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Ryu ga Gotoku 3

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This game is titled Yakuza 3 in North America and Europe, and Ryu ga Gotoku 3 in Japan.


1 million yen bonus

Successfully complete the game under the Easy or Normal difficulty setting.

2 million yen bonus

Successfully complete the game under the Normal difficulty setting.

3 million Yen bonus

Successfully complete the game under the Hard difficulty setting.

EX-Hard difficulty

Successfully complete the game under the Hard difficulty setting.

Premium Adventure mode

Successfully complete the game.

Premium New Game mode

Successfully complete the game.

Reminiscence (Kaisou) mode

Successfully complete the game.

Dragon Nunchaku

Successfully complete the game under the Ex-Hard difficulty setting.

Ukiyo's Bell

Have a saved game file from Ryuu ga Gotoku Kenzan!.

Ultimate Competition (Kyuukyoku Tougi)

Successfully complete the game.


Farming the beach

After you get the orphanage on Okinawa during the second time you are there, your mission will be find Shiro. As you go to the beach to find out what is going on with Shiro, you will see two children on the right-hand front corner of the yard. Go to them and look in the corner for a sparkle. Pick it up, and it will be a worm. Go to the beach. Look for any boxes or garbage on the shore. Once you find something and open it, then go to the fishing pole. Choose to go fishing. Note: You can only fish if you have bait. Once in the fishing mini-game, you will get some choices: "Go fishing", "Read instructions on how to fish", or "Not now". Choose "Not now" and you will be free to roam the beach again. Look along the beach again for another box or piece of garbage. You can also farm the worms to fish with, one at a time. Choose to practice your fishing skills. You can fish, then search the beach, and go back to the location where you found the worm. Collect it again and go back to the beach. Note: The beach will not repopulate until you have gone fishing. The mini-game resets the beach for the box or garbage finding.


North American version

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Substory Dabbler (Bronze): Complete 10 substories.
Substory Fan (Bronze): Complete 30 substories.
Substory Enthusiast (Bronze): Complete 50 substories.
Substory Addict (Bronze): Complete 80 substories.
Bounty Hunter (Bronze): Apprehend all hitmen.
Gourmet Aficionado (Bronze): Order the most expensive item(s) in all restaurants.
HEAT Action Pro (Bronze): Finish 50 battles with HEAT actions.
Tinkerer (Bronze): Make a mod weapon.
Blogging Debut (Bronze): Have your first Revelation.
Path of the Warrior (Bronze): Encounter all the masters.
Hat Trick (Bronze): Get a hat trick in darts.
Break Ace (Bronze): Get a break ace in Nine-Ball pool.
Karaoke King (Bronze): Sing all songs at karaoke.
Fowl Play (Bronze): Get a turkey while bowling.
Tag Hoarder (Bronze): Earn a combined total of 10,000 points in cee-lo, cho-han, koi-koi and oicho-kabu.
Chip Hoarder (Bronze): Earn a combined total of 10,000 points in poker, roulette and blackjack.
Pro Gamer (Bronze): Complete trophy conditions for the games in the arcade. Get 10 stuffed animals in UFO Catcher, and get a high score in the shooting game.
Skilled Hitter (Bronze): Hit 2 panels with one ball in the Hard game at the batting cage.
Power Driver (Bronze): Hit a 350 yard drive in Competition Mode in golf.
Big Tuna (Bronze): Catch a tuna.
Ultimate Challenger (Bronze): Play all rounds in Ultimate Skill mode after beating the game.
Marathon Runner (Bronze): Run 42,195km.
Key Collector (Silver): Open all the lockers in the top row in both Kamurocho and Downtown Ryuku.
Legendary Champion (Silver): Claim victory in all Coliseum tournaments.
Walking Bank (Silver): Accumulate 10,000,000 yen.
Substory Completionist (Gold): Complete all substories.
Minigame Master (Gold): Complete all minigames.
Testament to Strength (Gold): Beat the game on Extra Hard.

Additionally there are seventeen secret trophies.

Majima Defeated (Bronze): Defeat Majima in Chapter 1.
Rikiya Defeated (Bronze): Defeat Rikiya in Chapter 2.
Tamashiro Defeated (Bronze): Defeat Tamashiro in Chapter 3.
Hasebe Defeated (Bronze): Defeat Hasebe in Chapter 4.
Mysterious Foreigner Defeated (Bronze): Defeat the Mysterious Foreigner in Chapter 5 Bronze.
Kanda Defeated (Bronze): Defeat Kanda in Chapter 6.
Majima Defeated Again (Bronze): Defeat Majima again in Chapter 7.
Lau Ka Long Defeated (Bronze): Defeat Lau Ka Long in Chapter 8.
Fuma Defeated (Bronze): Defeat Fuma in Chapter 10.
Thank You! -YAKUZA 3 Team- (Bronze): Beat the game.
Careless Dragon (Bronze): Knock over 100 people.
People Watcher (Bronze): Initiate 10 battles using first-person mode.
Compulsive Vandal (Bronze): Break 100 weapons picked up in battle.
Volunteer (Bronze): Pick up 5 pieces of trash on Sunshine Beach.
Mine Defeated (Silver): Defeat Mine in Chapter 12.
Master Enviornmentalist (Silver): Pick up 30 pieces of trash on Sunshine Beach.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Earn all other trophies in the game.

Japanese version

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
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Substory 10 (Bronze): Clear 10 Substories.
Substory 30 (Bronze): Clear 30 Substories.
Substory 50 (Bronze): Clear 50 Substories.
Substory 80 (Bronze): Clear 80 Substories.
Tough Guy Hunter (Bronze): Catch all Hitmen.
Big Spender (Bronze): Spend 300,000 yen in one visit to a Cabaret Club.
Good Coordinating (Bronze): Get a Cabaret Club Girl's fashion, etc. set up well in the "Groom A Cabaret Club Girl" side game.
Key Wanderer (Bronze): Open all coin lockers, both in Kamuro and Ryuukyuu.
Gourmet Master (Bronze): Order the most expensive dish at all restaurants.
Heat Action Master (Bronze): Finish a battle with a Heat Action 50 times.
Legendary Champion (Bronze): Win all tournaments at the Arena.
Trial Special (Bronze): Make one weapon at Ueyama's.
Started A Blog (Bronze): Have one Revelation.
The Path to Training (Bronze): Meet all masters/instructors.
Salon Craze (Bronze): Play two beauty-salon modes.
Hat Trick (Bronze): Get a Hat Trick at Darts.
Break Ace (Bronze): Get a Brake Ace at 9-ball billiards.
Karaoke King (Bronze): Sing all karaoke songs.
Boiled Turkey (Bronze): Get a Turkey in Bowling.
Exceptional Gambler (Bronze): Get 10,000 cumulative points at Chinchirorin, Koikoi, and Oichokabu.
Great Gambler (Bronze): Get 10,000 cumulative points at Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack.
Pro Gamer (Bronze): Get the trophies at the three games in the arcade. For the UFO Catcher, get 10 dolls. For Anser x Anser, win 10 rounds. For the shooting game, get the High Score.
Immovable Shogi Player (Bronze): Win shogi without moving the "King" piece even once.
Exposed Dragon (Bronze): Use a Naked Pair Wait (Hadakatanki) in Mahjong.
Nice Hitter (Bronze): Pass the Hard Course at Yoshida Batting Center.
Powerful Driver (Bronze): Hit a 350-yard drive in Competition Mode in Golf.
Tuna Lord (Bronze): Catch a tuna when Fishing.
Ultimate Challenger (Bronze): Play all unlockable Ultimate Fighting modes.
Marathon Runner (Bronze): Run 42,195km.
Walking Bank (Silver): Have over 10,000,000 Yen on your person.
All Substories (Gold): Complete all Substories (missions).
Mini-Game Master (Gold): Complete all Mini-Games.
Proof of Being the Strongest (Gold): Clear the game on the unlockable EX Hard difficulty.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Get all the game's Trophies.

Additionally there are sixteen secret trophies.

Boss 01 (Majima) (Bronze): Defeat Majima in Story Mode's Chapter 1.
Boss 02 (Rikiya) (Bronze): Defeat Rikiya in Story Mode's Chapter 2.
Boss 03 (Tamashiro) (Bronze): Defeat Tamashiro in Story Mode's Chapter 3.
Boss 04 (Hasebe) (Bronze): Defeat Hasebe in Story Mode's Chapter 4.
Boss 05 (Mysterious Foreigner) (Bronze): Defeat the Man in the Black Suit in Story Mode's Chapter 5.
Boss 06 (Kanda) (Bronze): Defeat Kanda in Story Mode's Chapter 6.
Boss 07 (Majima II) (Bronze): Defeat Majima in Story Mode's Chapter 7.
Boss 08 (Lau Kar Lung) (Bronze): Defeat Lau Kar Lung in Story Mode's Chapter 8.
Boss 09 (Kazama) (Bronze): Defeat Kazama in Story Mode's Chapter 10.
Thank You From the Staff (Bronze): Clear Story Mode.
Runaway Train (Bronze): Knock down 100 people.
People Watcher (Bronze): Start 10 battles by staring at people in first-person mode.
Destroyer (Bronze): Break 100 weapons in battle.
Volunteer (Bronze): Pick up 5 pieces of trash at the beach in front of the Morninglory.
Boss 10 (Defeat Mine) (Silver): Defeat Mine in Story Mode's Chapter 12.
Eco-Master (Silver): Pick up 30 pieces of trash from the beach in front of the Morninglory Orphanage.


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