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Shantae: Risky's Revenge (DS)

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Ending pictures

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding picture during the ending sequence.

Risky Boots on her pirate ship: Complete the game in more than two hours with all 34 items.
Rottytops: Complete the game in less than three hours with all 34 items.
Shantae: Complete the game in more than two hours with less than 34 items.
Shantae in a bikini: Complete the game in less than two hours with less than 34 items.

100 Gems

 DS  Have the Mighty Flip Champs DSiWare game downloaded. Go to the Import Room and talk to the woman.

200 Gems

 DS  Have a completed Mighty Flip Champs saved game.

 DS  Have saved game with an "S" rank on all levels in Mighty Flip Champs.

Magic Mode costume

 PC  Successfully complete the game. This costume reduces the rate at which the Pike Ball drains magic.


Walkthrough (DS)


Easy "Late Night Gamer!" achievement

 PC  Druids are the faceless enemies in red robes that appear in Hypno Tower at Mermaid Cliffs. After its Boss is defeated, a druid can also be found in Mayor Scuttlebutt's abandoned seaside retreat, which is faster to reach because of the nearby warp squid. Kill a druid between 00:00 (Midnight) and 01:00 to earn the achievement.

 PC  Save the game just before the room with a first druid. Exit the game and set the system time to midnight. Open the game and load the saved game file. Kill the druid.

Easy "Pikeball Power!" achievement

 PC  The Pike Ball is one of the three basic magic forms available at the item shop. Unlike the other two forms, it and its advanced versions remain active upon use and drain magic continuously. Refills are required to maintain the same Pike Ball for two minutes. Magic Potions cannot be used because using one will terminate an active Pike Ball. To earn this achievement, play "Battle Tower", which has a large number of enemies that can drop magic refills, as well as jars that always contain refills. Changing rooms with a Pike Ball active will not cancel it. The tower can be completed with the same Pike Ball. If available, also use the Magic Mode costume to reduce the rate at which the Pike Ball drains magic.


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