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Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan!

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Brawling God Amulet

Successfully complete the game under the Expert difficulty.This item allows you to use Heat Actions at any time, ignoring the Heat Gauge.
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True Brawling God Amulet

Earn an "S" rank in all Ultimate Fighting missions. This item automatically gives you all Heat Actions.

Checklist bonuses

Complete the checklists at the starting menu and side mission memo pad lists to unlock the following items.

Best Dachi in the Realms (Tenka no Dachi): Skills list
Dragon Chestplate: Weapons list
Ganryuu Bokutou: Arena Opponents list
Immortal Turtle: Yuujo (Pleasure District girls) list
Lucky Beads: Storage Lockers list
Meow Shoes: Inventions list. Talk to Gyoutensai to get the shoes.
Peerless Wakizashi (Musou no Wakizashi): Memo Pad list
Seven Luck Dieties Sarashi: Food and Drink (restaurant menu items) list
Skanda Shoes: Skill Games list
Ultimate Badge: Heat Actions list

Completion bonuses

Complete the Story mode under the indicated conditions to unlock the corresponding bonus. Note: You can also load your cleared saved game file to begin the game with your previously earned level, experience, items, equipment, money, rescued turtles, completed Heat Actions, and completed weapons.

100 Ryou (1,000,000 Mon): Complete Story mode under the Hard setting.
30 Ryou (300,000 Mon): Complete Story mode under the Easy setting.
50 Ryou (500,000 Mon): Complete Story mode under the Normal setting.
Brawling God Amulet: Complete Story mode under the Expert setting.
Expert difficulty: Complete Story mode under the Hard setting.
Galavanting in Kyoto mini-game: Complete Story mode.
Reminiscence videos: Complete Story mode.
Ultimate Fighting missions: Complete Story mode.


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