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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
List console commands help
Toggle permanent running g_always_run <0 or 1>

Bonus content

Enter the game's folder in the Limited Edition of the game and run the "setup-bp.exe" file. Select a language, then enter pseudodog as a code to unlock the Pool multi-player map and the U.K. and U.S. military multi-player skins. Enter snork as a code to unlock the Dark Valley multi-player map and the French and German military multi-player skins.


Alternate endings

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending. Note: Do not meet the requirements to qualify for more than one ending.

A: Go to the Wishgranter with more than 50,000 RU.
B: Go to the Wishgranter with over 1,000 rank points .
C: Go to the Wishgranter when Lukash and Voronin are both dead.
D: Go to the Wishgranter with less than -1,000 rank points.
E: Go to the Wishgranter with none of the above requirements.
F: Join the C-Consciousness.
G: Refuse to join the C-Consciousness.





When you find you way into the sarcophagus, you will find a doorway that leads through a wire barrier and a hole in the wall with about ten people through the hole. Instead of going through that doorway, continue towards the light on the wall and turn right. There will be about two enemies there. Kill them and go through the door to their right. Just through that door to the left will be a ladder going to a door. Search the room at the bottom and you will find a chest with an Exoskeleton inside. It adds on radiation; bring some artifacts that counter radiation. It weighs 15, but gives you the ability to carry an extra 20. It has good protection from bullets but not much from anomalies.

Kosteyer grenade launcher attachment

You can find a grenade launcher attachment for the AKM 74/2 in the Dark Valley's secret lab. It is on the first level of the lab, in one of the many lockers in the room.

M203 grenade launcher attachment

You can find this grenade launcher attachment early in the Rostok Wilderness. Just after you go past the building with the four snipers, there will be a sniper in a tower on your right and a garage building where a truck crashed into it on your left. Explore the garage building and you will find a stash box past some scorcher anomalies with the launcher and ammunition.

The Heart Of The Oasis

Near the ventilation complex, there is a house with some zombies inside. Kill them all if desired, then continue to the tunnels under the house. The tunnels will lead to the ventilation complex. You will reach a large empty room. In this room is a strange anomaly you must pass through to reach the end of room. You will spawn back to the beginning of the room. Notice that there are now two of the same anomalies in the room. Go through both of them and continue to the exit. Once again, you will reappear at the start, and there will now be three anomalies. Go through all of them again and continue to the exit. You should now be at the center of the ventilation complex. On the tree you is something that resembles an artifact. Jump and take it. It is the "The Heart Of Oasis". Note: Sometimes you must go through the anomalies few more times before you can get in the oasis.

Stalker suit

At the start of the game, you need to talk to a Stalker named Wolf in the Gordon camp. Behind Wolf is a ladder that leads to an empty backpack in the attic. Climb the ladder but do not enter the attic. Instead, walk around the ledge formed where the roof and walls meet. You can work your way onto the roof of the house by doing this. Once on top of the roof of this house, there is an identical house north of the one you are on. You can sprint and jump to the roof of that adjacent house. Note: You will take a little damage. When you get to the second house's roof, carefully make your way to the side with a hole in the roof. Just past it, you should be able to make out a wooden crate you can destroy. If you spoke to Wolf and accepted the mission to rescue Nimble, you should have a pistol. Shoot the wooden crate to get a Stalker suit worth 15,000 Rubles.

Ammo and armor

Up the road outside the village where the trader is located is a box car with two crates in it. Inside the crates is some ammo and another armor suit.

Unique artifacts

There are three unique artifacts.

  • Two are in Yantar in Vasilliev's secret stash. Kill zombies and loot bodies for his stash location and details. The unique artifacts give +30% Chemical Burn with no negative affects.
  • The third unique artifact is in the Army warehouses in the Village at the top of water tower. It gives 30%+ Impact Damage. Note: In a cellar there is also a Bulldog 6 Grenade launcher.

Kill without gaining aggro

Normally when you shoot an NPC, he and his faction will open fire on you. However, you can use the red explosive barrels to kill them and it will not agrro them against your character.

Corpse inventory

To exceed the usual 50 kilograms of weight you can carry, simply load excess weight on to a human corpse. Then press [Shift] + [Use] to drag the corpse along with you. By doing this, you can load a corpse with any number of items and move them from one location to another. Note: Because you cannot attack while dragging a corpse, use this trick only when there are few enemies around. Additionally, you cannot drag the corpse into a new map. Do not leave items you want to keep on a corpse or they will be lost when you enter a new map.

Recover dropped grenades

If you accidentally drop a grenade, quickly run and press F in front of it. If you are not too late, you will pick up the grenade and it will not explode.

Half-Life reference

After you have escorted Kruglov to Lake Yantar, go back to the downed HIND helicopter in Rostok Wildlands (where you first triggered the escort Kruglov mission). Nearby, you can see where there is an entrance to an underground garage area. Various anomalies are active in the area but are easily avoided. Looking in you can see a campfire. Go there and search around. There will be the remains of a corpse on a mattress inside a large metal ship container. Near the fire is a dead body. Search the body to find a unique handgun called Big Ben that fires PAB-9, SP-5 and SP-6 ammo. You will also acquire a new entry in your PDA (about other PDAs) with a number of notes as to what happened to Gordon Freeman.


Entering the Freedom armory

Use the following trick to enter the Freedom armory without being detected. Push a chair towards the guard. The chair can fall down partway and the glitch will still work. When it touches the guard, jump on it then jump onto him. You will be pushed past the guard and into the armory hallway. Slash the lock with your knife to enter. Use the same chair technique in the armory or the other room to get out.

Unlimited money

When in the Red Forest and the forester sends you on the mission to get the compass, get it and return to him. When you talk to him, tell him you have the artifact. He will give you a fully upgraded Vintar VC. Do not continue the conversation. After he gives you the gun, exit the conversation then talk to him again. Tell him you have obtained the artifact again. He will give you another gun. Repeat this as many times as desired, then sell the guns.


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