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SBK 2011 (Xbox 360)

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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Leap forward (15 points): Join a Supersport class team in Career Mode.
Top class racing (20 points): Join a Superbike class team in Career Mode.
Online Pole Position (20 points): Obtain the best time in an Online Qualifying session.
My teammate is my boss (10 points): Join Harms Benjan Racing in Career Mode.
Test rider (5 points): Successfully upgrade your bike in Career Mode.
Burning like fire (15 points): Win a Race Weekend dressing your rider with the Flaming Head helmet.
Professional racer (15 points): Win a single player Quick Race with the opponent at Professional skill level.
Real race rider (20 points): Win a single player Quick Race with the opponent at Real skill level.
You win! (10 points): Win a Quick Race.
Legendary (20 points): Unlock all locked riders.
14 weren't enough (10 points): Unlock all locked tracks.
You've Come a Long Way, Baby (20 points): Race for 750 Km (466.03 mi) online.
Ready for La Dolce Vita (15 points): Complete Challenge 7 of the second level of the SBK®Tour.
Let's move north (20 points): Complete Challenge 8 of the third level of the SBK®Tour.
Intercontinental flights (25 points): Complete Challenge 9 of the fourth level of the SBK®Tour.
Around the World (5 points): Complete the first challenge of the SBK®Tour.
Newborn (5 points): Create your first custom rider.
I want to travel south this year (10 points): Complete Challenge 6 of the first level of the SBK®Tour.
Halfway through the storm (20 points): Storm 25 SBK®Tour challenges.
Say "Cheeeese" (10 points): Save your first picture in Photo Mode.
Me against the world (15 points): Win your first Online Quick Race.
Qualified for the world tour (30 points): Complete Challenge 10 of the fifth level of the SBK®Tour.
Riders on the Storm (10 points): Storm one challenge of the SBK®Tour.
Haunted house (10 points): Download an SBK®2011 Online ghost.
Great work guys! (10 points): Fully upgrade a bike in Career Mode.
Phileas Fogg was a newbie (40 points): Complete the last challenge of the SBK®Tour.
World Champion (40 points): Win a Championship in single player Championship or Career Mode.
The Hurricane (60 points): Storm all SBK®Tour challenges.
A cup of tea (60 points): Unlock all the Showcase trophies in Career Mode.
Retirement House (60 points): Finish Career Mode.
Living Legend (40 points): Reach 1500 reputation points in Career Mode.
Online Champion (40 points): Win your first Online Championship.
Superstar (25 points): Reach 1000 reputation points.
Slowly Drying (20 points): Win a Wet single player Quick Race of 100% length.
Hat trick (50 points): Win at least one championship for every class in the same Career.
Rising Star (10 points): Reach 100 reputation points.
National Idol (15 points): Reach 200 reputation points.
Famous Rider (20 points): Reach 500 reputation points.
This is how you play this game (10 points): Win a Race Weekend at Full Simulation.
Sit back and relax (5 points): Use Replay for the first time.
On my way to the top (15 points): Win a race in an Online Championship.
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies (10 points): Beat the Special Opponent in Career Mode for the first time.
Save now, ride later (5 points): Save a bike setting.
May I ask you a question? (5 points): Use the technical meeting for the first time.

Additionally there are six secret achievements.

Poor Bike! (10 points): Damage your bike to retirement.
Professional photographer (10 points): Keep 20 saved pictures in Photo Gallery.
Don't do this at home (10 points): Injury your rider to retirement.
I need a break (5 points): Ride your bike from the track to the Pit-Lane.
Better than Bayliss (60 points): Achieve at least 26 Superpole® and 52 Race victories in the same Career.
A flash in the rain (10 points): Reach 300 km/h (186.41 mph) in a rainy Single Player Race.