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Sad Princess

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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True Love (8 points): Complete story mode and unlock all survival modes.
Top Level (10 points): Reach level 50.
Weapon Expert (10 points): Reach upgrade weapon level 10.
Weapon Master (20 points): Reach upgrade weapon level 20.
Bellona (20 points): Defeat 1000 monsters in Survival Mode.
Big Dinner (8 points): Defeat the King of Forest, Mr. Boar XII.
Never Buy Matches (8 points): Defeat the Lord of Snow-land, Little Red Rose.
Dragon Trainer (8 points): Defeat the Black Dragon of Salala Desert, Little Black.
Treu Love always... (10 points): Defeat the Queen of Fatty S Castle, Queen Seedania.
Rich Princess (10 points): Own 300000 coins.
Narrow Defeat (15 points): Defeat one of the boss with less than 10% HP.
Battle Expert (10 points): Reach 100 combo count.
Battle Master (10 points): Reach 200 combo count.
Bang! (5 points): Damage 300 with 1 hit.
The Powerful Princess (5 points): Reach 50 Attack Level.
The Strong Princess (5 points): Reach 50 Defense Level.
The Healthy Princess (5 points): Reach 50 HP Level.
The Sad Princess (5 points): Reach 50 SP Level.
The Best Trainer (10 points): Reach 50 Pet Level.
Rush Play (15 points): Finish Story mode with 1.5 hours.

Additionally there is one secret achievement.

Secret achievement (Unknown): Unknown.