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Maximize money

Wait for shoppers for a full cart (x2 money) or a full cart made up of all the same color items (3x money).


Put useful pieces (for example, 1x1 buttons) in the brown warehouse area to be used later. You can also place items that are about to fall off the conveyor belt in the warehouse .

Soothing impatient customers

Give them candy.

Fitting items in the cart

If you need to rearrange items, or need an item for another cart, take the items out of a cart and put them back on the conveyor belt.
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Invisible items

If it seems there is nothing on the conveyor belt, click it several times to see items appear.

Customer requests

If you see a bubble appear over a customer's head with a specific item, give it to him or her for more money.

Thumbs up lights

When you get enough credit, especially when you fulfill customer requests, the green bars with the "thumbs up" light up. When these are lit under a cart, click on them and the cart will get larger. If you make your cart larger, it takes away thumbs up credits for candy and other things to keep customers happy and to fill carts.


Click on the lit thumbs up under the ad and the customers will have more requests. You can get more money by fulfilling them. However, the item the customer requests may not be on the belt.

Stopping the belt

This can only be done on some of the days at work on a level. The belt will have a thumbs up. When lit, you can use it. Click on the little stop signs that appears. There are three of them, allowing you to stop the belt three times.