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Serious Sam 3: BFE (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press ~ to display the console window, then type cht_bEnableCheats = 3 to enable cheat mode. Then, enter the following case-sensitive codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Codes can also be entered at the menu that appears after you press [Esc] followed by [F3]. Enabling cheat codes will prevent achievements from becoming unlocked and block your score from being posted to the leaderboards.

Effect Code
Auto aim cht_bAutoAim
Display all the messages in NETRICSA cht_bShowAllNetricsaMessages
Invisible to enemies cht_bInvisible
Flight mode and pass through walls cht_bGhost
Flight mode cht_bFly
Gain ammo for indicated weapon chtGiveAmmo(<weapon name>)
Gain armor ch_slGiveArmor
Gain health cht_slGiveHealth
Spawn indicated weapon chtGiveWeapon(<weapon name>)
Gain all available weapons and maximum ammo cht_bGiveAll
God mode cht_bGod
Increased speed cht_bTurbo
Unlimited ammo cht_bInfiniteAmmo
Kill all enemies in line of sight, except Bosses cht_bKillAll
Kill current Boss cht_bKillBoss
Mental difficulty cht_bUnlockMentalMode
Press [Tab] to list cheats cht
Disable cheat mode cht_bEnableCheats = 0


Steam achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the "Serious Sam 3: BFE (PC)" game hub. Select the "View Stats" dropdown, then the option for your username's achievements.
ivis agdhiwy tiaryta

Apprentice Egyptologist: Decipher an Egyptian text.
Arachnophobia: Rip 10 Juvenile spiders apart.
Are You Serious!?: Complete the game in single player on unmodified serious difficulty.
Beast Hunter: Complete a Beast Hunt match
Berserker: Kill 3 enemies in one sprint with the Sledgehammer.
Bone Crusher: Smash 20 Kleers with the Sledgehammer.
Bug Hunt: Squash 10 Hatchling spiders.
Cardiac Surgeon: Rip out 10 Rocketeer hearts.
Chain Explosion: Kill at least 5 headless kamikazes in one explosion.
Chiropractor: Break 10 Soldier necks.
Christmas In Cairo: Decorate the Christmas tree.
Circle of death: Kill at least 3 enemies in one spinning Sledgehammer attack.
Classic Outfit: Find sam's classic outfit
Clay Pigeons: Kill 5 Cave Demons while they're in air.
Co-op Beginner: Complete any level in cooperative with at least 2 players.
Co-op Master: Complete the campaign in cooperative with at least 2 players.
Coin-op Co-op: Complete a Coin-op cooperative game on normal or higher difficulty.
Deathmatch Beginner: Complete a deathmatch game with at least 1 frag.
Deathmatch Master: Win 10 deathmatch games.
Flag Thief: Score a total of 10 points in CTF matches.
Get the hell off my ride!: Secure the bird.
Gold Rush: Pick up 100 gold coins.
Golden Survivor: Earn a gold medal in Survival.
Hammer Time: Frag 20 players with the Sledgehammer.
Headsman: Decapitate a Khnum.
Heavy Weight Champion: Win one My Burden match with at least 3 players.
Instant Killer: Make at least 3 kills in one Instant Kill match.
Killer Jewelry: Kill an enemy using the Mutilator.
Kleer Wrestler: Tear off 10 Kleer heads.
Kung-fu Fighter: Perform all possible finishing moves in the game.
Last Man Standing: Win one round in Last Man Standing game with at least 4 players.
Life Saver: Pick up at least 10 extra life items.
Load of Scrap: Rip scrapjack's head off.
Look Ma, I won!: Win a versus match.
Look, it's a secret: Find at least 50 secrets in single player.
Maintenance time: Blow a Major Biomechanoid into pieces.
Master Egyptologist: Decipher all Egyptian texts.
Mission completed: Power up the Timelock.
Old School: Complete the game in single player without manually reloading, aiming or sprinting.
Ophthalmologist: Remove 10 Gnaar eyes.
Painful Divorce: Kill a Witch-Bride of Achriman.
Problem solver: Solve the riddle of the Sphynx.
Queen Hatshepsut: Complete The Guardian of Time in single player on serious difficulty without dying or loading.
Rodeo Surfer: Use the Mutilator to surf after a Werebull.
Scorpion Slayer: Break 5 Arachnoid necks.
Serious Beginner: Complete any level in single player.
Serious Run: Complete the game in single player in half the estimated time on each level.
Serious Sam: Complete the single player campaign.
Skewer: Pierce 5 enemies with one Devastator round.
Survivor: Earn a medal in Survival.
The doorman should wear a suit: Awake the Guardian of Time.
Top Secret: Find all secrets in single player.
Trick Shot: Kill the kicked enemy while it is still in the air.
Up Close and Personal: Gib 20 enemies from close range with a shotgun.
Useful Trophy: Kill an enemy with a gib torn from another enemy.
Vista: Find the Vista secret.
Wall of Bullets: Kill 20 enemies with the Minigun without releasing the trigger.
Wanted Dead or Alive: Rescue professor Stein. So to say.

Mental difficulty

Successfully complete the game under the Serious difficulty setting.




Jewel Of The Nile


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