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Sacrifice (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + ~ during game play. Green text will appear on the screen. Type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: There is a space between @ and the remainder of the code.

Effect Code
Spawn indicated monster without using souls @ alliwantforxmasisa <monster name>
Spawn four of indicated monster without using souls @ aplethoraof <monster name>
Full health @ bythepowerofgrayskull
Full mana @ ihavethepower
32 souls @ dontfearthereaper
Wizard can collect red spirits @ castratetheheathens
Wizard gets indicated spell type or creature ability @ gimmegimmegimme <spell name> or <creature ability>
Reset spell timers @ timeisonmyside
Invincibility for the wizard @ yourbulletscannotharmme
Invincibility for the wizard @ mywingsarelikeashieldofsteel
Level 9 with all spells and creatures in local multi-player game. @ ragebuilding

Monster list

Use one of the following entries for the @ alliwantforxmasisa or @ aplethoraof codes when using the corresponding character.

Persephone James Stratos Pyro Charnel
Manahoar Manahoar Manahoar Manahoar Manahoar
Druid Trogg Frostywolf Cog Scythe
Ranger Earthfling Sylph Flame Fallen
Shrike Gargoyle Brainiac Spitfire Locust
Scarab Basilisk Vortick Tickferno Necryl
Troll Taurock Squall Firefist Blight
Gnome Flummox Storm Giant Pyromaniac Netherfiend
Gremlin Ikarus Seraph Pyrodactyl Deadeye
Mutant Boulderdash Flurry Bombard Abomination
Ent Jabberrocky Yeti Warmonger Styx
Dragon Rhinok Sliverback Phoenix Hellmouth

cumw g, ayf cbtlevre

Spell list

Use one of the following entries for the @ gimmegimmegimme code when using the corresponding character.

Persephone James Stratos Pyro Charnel
Spells Speed up Speed up Speed up Speed up
Speed up Rock Lightning Fireball Insect Swarm
Wrath Heal Heal Minion Heal Heal
Heal Skin of Stone Air Shield Fireform Protective Swarm
Ethereal Form Soul Mole Freeze Rings of Fire Slime
Grasping Vines Erupt Chain Lightning Dragonfire Animate Dead
Rainbow Halo of Earth Soul Wind Explosion Demonic Rift
Rain of Frogs Wall of Spikes Frozen Ground Firewall Wailing Wall
Healing Aura Bombardment Fence Rain of Fire Plague
Vinewall Bovine Intervention Clouskill Blind Rage Intestinal Vaporization
Charm Bore Tornado Volcano Death



Successfully complete the game once.


Successfully complete the game twice.

Play Whack-A-Mole

Get 9 Boons in a row.




Spell casting

  • Assign key bindings to all commonly used spells.
  • When you have enough souls, issue the Guardian spell to two or three of them to protect your altar from attack. They might not be enough to beat back an attack, but they are likely to hold off the enemy long enough for you to teleport back with reinforcements.

Battle strategy

  • Learn the special abilities of units and take advantage of them during battle. For example, a Druid will use his Life Shield on his own after he takes damage, but he would have come out much better if he entered into the fight with the shield already active.
  • Take advantage of CPU allies when your force is small by positioning your creatures near them during battle. They will divert some of the attention away from you, and you can collect the souls of enemy creatures that they kill.

Harvesting souls

Once you have two or three Manaliths erected, start building shrines at mana fountains as you advance farther from your altar. Sac Doctors can take souls there, reducing the risk of being killed as they make the long trek back to your altar.

Easy souls

First, summon one or four creatures, then let them die. Hellmouth works best, because it drops five souls. Summon four of them to increase your souls by twenty.

Destroying Magnifryer with James

To destroy the Magnifryer with James (if you have followed him at the start), use Troggs. Troggs cannot take magical damage and the Magnifryer's beam is counted as magical.

Earthworm Jim reference

Notice that the Earth God "James" is a large worm. Naturally, as "James" is the long form of "Jim", this is a reference to Earthworm Jim, published by Shiny, the developers of Sacrifice.


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