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Shank (PlayStation3)

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Cheat Codes

Extra costumes

Successfully complete the single player campaign. Then, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X, Start at the title screen. More costumes will now be accessible at the "Unlocks" menu.

DeathSpank costume

Successfully complete Story mode. Pause game play in any level, then press Up, Square, Down, Circle, Left, Triangle, Right, X at the "View Unlocks" screen.


Alternate costumes

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costumes.

Afro: Complete the story under the normal difficulty.
Dance: Complete the single player campaign under the Normal difficulty.
Gimp: Kill 500 creatures.
Horror: Kill 100 enemies with a chainsaw.
Mow 'em Down: Get 1,000 total kills.
Red Pajamas: Perform a 150-hit combo
Spartan: Complete the story in co-op mode.
White Pajamas: Perform a 100-hit combo.
Wildman: Complete the single player campaign under the Hard difficulty.
Wolverine: Complete the story on hard difficulty.
Yellow Jump Suit: Kill 100 enemies.

Concept art

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding concept art.

Concept Art #1: Get 100 shank kills.
Concept Art #2: Get 100 kills with the chains.
Concept Art #3: Get 100 kills with dual pistols.
Concept Art #4: Get 100 kills with the katana.
Concept Art #5: Get 100 kills with grenades.
Concept Art #6: Get 100 kills with the Uzi.


Walkthrough (PC)

Walkthrough (Xbox 360)


Early kills

Use the handguns to shoot off the screen to kill enemies that are active, but not visible yet. Note: This does not always work.

Unlocking costumes

Use the following strategies to unlock the listed costume.

  • White Pajamas or Red Pajamas: The White Pajamas costume is unlocked with a one hundred hit combo. The Red Pajamas costume is unlocked with a one hundred fifty hit combo. Both can be easily obtained in the "Fertile Ground" level. Kill the enemies at the start of the level with the Uzi. If you kill them before they see you, they will die instantly. When you see a health pick-up and a grenades pick-up, you are in the correct location. Go to the small mound. There is a guard and a large enemy with a minigun. You will be hit by the minigun at first. As soon as Shank recovers, keep shooting the Uzi at the guard and large enemy. Another enemy will appear as you are doing this. Keep shooting the Uzi to rack up the combos. Note: This may require a few attempts; if you kill both guards and the large enemy before reaching the necessary combos, you will not be able to find another enemy quick enough to finish this. If you make a mistake, pause game play and select "Reload Last Checkpoint" to retry.
  • Horror Shank: To get this costume, you must obtain one hundred chainsaw kills. Progress through the story, killing as many enemies as possible with the chainsaw. The last hit on the enemy before they die must be done with the chainsaw or it will not count. If you do not get all the kills, restart at the first level and get the remainder.
  • Kung Fu Shank: You must get one thousand enemy kills. You may kill the enemies any way desired except for pit falls. Enemies that fall off cliffs do not count towards your kill total. If you do not get the thousand in a single playthrough, return to the first level and start again. You should have about seven hundred kills at the end of the story.
  • Teddy Bear Shank: To get this costume, you must kill five hundred creatures. Creatures are small animals found in a level. Dogs do not count. To quickly get this easily, go to the "Leap Of Faith" level with the Uzi equipped. As soon as the level starts, turn around and shoot. You should see the combo increase to twenty five. If you do not kill all birds, they will be flying around where you start. Kill as many as possible,then pause and select "Reload Last Checkpoint". Repeat this until the costume is earned.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

The Wrong Guy (Bronze): Defeat El Raton.
The Meating (Bronze): Defeat The Butcher.
Scars from the past (Bronze): Defeat Cassandra.
Revenge is Sweet (Bronze): Defeat Cesar.
Just getting started (Bronze): Take out 20 enemies.
Making a name for yourself (Bronze): Take out 100 enemies.
Grindhouse (Bronze): 100 Chainsw kills.
And it continues (Silver): Complete Single Player Campaign on Normal Mode.
Backstory (Silver): Complete Co-op Campaign Mode.
Father forgive me... (Silver): Defeat The Priest.
Mow 'em Down (Silver): Take out 1000 enemies.
I'm just that good (Gold): Complete Single Player Campaign on Hard Mode.