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Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

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This game is titled Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon in North America and Europe, and Rune Factory: Shin Bokujou Monogatari in Japan.

Cheat Codes

Japanese mode

Hold R and press A during the introduction sequence. The game's title will be spoken in Japanese to confirm correct code entry. All voice acting will now be in Japanese.



Talk to Bianca.

Dungeon Passes

Complete the indicated task to get the pass to the corresponding dungeon

Carmite Cave: Till 100 squares on your farm.
Clemens Cave: Till 100 squares in the Toros Cave and defeat the Chimera.
Dannan Cave: Defeat the Golum in the Kasmir Ruins.
Greed Cave: Defeat the Battle Tank in the Dannan Cave.
Kasmir Ruins: Till 100 squares in the Misty Bloom Cave and defeat the Siren.
Misty Bloom Cave: Till 100 squares in Mt. Gigant and defeat the Dragon.
Mt. Gigant: Rescue Cecilia in Clemens cave and defeat the Rafflesia(the Plant).
Toros Cave: Till 50 squares in the Carmite Cave and defeat the Greater Daemon.

Fishing Rod

Walk to the end of the pier and Sabrina will give you a fishing rod.


Plow 50 squares in Carmite Cave to get a hammer from Leo.


Increase your hoe to level 2 to get a Sickle from Rosetta.

Easy level up for items

Take the item you want to level and go to the seashell on the beach. Trade it with a friend. It should have grown a level. Trade back and forth and you can easily get high level items.


To propose to a girl you must have the correct proposal item. For example, Sharon's is the Grimores Sword and Lara's is the Lapris Lazuli. Talk to them to find out what they want.


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