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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Bad hair day (25 points): Strategy: Get stuck on the spiky haired baddie.
Break a leg (25 points): Strategy: Lose one leg and land on the ground with a score over 10,000.
Can’t touch this (50 points): Strategy: Final score over 5,000 without using touch to explode.
Chainsaw massacre (15 points): Talent: Get stuck to the chainsaw baddie.
Chomper (25 points): Talent: Get eaten by the chomper.
Eat crow (25 points): Endurance: Get eaten by the crow.
Getting high (50 points): Talent: Score over 50,000.
Hats off to you (25 points): Talent: Lose your hat (but nothing else points) and land on the ground.
High five (25 points): Talent: Lose one arm and land on the ground with a score over 10,000.
Into thin air (100 points): Endurance: Score over 100,000.
Legless (25 points): Talent: Lose both legs and land on the ground with a score over 10,000.
Look Ma – no hands! (25 points): Talent: Lose both arms and land on the ground with a score over 10,000.
Moving up (10 points): Talent: Score over 25,000.
Ninja Star (25 points): Endurance: Get stuck on the ninja star.
Popcorn machine (50 points): Endurance: Collect more than 500 corn kernels in one game.
Puffer (25 points): Endurance: Get stuck on the puffer.
Rest In (one points) Piece (25 points): Strategy: Score over 20,000 and land on the ground without losing a limb.
Smashing pumpkins (25 points): Talent: Bounce off 50 pumpkins in one run.
Speed demon (25 points): Strategy: Score over 10,000 in less than 20 seconds.
Tap happy (50 points): Endurance: Use over 500 touch to explode in one game.
The challenger (25 points): Talent: Win a direct challenge from a friend.
Turkey boy (50 points): Strategy: Lose all your limbs until you look like a plucked turkey – then land on the ground.
Up against the wall (25 points): Strategy: Smash hard into a brick wall 50 times in one run.