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Walkthrough (Xbox 360)

Downloadable content missions


Secret islands

Fly far off the west coast of the prison to find four islands. Their names are "Super Secret", "Ship Wreck", "Bone", "Ruins", and "Look Out".

Blow-up dolls

  • Go north from the lighthouse on the prison island. You will reach a large sewer pipe that will have graffiti on the sides. Go into the pipe to find a blow-up doll on a very dirty mattress. Note: It will disappear after awhile.
  • You can find a blow up doll drifting around in a waste dump on the Nuclear District.
  • In the graveyard in the suburbs district, there is a secret tunnel. Once entering the graveyard, you will see multiple little buildings with caskets in them. One of the little buildings contains a large hole in the ground. Jump into the hole. Once inside, it should be dimly lit with blowup dolls spread across the floor. Once done, proceed to the exit, which is a steel wall. A well placed rocket or multiple hits from a sledgehammer or baseball bat should get you through. When exiting, it should read "Sex Caverns".


On one of Stillwater's beaches, you can find a skeleton lying on a beach chair wearing a pirate hat and a wooden sword.


During the second mission, when you destroy the shacks, turn to a wall. You will see a man walking, then disappear.

Toxic dump secrets

Go to the south side of the nuclear power plant, where you can see two roads encircling a green circle on the map. Once there, you will find a toxic waste dump pool. Go inside to find barrels and cars sunk underneath. Swim over to the caged-off sewer tunnel to find blow-up dolls, and one floating around you. Swim around the center and look below to find two skeletons inside and laying around the rusty cars, and one trapped in a picnic bench. There are also some large fish swimming under you which is rarely seen unless you are in a secret area such as Volution Island waters.


Walk onto a dock and remain idle for a short amount of time. Your character will walk up to the edge, take out a fishing rod, and begin to fish.

Working out

While in the prison yard, allow your character to idle for about one minute without moving the Left Analog-stick. He will walk over to a location and start curling a pair of dumbbells. He will continue to do so until you move him again.

Person falling into grave

Go to the Mourning Woods cemetery in the Suburbs Expansion District. There are two graves that have not been filled in. Find the one that is ready for a fresh burial. Stand and stare at it for awhile. You will see a man drop from the sky and land in it.

Pedestrian suicide

There is a pedestrian standing over the edge on top of the tallest building. This is the big orange building that reads "Ultor" and has a slanted roof. He or she will say a quick line like "Good bye cruel world" or "This world sucks" before leaping to his or her death.

Have homies follow you in a different car

Get three homies then find a car that only holds two people. Get in the car and one of the homies will get in with you. If you wait, your other two homies will find a car and follow you. Note: This also works with motorcycles.

Ruins Island: Easter Bunny

Follow the arrows that start on Ruins Island. Ruins Island is close to Super Secret Island, with the Volution Easter Egg on it. You will start at Ruins Island. Then an arrow points to Lookout Island, then to a small unnamed island, then to another small island with an "X" on it. Get on it, and you will be teleported to a ring of arrows pointing to a floating Easter Bunny.

Stilwater: Windows XP

Find a laptop or computer anywhere, such as on a table or on a civilian's lap. Get a sniper rifle and scope in, or use any gun with which you can see the screen properly. Notice that the background is the view of a clear ocean with large clouds. This is the same default background used on Windows XP computers known as Azul, with the exception of the island and boat.

Stilwater: Strange hospital posters

Get a sniper rifle and go inside Stilwater Memorial Hospital, which is where you spawn when you die. Look around the walls for a set of posters next to each other, such as on the wall to the right as soon as you walk in. Zoom in on the messages and read them. Half of them have strange messages, such as "Please no: Singing, Dancing, Roller Skating, Smoking, Fishing".

Zombie Uprising: Easy kills

Use the flaming zombies as a weapon. When they come after you, let them follow you. Run into big crowds of zombies so that the flaming zombies can set the other zombies on fire, which will then count as kills for you. Also, use headshots for the small zombies. This also saves ammunition.

Defeating Bosses

Before killing Bosses, take full rocket and rifle ammo from the Brotherhood mission when you are on the ship.

Defeating Maero

To defeat Maero the first time on top of his hideout, hit him once with an RPG. When scoring a direct hit, he will go on one knee and stay down. You can then shoot him until he is defeated. If he gets up, just shoot him again. To finish off Maero in the arena, use some of the rockets to blow up all the trucks except for his. Use extra rifle ammunition to shoot his Monster Truck.

Defeating Veteran Child

To kill Veteran Child in his club, just bring lots of ammunition. Use the stun grenades located around the pillars to separate him and Shaundi, then just run up and shoot him. Repeat this until he has been killed.

Defeating Mr. Sunshine

To kill Mr. Sunshine in the factory, use a rocket on his voodoo doll to knock him down and cause damage. Hit the doll once to break his shield. You can then shoot him until he reaches the bottom floor. Note: If he completes his ritual with the voodoo doll, it will send you flying and do lots of damage.

Defeating The General

To kill The General in the mall, use the saved rockets to blow up his armored Bulldog then shoot him with any gun until he dies. Do this quickly before he runs away.

Defeating Akuji

  • To easily defeat Akuji, make sure that before you start the cinematic to battle him that you first clear the room below you of any Ronin resistance. After starting the match, move to the stairs that you walk up before to get to that deck. Start walking back down and make sure Akuji is falling you as you go. As you go back down stairs, there will be a location on the ground scorching with fire. Make you are a good distance around the fire and try to make Akuji catch on fire. This depletes much of his health. You may only need to do this about three times to kill him.

To kill Akuji in the tea house, use L2  PlayStation3  or LT  Xbox 360   to counter his attacks. It does damage and knocks him down. When he is down, stab him twice quickly before he gets up. Repeat this until he has been killed.

Easy money

  • Find and store a few armored trucks in your garage. When they are destroyed they will respawn in your garage again. Blow a truck up and you should get a decent amount of money. After collecting the money, go back to your garage and get the truck again. It may cost $600 for repairs but you should get at least $1,000 for destroying one.
  • To get easy money, rip out all parking meters and newspaper boxes you can find to get a few dollars. It takes a long time but all the saved money will be worth it some day.

Easy Chop Shop activities

When doing one of the Chop Shop missions where you have to steal certain vehicles, get the Shaft (tow truck). Stop in front of the vehicle you need and pick it up. You will not get a wanted level like you would if you just hopped into the vehicle. Also, the driver will not be able to drive off. Afterwards, drive to one of the shops and drop the vehicle down. Then hop inside and drive into the light blue circle.

Easy Snatch activities

For easy completion of Snatch activities, use a Bear (the Police APC). It is virtually impossible to stop once moving because it is nearly invulnerable. It can drive over smaller cars and pickups, the chaingun has unlimited ammunition. It holds three passengers.

Removing notoriety

  • Use the following trick to eliminate police and gang notoriety. Car jack a vehicle with a passenger and start a "hostage diversion". Stop the vehicle and allow the hostage to escape. After the hostage leaves, both the police and gang notoriety will be gone.
  • Start any diversion with cop notoriety then immediately cancel that diversion. This will remove all cop notoriety.

Easy paintball mask

Go to the mall. Enter to the outfit shop and buy the slasher outfit. Then, go to your wardrobe. Take off everything and you will have the paintball mask. Note: You cannot change the color of the mask.

Easy starting weapons

When you first break out of prison, follow Carlos. Once outside, just take the nearest nightstick and kill all the guards. This will give you shotgun ammunition, assault rifle ammunition, and pistol ammunition. If you are lucky you may also get a stun gun.


To see what this boat looks like, play through the prologue again. It is the boat that you and Carlos escape on. In order to obtain this craft, you must fly a helicopter (with missile pods) and hit it once or twice. Do not worry about it blowing up. Six missile hits are needed to set it on fire and seven missile hits are needed to destroy it, making it one of the strongest vehicles in the game. When you enter a Convict your wanted level will go up a lot but it will not add stars. You will also not lose wanted level while in one. The best place to find this vehicle is near the prison. There is another version of the craft, but it is hard to find. The other version resembles a fishing vessel.


  • You can find a Skipper at the Hotels and Marina District Boat Race.
  • You can also find the Skipper at the University Docks near where you can find the Hurricane.


Go to the Fuzz activity in the Projects District. Get to the bank robbery section, which should be on level 3, where you have to chase the Titan. Do not blow it up. Instead, try to get in front of it and shoot the driver, causing it to stop. Enter it and get whatever footage you may need, then just take it back to your crib.

Palace of Lies

There is a large area just north of the island the airport is on. This area contains three large mansion-like houses. On the gate/archway into the area, there is writing that reads "Palacio De Mentiras". In English this translates to "Palace of Lies".

Find yourself on most wanted list

Go into the police station in the Saints Row District. Enter the building and take the first door on the left through the security scanner. After entering into a room or hallway, look at the wall with the most wanted list and several stands across the wall. Look closely at the pictures. You will see a list of your homies and what resembles the Brotherhood gang leader on the far left picture. A drawn picture of your character will also be there. Note: You may first need to complete the game.

Cheat code reference

In the cinematic that occurs by waiting at the menu screen, one of the commercials features a man jumping around and talking about money. The phone number at the bottom of the screen is for the "Give $1000" cheat code.

Developer references

  • Go to the "Nobody Loves Me" store at the mall. Scan around the T-shirts on the table's racks. Eventually you will find plain white T-shirts folded down with the Volition symbol on it, and "Volition" written backwards above the logo. Note: The T-shirts are not wearable.
  • Go to the Stilwater Boardwalk in the Hotels & Marina District. Open your map and a locate a long building with the "Branded" clothing store and "Charred Hard Burgers" restaurant on either side of the building. When you get there, look for a wide entrance marked "North Shore Marina Super Mall". Go through below it and look to the right for a doorway. Continue all the way through the doorway to find a room with walls showing the Volition logo, and above it the words "The Game Studio". There is also a wide comic poster with the picture of what appears to be one of the Volition computer techs holding a gun. Also, if you listen closely or turn up the volume, you can hear some sort of jazz music as if it were played through an intercom.

CHiPs reference

The Estrada Police motorcycle is a reference to Eric Estrada, who played Officer Francis Llewellyn "Ponch" Poncherello on the television show CHiPs, which was about motorcycle California Highway Patrol officers.

That 70's Show reference

The Topher (70s Volkswagen) is a reference to Topher Grace, who played Eric Foreman from That 70's Show.

Jackass reference

The Knoxville is a reference to Johnny Knoxville, who drove a golf cart around a golf course until they flipped it.

Hitman reference

 PlayStation3    Xbox 360  The "Hello 47" achievement or trophy awarded for completing all the Hitman missions is a reference to the Agent 47, the protagonist of the Hitman games.

Passenger 57 reference

The private jet is called a Snipes 57, which is a reference to Wesley Snipes, who starred in Passenger 57.

Red Faction: Guerilla reference

In the Museum Of Flight in the Museum District, go upstairs all the way then walk down the skywalk here. Note: You also have to go here for a Ronin mission. Once up here, walk around looking up at the ceiling. Eventually you will see a ship model up on the ceiling. This is a model EDF ship, the "Assault Aircraft - AAX" built by Ultor and to be used in the upcoming Red Faction: Guerilla game.

Rocky and Bullwinkle reference

There is a law office called "Moose and Squirrel Attorney at Law" in the Downtown District. This is a reference to the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, where the Russian spies Borris and Natasha would always call them moose and squirrel.

"Two Girls One Cup" reference

Go to the mall. Go to the store at the end named "Let's Pretend". The opposite side of the store will have a sign above it. It reads "Two scoops, one cup" referring to the web video "Two Girls, One Cup".

Billboard view

If a certain movie is hosted on the Xbox Live Dashboard, for example, "The Final Destination August 1st, 2009", there will be certain billboards with the movie title and date of release on them. One billboard can be found near a curve in the University District.

Easy "Going The Distance" achievement

  • Go to the Old Roller Mansion and find a person walking near the cliff. Go to that person and throw them off the cliff.
  • Go to the observatory where the binoculars and a hidden CD are located. Throw somebody there into or near the water to get an easy 207 respect, and unlock the achievement.
  • Play the Crowd Control activities until you get on the rooftop to protect your celebrity. Throw one of the attackers off the roof.
  • In a Crowd Control activity, there is a level where you must protect someone and there is a trampoline somewhere in the mission. Throw a person onto the trampoline and watch as they fly off. You will get three gold stars in throwing, and the achievement.

Easy "Romero's Hero" achievement

When you first start the Zombies Uprising mini-game, look around the beginning location. You will see a red arrow that has fallen and is pointing up and down leaning against a wall in the right back corner. Walk up to this arrow, then crouch and turn around and continue to hold Away so that you are constantly moving into the wall. The zombies will not move at all. Use headshots to take out the smaller ones. When there is a shortage of zombies on the screen, get off the arrow for a few seconds and use the opportunity to have the zombies respawn and to collect more ammo. You can kill most of the zombies by doing this. You will have to find the last few, but the mini-game will be very easy.

Easy "Soprano" achievement

Go to the music store and purchase the song "A-HA" under the rock section. Jump in a car and pause game play. Go to the radio option, add that song to your playlist, and save it. Resume the game and select the Myradio station. The song should play and achievement will unlock. It is rather amusing to hear your character sing along.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. Note: Achievements will be disabled after codes other than those of the "Retailer Promotion Vehicles" type are activated.

Welcome Back (5 points): Complete the Saints Revival prologue.
Seppuku (40 points): Defeat the Ronin.
Brother's Keeper (40 points): Defeat the Brotherhood.
Remind Me of the Babe (40 points): Defeat the Sons of Samedi.
Crime Lord (50 points): Complete all levels of all activities.
Velvet Rope (15 points): Complete all levels of Crowd Control.
Demolition Man (15 points): Complete all levels of Demolition Derby.
Purple Haze (15 points): Complete all levels of Drug Trafficking.
Trickster (15 points): Complete all levels of Escort.
Do Not Talk About It (15 points): Complete all levels of Fight Club.
Reality Star (15 points): Complete all levels of FUZZ.
HeliGood (15 points): Complete all levels of Heli Assault.
Stuntman (15 points): Complete all levels of Trail Blazing.
Ambulance Chaser (15 points): Complete all levels of Insurance Fraud.
Wrecking Crew (15 points): Complete all levels of Mayhem.
Splatster Chief (15 points): Complete all levels of Septic Avenger.
...But It Sure Is Fun (15 points): Complete all levels of Snatch.
Blue Collar (10 points): Complete all levels of Tow Truck, Fire Truck, Ambulance, and Taxi diversions.
Duke of Stilwater (10 points): Find all stunt jumps in Stilwater.
Maverick Goose (10 points): Find all flying stunt locations in Stilwater.
Hi Fidelity (15 points): Find all CDs in Stilwater.
All-City (10 points): Find and spray all 50 tags in Stilwater.
Where's My Car? (10 points): Deliver all the cars to the chop shops.
Hello 47 (10 points): Kill all Hitman targets.
2 Quick 2 Pissed (15 points): Complete all races in Stilwater.
Romero's Hero (5 points): Complete the Zombie Uprising video game.
Surf's Up (5 points): Get 3 gold stars in Vehicle Surfing. (Video)
Duelist (25 points): Complete all Ronin missions in co-op.
Pot Luck (25 points): Complete all Samedi missions in co-op.
Separated at Birth (25 points): Complete all Brotherhood missions in co-op.
Partners in Crime (100 points): Complete all campaign missions in co-op.
Confidence Men (25 points): Complete all levels of all activities in co-op.
True Pal (10 points): Defeat your partner in a co-op diversion.
Strong Armed (10 points): Complete the Strong Arm tutorial.
Saint's Seven (30 points): Win all seven Ranked Strong Arm Activities, and win on all seven Strong Arm maps.
Spread the Love (30 points): Host and win an Xbox LIVE Party Game.
Tested (10 points): Win 10 Xbox LIVE Strong Arm matches.
Hoodlum (30 points): Earn 7 Multiplayer Badges.
Made (30 points): Earn 15 Multiplayer Badges.
Kingpin (40 points): Earn 30 Multiplayer Badges.

Additionally there are ten secret achievements.

A Bright Future (80 points): Defeated the Ultor Corporation epilogue.
Vengeance (15 points): Exacted revenge on Julius.
Going the Distance (5 points): Threw someone a long, long way. (Video)
Love Thy Neighbor (5 points): Grabbed 50 human shields.
Aww Nuts! (5 points): Hit 100 lifetime nut shots.
Stilwater Welcoming Commitee (5 points): Mugged 50 citizens of Stilwater.
I'm Not Addicted! (5 points): Gambled $500,000 total lifetime.
Trash Talker (5 points): Taunted 50 gang members.
Soprano (10 points): Sung along to the radio. (Video)
Still Addicted to tha Row (20 points): Played Saints Row 2 in single player or co-op for a combined 50 hours.


Enter vehicle instantly

Jump on top of a vehicle or its hood and press Y.

Drive on walls

Use any motorcycle (Prototype recommended) and drive at a wall. At the correct moment, do a wheelie and when both of the tires are on the wall, hold Up and hit the gas.

Taser execution

When you take a human shield, switch to your Taser and press LT. This will save some ammunition.

Wrong Chop Shop bike

When you have to get the Melbourne for the Apartments Chop Shop, you can steal an Estrada Motorcycle (the police bike) as a replacement. If you want to find it quick, just get a bike, get notoriety, and the police should send a bike to you and it classifies as a Melbourne.

Getting Jessica's Phoenix

Just before putting Jessica in the car, throw a satchel charge on her car. Then, walk into the blue circle, press Y to put her in the car, then immediately press LT to detonate the bomb. The screen will blank out for a moment, then will show you putting Jessica in the car. The mission failure screen will appear because she has been killed by the bomb. Quit the mission and you will keep the car. Note: You cannot do this from a clipboard replay.

Getting the general's limo

During the "Shopping Maul" mission, get in the generals limo and drive off with it. Then cancel the mission by pressing Down(2). After that, choose to quit the mission. You should still be in the limo.

Corporate Warfare

Ultor Exposed


Strategy guides from GameFAQs

Map: Secrets by TallgeeseIIII and others