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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Platinum!

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Cheat mode

Rename a guest to one of the following names to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Name
Get the buggy to actually ride through the park James Hunt
All peeps laugh Atari
Peep jumps for joy Chris Sawyer
Peeps dance Shifty
All rides and coasters to never break down Frontier
Removes height restrictions for building coasters John Wardley
All rides irresistible to peeps Jon Roach
All coasters irresistible to peeps Sam Denney
Unlimited launch and chain lift speeds David Braben
Decrease track friction Andrew Thomas
Peep cam; see through eyes of guest Jonny Watts
Unlock advanced fireworks editor Guido Fawkes
Track friction is zero Andrew Gillett
Increase money by $10,000 John D Rockefeller
Guests stand around looking down at the ground Mouse
"Flying Camera" routes editor D Lean
Everyone moves fast for 20 seconds, but game speed is normal ATITech
All guests get sick Make Me Sick
All guests ride every coaster before leaving Sam Denney
Larger and longer fireworks Atomic
Peeps take photos PhotoStory
New guests not allowed to enter, current guests may leave if desired Ghost Town
Display frame rate FPS
Lots of ducks appear A Hitchcock
High pitched sounds Alistair Lindsay
Train all staff for $1,000 Isambard Kingdom Brunel
No guests can enter park Ghost Town
1,000 guests enter park McDonalds
Display frame rate FPS
Build next to paths and allow fences next to paths M Brookes
Animals constantly breed Rabbit
Fire dinosaur instead of tranquilizer dart Jurassic Dart
People go on the higher diving boards Diving Boards
Hold [Ctrl] + U to toggle interface David Walsh
Build structures underground, press [Shift] to lower position level with underground path Mornington Crescent
Inside of tunnels turn into sharks Rick Griffiths
You can use large movies for your billboards Alvin Swazonegger


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