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Rune Raiders

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Cheat Death (80 points): Survive the grim reapers without a single death.
Dark Master (100 points): Stope this guy from controlling everything.
Defeat the Witch (100 points): Defeat the evil Witch and her heinous potions.
Double Shot (40 points): Destroy two enemies in a single shot from a single hero.
Double Time (10 points): Destroy two enemy tiles in a single turn.
Face the Minotaur (20 points): Survive a raging Minotaur charge.
Get Rich (50 points): Amass $10,000 or more.
Healing Potion (5 points): Use a potion to heal a character.
Max Perks (50 points): Use every available perk a character has.
Ninja Strike (20 points): Destroy an enemy with the Ninja.
Power of Healing (10 points): Use your healer to restore full health to a team member.
Quadruple Time (30 points): Destroy four enemies in a single turn.
Rock Smasher (30 points): Destroy any rock tile by shooting it 20 times, or with a Bear.
Triple Shot (40 points): Destroy three enemies in a single shot from one of your characters.
Triple Time (15 points): Destroy three enemies in one turn.
Westward King (100 points): Defeat the newly-evil Westward King.