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Sega Vintage Collection: ToeJam And Earl

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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Word Up! Back To Outer Space! (40 points): (TJ&E) Cleared a Random World.
Smell Ya Later, Earth! (40 points): (TJ&E) Cleared the Fixed World.
The Long Road To Funkiness (30 points): (TJ&E) Obtained a rank of FUNK LORD.
The Mailbox Ate My Mail (15 points): (TJ&E) Defeated a Demon Mailbox.
Fallen Angel (15 points): (TJ&E) Defeated a Cupid.
Wh-wh-what Time Is It!? (5 points): (TJ&E) Woke up from a nap.
This Earth Food Isn't Half Bad! (15 points): (TJ&E) Ate all of Earth's delicacies.
It's All About The Kicks (5 points): (TJ&E) Dashed with the Super Hitops.
We're Unstoppable (5 points): (TJ&E) Flew across water using the Rocket Skates.
Up, Up, And Away (5 points): (TJ&E) Flew using the Icarus Wings.
Even Adults Like Presents (15 points): (TJ&E) Snagged some goodies from Santa.
Lovin' This Earth Lifestyle (10 points): (TJ&E) Jumped in the bath on Floor 0. (Video)
Peace Returns To Our Home (50 points): (TJ&E2) Cleared the game.
Inner Child (30 points): (TJ&E2) Cleared "Lil' Kid Mode".
Take Back The Skies (20 points): (TJ&E2) Defeated a duck on a flying carpet.
I'll Just Go On Ahead (15 points): (TJ&E2) Found a Warp Room.
Clean Better, Faster, Easier! (15 points): (TJ&E2) Sucked up 4 or more things at once with the Funk Vacuum.
FeeLiN' KRaZy! (15 points): (TJ&E2) Went into Panic Mode.
The Jingle Of Change (5 points): (TJ&E2) Used some Coins.
Shake, Rattle, and Fall! (10 points): (TJ&E2) Shook 5 presents out of a single tree.
Sorry, I Just Can't Help Myself! (10 points): (TJ&E2) Had a laughing fit.
Treasures Just Out Of Sight (10 points): (TJ&E2) Used the Funk Scan.
Can't Hide From Me! (15 points): (TJ&E2) Found an Earthling hidden in a plant.
A Big Wet Kiss (5 points): (TJ&E2) Gave a blowfish an underwater kiss.