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Samurai Warriors: State Of War

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This game is titled Samurai Warriors: State Of War in North America and Geki Sengoku Musou in Japan.


Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated character's campaign to unlock the corresponding bonus character.

Goemon Ishikawa: Complete Magoichi's first campaign.
Hanzo Hattori: Complete Yukimura's second campaign.
Hideyoshi Hashiba: Complete Nobunaga's first campaign.
Ina: Complete Yukimura's Second Campaign
Keiji Maeda: Complete Magoichi's first campaign.
Kunoichi: Complete Yukimura's first campaign.
Masumune Date: Complete Tadakatsu's first campaign.
Mitsuhide Akechi: Complete Nobunaga's second campaign.
Noh: Complete Nobunaga's first campaign.
Ranmaru Mori: Complete Nobunaga's second campaign.
Shingen Takeda: Complete Yukimura's first campaign.
Tadakatsu Honda: Complete Yukimura's second campaign.
Yoshimoto Imagawa: Complete Tadakatsu's first campaign.

Ultimate Warrior story

Successfully complete the Ieyasu's Volition, East United, West United and Nobunaga's Ambition stories to unlock the Ultimate Warrior story. This story features Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors characters. It will appear as the fourth campaign for all characters.

Maximum stats

Successfully complete all story mode levels for all characters to gain the ability to increase any stat to the maximum.


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