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Shrek The Third (PSP)

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Cheat Codes

10,000 Gold Coins

Press Up(2), Down, Up, Right, Left at the gift shop.

Secret Costume 1

Press Left(2), Up, Right(2), Up, Left at the main menu.

Secret Costume 2

Press Right(2), Down, Left(2), Up, Right at the main menu.


Bonus items

Spend the indicated number of coins at the Gift Shop to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Bonus damage: 10,500 coins
Bonus Fairy Dust: 7,700 coins
Academy Grounds commentary: 1,500 coins
Catacombs commentary: 5,000 coins
Docks commentary: 1,000 coins
Evil Queen's Castle commentary: 5,000 coins
Ice Lake commentary: 3,000 coins
Merlin's Hills commentary: 4,000 coins
Prison Cell Blocks commentary: 2,000 coins
Rundown Streets commentary: 6,000 coins
Stromboli's Workshop commentary: 5,000 coins
Donkey's Dragon disguise: 3,650 coins
Fiona's Funeral dress: 2,150 coins
Puss' Evil Knight disguise: 2,850 coins
Shrek's Knight Armor: 3,500 coins
Shrek's Pirate Outfit: 4,250 coins
Shrek's Regal: 3,200 coins
Shrek's Swim Trunks: 3,350 coins
Sleeping Beauty's Gown: 2,500 coins
Charming difficulty: 15,500 coins
Grimm difficulty: 1,500 coins
Cyclops multi-player character: 1,500 coins
Dragon Keep multi-player castle: 1,600 coins
Dragon Keep multi-player map: 1,350 coins
Dwarves multi-player character: 2,400 coins


Walkthrough (PC)

Walkthrough (PlayStation2)

Walkthrough (Xbox 360)


Madagascar reference

In the pirate ship level, notice that there is a side quest called "Arctic Achiever" in room 2. You must go down the bridge then walk backwards. You will find a few crates. One of them will have something in it. The others will have fairy-dust. When you break the crate with something in it, you will release Skipper (the penguin) from Madagascar. He will say, "We're going to the open spaces of Antarctica, to the wild!"


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