Beam.
Gutsman: Time Slow, Hyperbomb.
Copyrobot: Same as Robot Master.
Dr.Wily Machine 1: Varies depending on what it uses.
Dr.Wily Machine 2: Varies depending on what it uses.
Yellow Devil: Fire Storm.
CWU-O1P: Super Arm, Megabuster.



Successfully complete a level under the normal difficulty setting. Sometimes Roll will say "Try your best on the next stage kay." instead of "Try your best on the next stage okay."




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