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Shape Shift

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Bomb Squad (20 points): Create two separate chains, each containing two or more bombs, in classic mode.
Classy (10 points): Reach level 20 in classic mode.
Color Blind (15 points): Completely clear a color from the grid in zen mode.
Destroyer (19 points): Connect 19 or more tiles in a single chain in zen mode.
Electricity (20 points): Get the join combos on every swap in a level in zen mode, level 20 or higher.
Enlightenment (10 points): Reach level 100 in zen mode.
Lucky (10 points): Get 10 falling chain reactions in a row.
Millionaire (25 points): Pop 1 million tiles.
O.C.D. (10 points): COmplete a level by moving only a single type of shape in zen mode, level 10 or higher.
Perfectionist (30 points): Clear a level without missing a match in classic mode, level 12 or higher.
Pyromaniac (10 points): Destroy 10000 bombs in classic mode
Royal Flush (15 points): Get a flush of every color in a single level.
Shapeless (50 points): Completely clear a shape from the grid in zen mode.
Super Bomber (20 points): Pop 4 or more bombs in a single chain in classic mode.
Super Flush (25 points): Connect 13 or more of the same color and shape in a single chain in zen mode.
The Danger Zone (15 points): Let a bomb live through an entire level in classic mode, level 6 or higher.