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Shattered Horizon

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.
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Fly Boy: Play one entire match in fly mode.
Yin and Yang: 50 kills while in opposite orientation to the victim.
Death From Above: 50 kills in fly mode against opponents in ground mode.
Gung Ho: 10 kills during one round.
The Cleaner: 3 kill streak.
Rifleman: Kill 10 opponents with assault rifle.
Sniper: Kill 10 opponents in scoped mode.
Ventilate: Score 10 headshot kills.
Ten in the Tank: Score 10 tankshot kills.
Up Close and Personal: Score 10 melee kills.
Last Line of Defence: Score 100 defense kills.
Cyclops: Spend more than half the round in scoped mode.
Marksman: Score a headshot from 200 meters or farther.
Speedlane: 1 hour (3600 seconds) of boost time.
Snipe This!: Kill an opponent with a melee attack while he is in scoped mode.
The Assistant: Score 5 assist points in one match.
Strafing Run: Kill 3 grounded opponents in 10 seconds in flight mode.
Never Give Up: Capture 100 control points.
No Electricity: Score 50 kills while being stunned by an EMP grenade.
Ghost: Score 50 kills while running silent.
Ghostbuster: Kill 50 opponents who are running silent.
Empty Space: Score 1000 kills.
Ruthless: Win 250 Skirmish matches.
Unyielding: Win 250 Assault matches.
Relentless: Win 250 Battle matches.


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