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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press ~ (unshifted) during game play to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Display help for desired command <command> ?
10% cheaper units in campaign mode gamestop or bestbuy
40% bigger elephants in campaign mode oliphaunt
Walls fall down in siege in battle map mode jericho
Increase money1 add_money <1-40000>
Add population to indicated city add_population <city name> <number>
Attacker or defender automatically wins next auto resolved battle. auto_win <attacker or defender>
Creates a unit in the selected settlement
or characters army with the stats you input
create_unit <settlement or character> <unit ID> <amount> <exp or armor or weapon>
Toggle fog of war toggle_fow
Give character the trait at indicated level give_trait <character> <trait> <number>
Complete all building in construction queue; can only be used once process_cq <city name>
Complete all military units in recruitment queue; can only be used once process_rq <city name>
Lists all traits list_traits
Move indicated character to desired coordinates move_character <name> <x,y>
Give points for indicated character's trait give_trait_points <character> <trait> <number>
Force opponent to accept diplomatic proposal force_diplomacy <accept, decline, or off>
General invincibile in combat invulnerable_general <character>
Changes date date <year>
Kill indicated character kill_character <character>
Change season season <summer or winter>
Capture indicated city capture_settlement <city name>
Toggle tabbed output window display toggle_tow
Toggle camera restrictions toggle_restrictcam
Give character an ancillary give_ancillary <character> <ancillary>
Reset character to start of turn settings character_reset
Show cursor position and region ID show_cursorstat
Toggle the terrain to display various data sets;
no parameter resets to normal
Give character points for trait give_trait_points
List all available ancillaries list_ancillaries
Give the character movement points mp <value>
List all characters in the world or those belonging to a faction list_characters
Show landing positions available to the AI from a given region;
default hides them
Apply filter to world map coastlines filter_coastlines
Toggle strategy map coastline display toggle_coastlines
Set health of building of the specified type in a settlement set_building_health <value>
Set maximum speed of turn processing during AI round ai_turn_speed <value>
Set aerial map overlay depth bias for minimum zoom amdb_min <value>
Set aerial map overlay depth bias for maximum zoom amdb_max <value>
Set aerial map overlay offset towards camera amdb_offset <value>
Zoom to specified aerial map zoom zoom <value>
Set denominator of the faction ranking graph interval
(calculated as number_of_turns divided by denominator);
if 0, then denominator will be set to number_of_turns
for an interval of 1
set_ranking_interval <value>
Regenerate radar regenerate_radar
Adjust sea bed to specified height adjust_sea_bed <value>
Reload all vertex shaders reload_shaders
Reload all textures reload_textures
Fire toggle_game_update <mt, toggle, reload, or int>
Toggle everyone's spying ability to perfect and infinite range toggle_perfect_spy
Toggle building debug mode building_debug
Force display reset cycle reset_display
Toggle underlay toggle_underlay
Toggle overlay toggle_overlay
Set diplomatic stance between the two factions diplomatic_stance <value>
Unknown shadow
Unknown ie
Add all ancillary to the character info display test_ancillary_localisation
Toggle display of simple performance times of game update vs. display perf_times
Ignite all piggy winks burn_piggies_burn
Test the event message specified in descr_event_enums.txt test_message
Display defensive terrain features show_terrain_lines
Toggle message collation (sets all factions) message_collation_set
Toggle show all messages to all factions show_all_messages
Clear all stacked messages clear_messages
Unknown puppify_my_love
Unknown reapply_rigid_model_influence
Toggle display of campaign map flowing water toggle_flowing_water
Toggle display of network stats nw_stats
Toggle pr mode toggle_pr
List all units in an army list_units
Show victory message for faction for short or long campaign victory
Trigger advice trigger_advice
Damage wall of settlement damage_wall <none, gate, or breach>
Open victory scroll declaring that the given faction is the victor test_victory_scroll
Trigger unit upgrade effect upgrade_effect
Force local player's alliance to win the battle force_battle_victory
Force local player's alliance to lose the battle force_battle_defeat
Output positions of all units in the battle to the specified file output_unit_positions <filename>
Show all valid processed paths in pathfinder show_battle_paths
Show all valid processed paths in pathfinder for specific unit given a unit ID show_battle_paths_for_unit <value>
Show the street plan for the settlement show_battle_street_plan
Display a marker at x, y for t seconds show_battle_marker <value>
Display a circle at x, y of r radius for t seconds show_battle_circle <value>
Remove faction from the game kill_faction <value>
Create diplomacy mission diplomacy_mission
create event at position event <value>
Switch player control to specified faction; old faction may not act correctly as AI faction control <value>
Create building of the specified type in a settlement create_building <value>
Disable AI disable_ai
Halts turn sequence just before the start of the specified
faction's turn, or the current faction if no faction given
halt_ai <value>
Restarts an AI turn sequence run_ai
Eliminate Arse trait line give_trait "Arse" "<character name> " 0
Eliminate Feck trait line give_trait "Feck" "<character name> " 0

1. You must do this on the campaign map, and can only be done once per game. After the first time, you must save, quit, and restart the game to use it again. However, the latest patch will allow the codes to be used multiple times.
, , , , and

Cheat mode (alternate)

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "preferences.txt" file in the game folder. For unlimited ammunition, change the value of the "LIMITED_AMMO:" line from "TRUE" to "FALSE". You can do the same for for morale, fatigue, fog of war, etc. values. Note: You must start a new campaign for the changes to take effect.

Building debug mode commands

Use the following commands after enabling the building_debug code.

Toggle view modes: [Tab]
Reset mode: [Right Shift] + [Tab]
Go back modes: [Left Shift] + [Tab]
Damages building under pointer: G
Display plaza: P

Creating units examples

Note: You can only do this once per game session and the codes are case-sensitive.

Create_unit "Arretium" "roman arcani" 5 units max 8 offense max 8 defense max 8 experience points max:

create_unit "Arretium" "roman arcani" 5 8 8 8
create_unit "Kotais" "greek silver shield pikemen" 5 8 8 8 8
create_unit "Kotais" "east hoplite brazen shield" 5 8 8 8 8

An example of the earlier incorrect cheat for Oliphant:

Create_unit "Arretium" cheat oliphants" 5 8 8 8 8 Yubtseb Elephants (or replace it with merc elephants)

An example of a city with two names:

create_unit "Campus_Iazyges" "roman heavy onager" 5 8 8 8 8
create_unit "Campus_Alanni" "roman praetorian cohort urban i "

"Urban Cohort" Note before using the create_unit code, look at the "Export descr_unit_enums" file first. If you type in a unit name it will not work. However, if you open this file with a text editor, the first name of the five names of each unit is the name you must type in for it to work. For example, if you type create_unit "Syracuse" "spartan hoplites" 2 9 9 9 9 it will not work, because the unit is not recognized. However, if you type create_unit "Syracuse" "greek hoplite spartan" 2 9 9 9 9 it will work. The name "greek hoplite spartan" appears in the "export descr_unit_enums file".

Create population examples

Note: You can only do this once per game session and the codes are case-sensitive.


add_population Arretium 5000

An example of a city with two names:

add_population Campus_Sarmatae 5000

Completing building example

The same principle holds true for completing building under construction: Note: You can only do this once per game session and the codes are case-sensitive.

process_cq Arretium process_cq Campus_Sarmatae

Give Trait Edit examples

First, select a trait from the list in the "Export_descr_character_traits" file in the "\activision\rome - total war\data\" folder. Use a text editor to view the file and the Traits Name will be at the top. Use the give_trait code with the desired trait's name and the level. For example, give_trait "Aulus" "RomanHero" 5. Note: Traits have a assortment of levels. Check the "descr_character_traits" file to see what the maximum level they can be. This is determined by the number of levels listed. They range from 1 to 5. They are in order from the weakest level of the trait to the strongest. For example, Level 1 would be listed as Local Hero the weakest trait for the Hero Trait; where as level 5 would be the strongest, which is listed as Legendary Hero.

Note: The best traits are as follows.

Trait Code
Best Administration trait give_trait "GoodAdministrator" "<character name> " 3
Best Ambushing trait give_trait "GoodAmbusher" "<character name>" 3
Best Berserk trait give_trait "Berserk" "<character name>" 2
Best Bravery trait give_trait "Brave" "<character name>" 5
Best Command trait give_trait "GoodCommander" "<character name>" 5
Best Defender trait give_trait "GoodDefender" "<character name>" 5
Best Discipline trait give_trait "Disciplinarian" "<character name>" 1
Best Drinking/Sobriety trait give_trait "Drink" "<character name>" 1
Best Energy level trait give_trait "Energetic" "<character name>" 4
Best Faith trait give_trait "PublicFaith" "<character name>" 3
Best Poetry trait give_trait "PoeticSkill" "<character name>" 2
Best Rhetoric trait give_trait "RhetoricSkill" "<character name>" 3
Best Siege Attack trait give_trait "GoodSeigeAttacker" "<character name>" 4
Best Siege Defense trait give_trait "GoodSeigeDefender" "<character name>" 4
Best Strategy trait give_trait "StrategicSkill" "<character name>" 3
Best Warlord trait give_trait "Warlord" "<character name>" 4
Best Xenophobic trait give_trait "Xenophobia" "<character name>" 3
Best Attacker trait give_trait "GoodAttacker" "<character name>" 5
Best Speaking trait give_trait "InspiringSpeaker" "<character name>" 3

Getting rid of traits

If you do not like a character's trait, insert the Anti Trait which can be found below the trait in the "descr_character_trait" file. For example, give_trait "Aulus" quot;Coward" will rid the character of the Roman Hero trait. Do not put a level on an anti trait.

Extra money

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "descr_strat" file in the "\activision\rome - total war\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign" folder. Scroll down to find the following section and change the Denari value from "5000" to "999999".

;>>>> start of factions section <<<<
faction romans_julii, comfortable caesar
denari 5000

Better units

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "descr_strat" file in the "\activision\rome - total war\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign" folder. Scroll down to find the faction to change. In this section there is a line that starts with the word "unit" that allows values relating to experience (0-9), armor rating (0-3), weapon level (0-3) to be changed. Once edited, you can copy and paste that line up to twenty times to create that number of units in that army.

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "export_descr_unit" file in the "\activision\rome - total war\data" folder. It will be a huge data source for unit information, were you can edit the units to your pleasure. To make your archers more powerful, scroll down and find the quot;roman_archer_auxillia" entry about two thirds of the way down. Each unit has its information set together with a break between the other unit information. The unit names are at the top. Go down to "stat_pri" of the "archer auxillia". The first number is the attack power. You can increase this to about 70. You increase it more, but it will not count the attack higher than the maximum number. The next number is for when the unit charges, and how much bonus it gets to its attack from that. Next is what the unit fires (if they can shoot anything). After that is the unit range of the weapon (increase this). After that is the ammunition per man (increase this). You now have a very powerful archer unit for all Romans to use. At the bottom is the ownership. You can delete the other faction names if desired, so only you can use them.

Another thing you can do is change Peasants into Phalanxmen, or Hoplites. Go to "roman_peasants", and scroll down to "formation". Next to "horde", type , Phlanx, (include the commas and space). They can now form a phalanx, and will have spears. You may have to change the original formation from "horde" to "square" to do this. However, you cannot add the formation "testudo" to Peasants and expect for them to have big shields.

Exceed unit limit

Note: This was done in v1.00. Use the following trick to get more units than you are supposed to in that unit or set. For example, if there is a cohort of 81 troops (this should work for any number of troops regardless of type, culture or unit number setting), if 70 are lost in battle bring them to a settlement that can retrain them. Add them to the retraining query, than drop another full cohort of that type on the retraining cohort so that the retraining query displays the full amount that the cohort is supposed to have. Then, end the turn. That cohort should now have 151 units in it.

Cheap mercenaries

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "descr_mercenaries" file in the "\activision\rome - total war\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign" folder. Locate the line that appears as:

unit merc barbarian infantry,   exp 0 cost 750
replenish 0.06 - 0.19 max 2 initial 1

Change only the cost by setting it to "1", so the line now appears as:

unit merc barbarian infantry,   exp 0 cost 1 replenish
0.06 - 0.19 max 2 initial 1

Do the same to all mercenary units. Note: Do not add mercenaries in new places as it will prevent you from ever playing the campaign.

All factions

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "descr_strat" file in the "\activision\rome - total war\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign" folder. At the top of the page it will have something like this:

campaign  imperial_campaign

Change it to the following:

campaign  imperial_campaign


Starting nations

Successfully complete a full Campaign mode ((50 nations and take out SPQR) to unlock the corresponding starting nations: Egypt, Gaul, Germany, Sluicid, and Spain.

Easy money

Start with the Juli faction, Red Roman. Listen to their first mission. Take that rebel town, then make a few Diplomats. Spread them out everywhere, then start asking for trade rights. The more money you can get, the better. Also, if you know you or your allies will not attack them, you can ask for an alliance. Another good method is to build all the farms, roads, ports, and mining things you can do in a settlement.

Stand off

When you are outnumbered, have low forces, and know that you will lose, get a good stand off position by gathering all of your remaining forces, and go to a hill or the highest position if possible. If that is unavailable, go into the forests. Then, gather your forces and put all archers in the very back, all medium to close ranged missile weapons in middle, and all of your spearmen in the front with the legionnaires, swordsmen, etc. just behind. If you have elephants or horses, put them javelins. Then, with the spearmen formation, you can either wait for the enemy to hit the spearmen then charge with horses. However it would be better to horse charge them when they are in archer or javelin range, then keep bombarding them. Next, use all of your swordsmen to attack after the enemy hits the spearmen. Then, use all of your forces to charge, except for the archers. Move them away from the fight and keep bombarding. This is also a good choke point defensive maneuver.

Defend your settlement

Use the following tactic to fight an outnumbered foe at your settlement. If you know that you cannot defend your walls because there is too much ground to cover and you forces will be to thin to stop them, then follow this strategy. Put all your armies in the central plaza of the city. According to their location, put your light infantry blocking the path of where they would go after the walls break through. Remember that you want to make a small chokepoint so that they can fight only one way and not surround you. Then, put your heavy infantry behind the light infantry and put your cavalry on the flanks so that you can attack them at the sides. When they attack and are charging at you infantry, order all the infantry (including heavy infantry) to charge. Then, have your cavalry cut the enemy's retreat and attack their flanks. If this is successful, their front and rear will be attacked, allowing you to crush them. Note: This cannot be done against human players.

Always make sure that you have at least two units in your settlement garrison that can form a phalanx. The more the better, but two is the minimum you should have if you want to keep your settlements safe from attack. Mercenary Hoplites are available to all factions and are very effective at defending settlements. From where the enemy breaches the walls (be it through the gate or from the walls), there will usually be two roads leading from their position to the center of your settlement. The enemy will divide their forces to send down both these roads. By placing your phalanx troops in the center of the road, backed up by other infantry, you can create a wall of pikes that cannot be flanked, Any unit that is not also in phalanx formation will be reduced to a small group of routing cowards in no time, even elephants. If you find that the enemy has plenty of phalanx troops, do not worry. Place your phalanx wall slightly further back in the center of the settlement. Place a unit of cavalry, preferably heavy cavalry, in a position so that when the enemy phalanx emerges into the center of the settlement, their flank becomes exposed. Then, smack your cavalry into the flank and the unit will be destroyed in seconds. Timing is essential in this strategy. If you charge too soon, your cavalry will end up being mobbed by enemy troops. If you charge too late, the enemy can maneuver towards your cavalry. Even if the enemy has overwhelming forces, you can guarantee that even if they do manage to wipe out your garrison, their own force will be so badly damaged that they probably will not be able to hold the settlement for long.

Taking a settlement

Note: This only works when you attack, and when the enemy has a wooden palisade or walls. When you want to take a settlement and you are totally outnumbered, get two gate rams. When you are deploying, take half of ypur troops and move them over to one gate. Leave your general with the first group. The enemy should send only horses to the second group. Bring good soldiers so that you can charge in after you attack. If done correctly, then the enemy should stay attacking the first group. Leave your archers with the first group to "rain fire on the enemy". You would probably take the settlement. Note: This works best against barbarians and sometimes rebels.

Before you actually enter the town, village, or city, soften up the enemy with ranged weapons. Breach the wall at multiple points and attack the town square from all sides if possible. Also, try not to bring ranged-only units into the city. Instead, leave them outside the walls; or if this is too far, bring them to the inside edge of the wall.

Defeating spearmen

Always attack from behind when fighting spearmen. The best way is to attract a band of spearmen is to send some units close to them. Do not engage them to fight. Once they start chasing your army units, start attacking with your cavalry from behind the spearmen. They should start to run in a minute.

Defeating cavalry

A spearmen wall is an effective way to take out enemy cavalry units. Do not let the enemy cavalry to engage your ranged units.

Defeating elephants

Elephants are the biggest and toughest unit. Use your rangers on elephants. Elephants can crush the biggest army in minutes.

Defeating chariots

Chariots can cause a mess on the battlefield. Use your archers on them.

Defeating the Senate army

Do not if you see a large Senate army around Rome. Their army consists of obsolete units such as Hestatai and Princepes. They can easily be crushed with Legionary Cohorts, Legionary Cavalry, Onagars, etc. Note that as soon as you do away with the Senate, the other loyal Roman factions will declare war on you.

Easy wins

If you are being attacked with a small force, when you are setting up your units make them go as far away as possible. The enemy will get tired, thus giving your units a higher chance of victory.

Fighting in open areas

When fighting in an open area, attack with ranged units first, then send your cavalry to the flanks. Do not attack with the cavalry just yet. Instead, bring your main force directly into the enemy force and bring your cavalry in to close off their escape path. This strategy can allow you to win battles against forces three times your size.

Kill an entire faction

You will need at least one light cavalry and a town or city (recommended) with a big army. Send your light cavalry near an enemy capital and attack it. Stop attacking it and retreat. Once you have retreated you will find that when you pass a season, the enemy army from their capital will come with their king. They will attack you again. Retreat and keep doing this until they reach your big army capital. They will attack it. You should be able to defeat them.

Play as another faction

Use the following trick to playing as a faction without having to complete the game. Train an army that fills a town. Take half the army (and general, in case you need to hire mercenaries).Take out the faction that you want to play as (for example, Egypt, Parthia or Britannia). Go to the menu and it should appear as a faction you can play as. You can now start a campaign as them. Note: This will not work for certain factions, such as the SPQR.

The Amazons: Hyperboria

At the very northeast area of the map there is a "hidden settlement" blocked by trees. It is and only accessible from the west. It leads to Hyperboria, a rebel settlement with very powerful Amazon chariots.

Conquering Rome

Start a custom battle. Have 10,000 Denerii. Select a team that has Onagers, or at least Heavy Onagers. Fill one row of units with Onagers. Fill the rest with strong infantry (for example, three Armored Elephants, three War Elephants, and three Normal Elephants. During the battle, use your row of Onagers to fire at a piece of wall. Note: Enable Fire Ammo for better results. Wait until the wall is destroyed. Use your infantry to take out the men inside the city. Do not forget to take out the archers.


Note: This only works for settlements with a Large or Epic Stone Wall. Make sure you have at least two Archer units, and at least one Onager if possible. If not, just having the Archers is fine. You also need Infantry and Cavalry; however if you have the ability to build a large or Epic Stone Wall, then this should not be a problem. First, array your archers onto the walls either side and on top of the gate if possible. Then, place your infantry in a semicircle around the gate, taking care not to block the entrances to the walls. If you have Onagers, place them far enough back for them to be able to fire over the walls. Cavalry should be placed at strategic points as you see fit. When the attacking army starts, look at the siege engines they have. If they have Siege Towers, tell your Onagers to fire flaming ammunition towards the towers. This will set them alight and raze them, rendering them useless. If the enemy has a Ram, tell your archers to fire flaming arrows onto it. This will also raze the ram, rendering it useless. If the enemy has Onagers, look at where he is aiming and redeploy your troops to the weak location. If the enemy breaches the gates, he should be running directly into a ring of swords, backed up by cavalry. If he gets onto the walls, simply deploy a unit onto the wall, with archers behind. This method will stop armies much larger than the army inside the city. For this to work well, you need about twelve units: two Archers, one Onager, five Infantry and about four Cavalry.

Cavalry charge

If you have a large force of Heavy Cavalry and not much else, you can use these units to throw back a much larger army. Just when the battle starts, pause game play and assign each individual Cavalry unit to attack one unit from the enemy's side. Try to go for an even distribution if possible. Then, select all of your Cavalry units and resume game play. Next, order your men to run or to charge. The combined force of your Cavalry coming forward at a charge is enough to frighten most troops or throw them back. Your own casualties are usually light to moderate. Note: Do not attempt this if your squaring off against elephants, as you will not win.


in instant action mode, put in a full no upgrades army of armored elephants against a full army of no upgrades incendiary pigs. They will charge each other when the battle is entered. The Senate will light all their pigs, but there will be flaming catapult shots coming from the elephants. The force of the elephants hitting the flaming pigs will send them flying through the air. This causes them to take the appearance of a catapult blast.

Faster movement

If you are facing a long walk before engaging enemies, just increase the "Game Speed" setting. Do not let your army run to the destination.

Public order

When squalor is overwhelming your cities, remove your garrison and governor to let it rebel. Then, crush them and enslave/exterminate them. The decrease in population is the short term cure for squalor.

Removing culture penalty

Destroy the foreign shire/temple and wait for one turn.


If the Senate asks you blockade a port, etc., you can go blockade it for the last turn and not have to do it for the entire five.

Lose with as much damage against opponent

When you get into a fight that you know you cannot win and you cannot run, use the main body of your force to attack the enemy and have ranged units fire at them. Slam your cavalry into the rear of the enemy, then pull them away again. Send them back in and pull them out. Keep repeating this, and you can at least cause the enemy to lose as much of his forces as possible.

If you are going to a battle that you cannot win but you have dogs, let the dogs on the front of the main force of the enemy. Retreat your troops. The dogs will still attack and kill lots of enemies, without losing soldiers. The dogs are very quick and small to kill. After the battle, attack the enemy. If you are still outnumbered, buy mercenaries. The enemy will now have less troops than you. Of course, you can still attack with your main force when all the dogs are dead.


Strategy guides from GameFAQs

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