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Rusty Hearts

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Steam achievements

Follow the indicated steps to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the game hub for "Rusty Hearts". Click the "View Stats" option in the drop down list, then select the option that displays the achievements for your account.
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A Whole New World: Unlock the Cathedal area.
An Eye for an Eye: Complete joheim's quests.
Animal Cruelty: Defeat Fluffy in the Labyrinth.
Apprentice: Reach level 5 with any character.
Booze Hound: Complete the "Wanted: Boozatron B" Random Quest.
Gina's Box: Complete the "Not My Box" Quest for Gina.
Gorgon's Box: Complete the "Not My Box" Quest for Gorgon.
Hunter: Reach level 10 with any character.
I Have Many Leather Bound Books: Complete the "Wanted: Dewey Decimator B" Random Quest.
In Hot Water: Defeat the Lobster King Boss in the Lower Plant.
It's Pronounced "Yo-heim": Complete the "Return to Nadia" Quest.
Nadia's Box: Complete the "Not My Box" Quest for Nadia.
Predator: Achieve 10th Ace Ranking in PVP.
Prey: Achieve 5th Cadet Ranking in PVP.
Put Your Dukes Up: Complete the "Study Gloves" Quest.
Slayer: Reach level 20 with any character.
Style Over Substance: Complete estel's quests.
The Right to Bare Arm: Complete gorgon's quests.
What's That Smell?: Complete the "Scout the Lower Plant" quest.
You're Kidding, Right?: Complete the "Ryan's Request" Quest.