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SBK Generations (PlayStation3)

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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
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Money well spent (Bronze): Unlocked when player presses START for the first time on splash screen.
Newcomer (Bronze): Create your first custom rider.
Engineering Degree (Bronze): Save a bike setting in any Simulation game mode for the first time.
Hello Chief, Nice to Meet You! (Bronze): Use the Technical Meeting for the first time.
Break Your Soul (Bronze): Damage your bike to retirement.
Break Your Body (Bronze): Injure your rider to retirement.
Pit Walker (Bronze): Ride your bike from the track into the pit-lane.
Superstock Champion (Bronze): Win a Superstock Championship in any game mode.
Supersport Champion (Bronze): Win a Supersport Championship in any game mode.
Superbike Champion (Bronze): Win a Superbike Championship in any game mode.
MUD World (Bronze): Win a Race Weekend while your rider is wearing the MUD helmet.
Team Up with Baz (Bronze): Join MRS Racing in Career mode.
Better Than Spies (Bronze): Achieve at least 14 Superpole and 11 Race victories in the same Career.
Beginner (Bronze): Complete the first challenge of the SBK Experience.
2009 Was Amazing (Bronze): Complete the last challenge of the level 2009 in the SBK Experience.
This Was My Year! (Bronze): Complete the last challenge of the level 2010 in the SBK Experience.
Last Year Best Year (Bronze): Complete the last challenge of the level 2011 in the SBK Experience.
Entering the Future (Bronze): Complete the last challenge of the level 2012 in the SBK Experience.
Challenge to All Comers (Bronze): Win your first Online Quick Race.
Social Poleman (Bronze): Obtain the best time in an Online Qualifying session.
Easy, Mate... (Bronze): Win a Quick Race.
Too Real to be True! (Bronze): Win a single player Quick Race at Real difficulty level.
This is How You Play This Game (Bronze): Win a Race Weekend at Full Simulation.
The Collector (Bronze): Unlock all locked riders.
Water, a Lot of Water (Bronze): Win a rainy single player Quick Race of 100% length.
One Enemy is Not Enough for Me (Bronze): Beat the Special Opponent in Career for the first time.
I'm Living the Experience (Bronze): Complete 14 SBK Experience challenges.
A Complete Champion (Bronze): Win at least one Championship for every class in the same Career.
3, 2, 1... Done! (Bronze): Reach all podium positions at least once in different Quick Races.
Days of Thunder (Bronze): Reach 186 mph (300 km/h) with any bike on any track in any game mode.
Yes, weekend! (Bronze): Win a race in a weekend.
I'm the King Now (Bronze): Storm the last challenge of the SBK Experience.
I like the Experience (Bronze): Complete all SBK Experience Challenges.
I love the Experience (Silver): Storm all SBK Experience Challenges.
Online Champ (Bronze): Win your first Online Championship.
Thanks to the R&D (Bronze): Successfully upgrade your bike in Career mode.
Rookie of the year (Bronze): Reach 500 reputation points.
Rising Star (Silver): Reach 2100 reputation points.
Fan Favourite (Silver): Reach 4000 reputation points.
Living Legend (Silver): Reach 6000 reputation points.
Stormed! (Bronze): Storm one challenge of the SBK Experience.
Young Guns (Gold): Join a Superstock class team in Career mode.
600cc, pure Fun (Gold): Join a Supersport class team in Career mode.
It is Time for the Top Class (Gold): Join a Superbike class team in Career mode.
Orient Express (Bronze): Ride for at least 2000 km in any game mode.

Additionally there are six secret trophies.

SBK Generations Checkmate! (Platinum): Unlock all the trophies.
I'm a Legend (Bronze): Complete the last challenge of the level Legends in the SBK Experience.
Like a Pro (Bronze): Like a Pro
Burn the chronometer (Bronze): Win a Time Attack.
A Short but Amazing Journey (Bronze): Finish the Career mode.
Not so popular (Silver): Lose at least 100 reputation points in Career mode.