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Shift 2: Unleashed - Need For Speed (Xbox 360)

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding car.
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BMW M3 GT3 ALMS: Complete the Endurance Challenge of Champions in Career mode.
Chevrolet Corvette Z06: Finish in third place or better in the Modern B Invitational in Career mode.
Falken Tire Porche 911 GT3 RSR: Reach Driver Level 15.
Lotus Elise: Finish in third place or better in the Modern C Invitational in Career mode.
McLaren MP4-12C: Finish in third place or better the Modern A Invitational in Career mode.
Monster Energy/Falken Tire Ford Mustang GT: Complete the Drift World Championship in Career mode.
NFS Shelby Terlingua Ford Mustang: Reach Driver Level 11.
Team NFS BMW Z4 GT3: Complete FIA GT3 Championship in Career mode.
Team NFS Mazda RX-7: Complete Works Championship in Career mode.
Team NFS Mazda RX-8 Drift: Reach Driver Level 5.
Team NFS RTRX Ford Mustang: Complete the Muscle World Championship in Career mode.
Team NFS Time Attack AWD Scion tC: Complete Time Attack World Championship in Career mode.
Team NFS Toyota Corrola AE86: Complete the Retro World Championship in Career mode.


Easy experience points and money

Select Quick Race mode with three laps and three opponents. This results in easy experience points to unlock career levels. Try to win the races for easy money.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Semi-Pro (10 points): Reached Driver Level 10.
Veteran (75 points): Reached Driver Level 20.
Road to Glory (10 points): Beaten your first Rival.
Proving Grounds (10 points): Won JR's GTR Challenge.
Recommended (5 points): Completed an event recommended by a friend.
Cub Scout (10 points): Won your first Event Set badge.
The Driver's battle (5 points): Completed an event purely from helmet cam.
Dominator (100 points): Beaten all the Rivals.
Works Champion (50 points): Beat Mad Mike Whiddett and won the Works Championship.
Going the extra mile (25 points): Completed 250 Event Objectives.
GT3 Champion (50 points): Beat Patrick Soderlund and won the FIA GT3 European Championship.
I. Am. Iron Man. (10 points): Placed 1st in 5 consecutive Online events.
GT1 Champion (100 points): Beat Jamie Campbell-Walter and won the FIA GT1 World Championship.
Amateur (5 points): Reached Driver Level 5.
Day Walker (50 points): Mastered every location in day or dusk.
Night Rider (100 points): Mastered every location at night.
Pro (50 points): Reached Driver Level 15.
Bounty Hunter (20 points): Earned $10,000,000 total during your career.
King of the Hill (10 points): Won your first Driver Duel Championship crown.
Leno would be proud (10 points): Have at least one car from each manufacturer in your garage.
Badge Hunter (10 points): Earned 50 Badges.
Badge Collector (50 points): Earned 100 Badges.
Badge Earner (5 points): Earned 10 Badges.
Workaholic (10 points): Upgraded 3 vehicles to Works spec.
Grass Roots (10 points): Completed JR's Grass Roots event.
In The Zone (10 points): Won an Online event from helmet cam.
Notorious (25 points): Played Online for over 10 hours total.
Intercept & Pursue (10 points): Completed an Online Catchup Pack and Online Catchup Duel event.
I'm Going To Hollywood! (10 points): Got through the Qualifying round in the Driver Duel Championship.
Paparazzi (5 points): Shared a photo or replay with others.
Race License (50 points): Won 75 Career events on Hard difficulty.
Sizzlin' (10 points): Beaten the 1st Target Time in a Hot Lap event.
Competition License (10 points): Won 50 Career events on Medium difficulty or higher.
Elitist (10 points): Placed 1st in an event using Elite handling model.
Sports License (10 points): Won 25 Career events on Easy difficulty or higher.
Tic Tac Toe (10 points): Own a Modern, Retro, and Muscle car.
Dialled In (10 points): Used On-Track Tuning to save a Tuning Setup for a car.
Globetrotter (20 points): Competed at every location in the game.
The World is my Oyster (10 points): Unlocked the FIA GT1 Branch.
Nailed It (10 points): Track Mastered your first location.

Legends Pack

Speed Hunters


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