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Sid Meier's Civilization 5 (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Debug mode

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "config.ini" file in the game directory. Change the DebugPanel = 0 line to DebugPanel = 1. Start a new game and press ` or ~ and and a debug panel with various options will appear on the right side. For example, select the "Reveal All" option to view the full map.


Steam achievements

Follow the indicated steps to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the game hub for "Sid Meier's Civilization 5 (PC)". Click the "View Stats" option in the drop down list, then select the option that displays the achievements for your account.

A Magnificent Victory: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Suleiman.
A Righteous Victory: Win the Korean Scenario on Immortal (requires Korea DLC).
A Woman's Work: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Wu Zetian.
Age of Empire: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Darius.
All Aboard the Orient Express: Discover a route to the Orient in the New World Scenario. (requires Spain/Inca DLC).
All for All Super Brawl: Have every Civ declare war on you at the same time.
All Roads Lead to Rome: Build a road with a Roman Legion.
All-Achieving Zeus: Win the Wonders Scenario on Deity (requires Wonders DLC).
Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Ramesses II.
Arab Trader: Trade a luxury resource to another Civ that you earned through a city with a Bazaar.
Arabian Knights: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Harun al-Rashid.
Au in the EU: Return a Treasure to Europe in the New World Scenario. (requires Spain/Inca DLC).
Baby Steps: Beat the game on the Settler difficulty level.
Barbarian Warlord: As Bismarck, convert the Barbarians from 10 camps to your side.
Barbary Pirate: As Suleiman, accumulate a navy with 10 Barbarian naval units.
Battlefield Earth: Beat the game on an Earth-type Map.
Blood and Iron: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Bismarck.
Bollywood: As gandhi, win a cultural victory with 3 or fewer cities in your empire.
Bolt and Arrow: Build Statue of Zeus and Temple of Artemis in the same city (requires Wonders DLC).
Book 'em Danno!: Find Hawaii in a random map game in the Paradise Found Scenario. (requires Polynesia DLC).
Bora! Bora! Bora!: Win as Tahiti in the Paradise Found Scenario. (requires Polynesia DLC).
Bright-Eyed Athena: Win the Wonders Scenario on Immortal (requires Wonders DLC).
By the Waters of Babylon: Beat the game on any difficultly setting as Nebuchadnezzar II. (requires Babylon DLC).
Can't We All Just Get Along?: Play and win a game without ever declaring war on another Civ (does not preclude them from declaring war against you).
Cat Fight: As a female leader, defeat all other present female leader in a single game.
Charming. Really.: Beat the game on the Prince difficulty level.
City of Gold: Develop a city to produce more than 100 gold per turn.
City of Lights: Develop a city to produce more than 100 culture per turn.
City of Science: Develop a city to produce more than 100 science per turn.
Connoisseur: Rate a Mod.
Conquest of the World: As alexander, defeat every known player by 350 bc.
Death Before Shame: Fully Explore the Honor Policy Track.
Diplomacy by Other Means: Fully Explore the Autocracy Policy Track.
Diplomat: Hold a Defensive Pact with another civilization for at least 50 turns.
Do you have a little Captain in you?: Encounter Captain Cook in the Paradise Found Scenario. (requires Polynesia DLC).
Do You Want to Super Size That?: Beat the game on a Large Map.
Dr. Heidegger's Experiment: Find the Fountain of Youth (requires Spain/Inca DLC).
Dragon Emperor: Win the Korean Scenario on Emperor (requires Korea DLC).
Eighty-Eight Miles per Hour: Fully Explore the Rationalism Policy Track.
Emperor Fu Manchu: Win the Korean Scenario as Manchu (requires Korea DLC).
Empire of the East: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Ramkhamhaeng.
Engineer: Build a Wonder.
Enlightened Ruler: Unlock all Social Policies, across any number of playthroughs.
Epic Gilgamesh: Win the Wonders Scenario as Gilgamesh (requires Wonders DLC).
Expansionist: Download a Mod.
Experimenter: Play a game with a Mod.
Exterminate! Exterminate!: Win a Domination Victory.
Far-Shooting Apollo: Win the Wonders Scenario on Emperor (requires Wonders DLC).
Fear the Turtle: Win the Korean Scenario as Korea (requires Korea DLC).
Fetchez la Vache!: Build a motte and bailey improvement in the Viking Scenario (requires Denmark DLC).
First in the Hearts of Your Countrymen: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Washington.
First of the Mohicans: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Hiawatha.
Flawless Strategy: Beat the game on the Deity difficulty level.
Flying Fortress: Bomb an enemy city with a B-17.
Forty-Niner: Build 1000 mines, across any number of playthroughs.
Freedom Isn't Free: Fully Explore the Freedom Policy Track.
From Archaemennid to Safavid: As Darius, start 5 Golden Ages in a single game.
Gardens of Lake Texcoco: Build a Floating Garden in a city with a lake tile in its radius.
Genghis Khan: Beat the Mongol scenario on the Deity difficulty level.
Give Peace a Chance: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Gandhi.
Go Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before: Win a Space Victory.
God Is Great: Construct 1000 Temples, across any number of playthroughs.
Going It Old School: Beat the game on a Pangaea-type Map.
Gotta Catch 'Em All: Beat the game on all standard map types and sizes.
Great Khan: Beat the Mongol scenario on the King or harder difficulty level.
Grecian Formula: Win the Wonders Scenario as Alexander (requires Wonders DLC).
Hands Free to Victory!: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Harald Bluetooth (requires Denmark DLC).
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Upgrade a Unit.
He Threw a Car at My Head!: Have any city ransomed by Barbarians.
Head and Shoulders Above the Rest: Win as Samoa in the Paradise Found Scenario. (requires Polynesia DLC).
Heads Up!: Find Easter Island in a random map game in the Paradise Found Scenario. (requires Polynesia DLC).
Here Ends the Noble Savage: Raze 100 Barbarian camps, across any number of playthroughs.
Honoring the Ancestors: Win the Korean Scenario on Deity (requires Korea DLC).
Huitzilopochtli's Arrow: Win the New World Scenario as the Aztecs. (requires Spain/Inca DLC).
Hundred Years War: Be engaged in a single war for 100 or more consecutive turns.
I Can Has Nukes?: Drop a Nuke on another Civ.
I Have the Power: Win 20 battles with a single unit.
I Need More Elbow Room: Beat the game on a Tiny Map.
I'm on a Boat!: Embark a Unit.
Inconceivable!: Lose a Game to someone not on your friend's list.
Island Hopping: Beat the game on an Archipelago-type Map.
It satrap!: Win the Wonders Scenario as Darius I (requires Wonders DLC).
It's Just You and Me, Kid: Beat the game on a Duel Map.
It's Standard Issue: Beat the game on a Standard Map.
It's Super Effective: Destroy an enemy unit in just one hit.
Kamikaze Attack: Kill an enemy unit attacking with a Japanese unit with just 1 HP remaining.
Khaaan!: Run out of time to beat the Mongol scenario.
Khan: Beat the Mongol scenario on any difficulty.
King of the Mountain: Beat the game on any difficultly setting as Pachacuti. (requires Spain/Inca DLC).
Know Thy Enemy: Consult the Oracle 2 times in a single game in the Wonders Scenario (requires Wonders DLC).
Knowledge Is Good: Hold a Research Pact with another civilization for at least 50 turns.
Kublai Khan: Beat the Mongol scenario on the Immortal or harder difficulty level.
Land Baron: Purchase 1000 tiles, across any number of playthroughs.
Last Man Standing: Win any Multiplayer Match.
Law of the Splintered Paddle: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Kamehameha. (requires Polynesia DLC).
League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs: Win the New World Scenario as the Iroquois. (requires Spain/Inca DLC).
Living in Smallville: Beat the game on a Small Map.
Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis: Fully Explore the Piety Policy Track.
Macho Picchu: Win the New World Scenario as the Incas. (requires Spain/Inca DLC).
Magellan: Prove that the world is round by uncovering a connected loop of tiles around the circumference of the world.
Manifest Destiny: Completely control and have contiguous borders around your starting continent.
Marco Polo: Be the first to explore and uncover 1000 tiles, across any number of playthroughs.
Master of the House: Fully Explore the Tradition Policy Track.
Master of the Universe: Beat the game on any difficulty setting with each leader.
Merchant King: Trade 100 resources, across any number of playthroughs.
Model of a Modern Major-General: Train all Units, across any number of playthroughs.
Money Doesn't Grow on Trees: Fully Explore the Commerce Policy Track.
Montezuma's Revenge...: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Montezuma.
Moving on Up: Earn a Unit Promotion.
My Little Pony: As Catherine, research Horseback Riding before any other Civ.
Neighborhood Bully: Annex a previously puppetted City State.
Ngata Chance: Win as Tonga in the Paradise Found Scenario. (requires Polynesia DLC).
Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition: Beat the game on any difficultly setting as Isabella. (requires Spain/Inca DLC or Gods & Kings expansion).
Odin's Chosen Warrior: Win as Denmark (any difficulty) in the Viking Scenario (requires Denmark DLC).
Odysseus the Great Tactician: Win the Wonders Scenario on King (requires Wonders DLC).
One to Rule Them All: Beat the game on any difficulty setting with only one city.
Panzer "Shafernator" General: Spawn over 100 Great Generals, build an army of over 100 standing units, and beat the game 100 times.
Party in hattUSA: Win the Wonders Scenario as Muwatallis (requires Wonders DLC).
Paul Bunyan: Chop down 1000 forest tiles, across any number of playthroughs.
Peace and Prosperity: Begin a Golden Age.
People of the Longhouse: Build a longhouse in a city with at least 4 unchopped forests in its radius.
Pillage, Then Burn: Pillage 9 Farms on the same turn in the Viking Scenario (requires Denmark DLC).
Plate Tectonics: Beat the game on a Continents-type Map.
Purple People Eaters: Win as Norway (any difficulty) in the Viking Scenario (requires Denmark DLC).
Ra's Mighty Truth: Win the Wonders Scenario as Ramesses II (requires Wonders DLC).
Raleigh's Road to Riches: Discover El Dorado (requires Spain/Inca DLC).
Rest in Gold Pieces: Gain 1000 gold from expended Great People with the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus across any number of playthroughs (requires Wonders DLC).
Reverse Engineer: Gain possession of 3 wonders by conquering cities in a single game in the Wonders Scenario (requires Wonders DLC).
Riddle of the Sphinx: Rush a wonder as Egypt with a Great Engineer.
Rising Sun: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Oda.
Ruler of the Seas: As elizabeth, sink and destroy 357 enemy naval units, across any number of playthroughs.
Ruler of the Twelve Colonies: Beat the game on a Huge Map.
Samurai Delicatessen: Win the Korean Scenario as Japan (requires Korea DLC).
Say Hello to My Little Friend: Reach Ally Status with a City State.
Searching for the Precious: Find New Zealand in a random map game in the Paradise Found Scenario. (requires Polynesia DLC).
Second City: Found a second city.
Seoul Power: Win the Korean Scenario before 100 turns as any power (requires Korea DLC).
Seriously?!?: Have another Civ beat you to completing a Wonder 10 times.
Siglo de Oro: Win the New World Scenario as Spain. (requires Spain/Inca DLC).
Six Degrees to Sid: Play a multiplayer match with another player who has this achievement (starting with Sid).
Star of the North: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Catherine.
Sun Tzu's Art of War: As Wu Zetian, earn a Great General through battle.
Supreme Khan: Beat the Mongol scenario on the Emperor or harder difficulty level.
Surviving Domesday: Win the Viking Scenario on Immortal (requires Denmark DLC).
Surviving Ragnarok: Win the Viking Scenario on Deity (requires Denmark DLC).
Surviving the Marquesas: Win as Hiva in the Paradise Found Scenario. (requires Polynesia DLC).
Taekwon-DOH!: Lose the Korean Scenario as Korea (requires Korea DLC).
Taking off the Training Wheels: Beat the game on the Chieftain difficulty level.
Tea and Crumpets for Everyone: Win the New World Scenario as England. (requires Spain/Inca DLC).
Team Player: Fully Explore the Patronage Policy Track.
The African King: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Askia.
The Alexman: Beat the game on the Warlord difficulty level.
The Appian Way: Build 1000 roads, across any number of playthroughs.
The Best State of a Republic: Win a Cultural Victory.
The Choson One: Win a game as Korea (requires Korea DLC).
The Elephant Battle: Destroy another Civ's unique unit with a Naresuan's Elephant.
The Explorer: Discover 100 natural wonders.
The Golden Horde: Beat the game on any difficultly setting as Genghis Khan.
The Golden Path: Beat the game on the Emperor difficulty level.
The Man Who Would Be King: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Alexander.
The Once and Future King: Beat the game on the King difficulty level.
The Paul Murphy Award for Excellence and Attractiveness: Read 500 articles in the Civilopedia.
The Pen is Mightier: Win a Diplomatic Victory.
The Wonder Years: Build all the Wonders, across any number of playthroughs.
The World Is a Mess, and I Just Need to Rule It: Beat the game on the Immortal difficulty level.
This isn't Kansas: Find Australia in a South Pacific map game in the Paradise Found Scenario. (requires Polynesia DLC).
This was their Finest Hour: Win as Anglo-Saxon England (any difficulty) in the Viking Scenario (requires Denmark DLC).
Thoughtful Telemachus: Win the Wonders Scenario on Prince (requires Wonders DLC).
Three Musketeers: Kill a unit with a French Musketeer when two other Musketeers are providing flanking bonuses.
Time to Stitch a Tapestry: Win as Normandy (any difficulty) in the Viking Scenario (requires Denmark DLC).
To Stand the Test of Time: Beat the game with all victory conditions.
Tomb Raider: Pillage gold from an Egyptian city with a burial tomb in it.
Tout le Monde Francophone?: Win the New World Scenario as France. (requires Spain/Inca DLC).
Treasure Hunter: Discover an ancient ruin.
Turtle Power: Sink an Ironclad with a Turtle Boat (requires Korea DLC).
Two Men Enter, One Man Leave: Completely defeat another Civ and remove them from the game.
Veni, Vidi, Vici: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Caesar.
Video et Taceo: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Elizabeth.
Vivre La Revolution: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Napoleon.
War Canoe Attack: As askia, conquer a city on another continent.
We Have the Technology: Fully explore the Tech Tree.
Where's the Biathlon?: Enter a snow tile with the Norwegian ski infantry in the Viking Scenario (requires Denmark DLC).
With an Iron Fist: Fully Explore the Order Policy Track.
With Liberty and Justice for All: Fully Explore the Liberty Policy Track.
Wonderwall: Build 3 wonders in the same city in the Wonders Scenario (requires Wonders DLC).
You The Conqueror: Win the Viking Scenario on Emperor (requires Denmark DLC).
Yow Ming!: Win the Korean Scenario as China (requires Korea DLC).
Zeupiter: As Rome, conquer a city with the Statue of Zeus (requires Wonders DLC).


Easy "Artistic License", "Death Before Shame", "Diplomacy by Other Means", "Eighty-Eight Miles per Hour", "Freedom Isn't Free", "Legends of the Hidden Temple", "Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis", "Master of the House", "Money Doesn't Grow on Trees", "Team Player", "With an Iron Fist", and "With Liberty and Justice for All" achievements

 PC  Starting a new game in the Information Age as any nation. Settle your first city and give the other units their orders to end the turn. The "Make Policy" icon will appear on the next turn. Choose the each policy to complete the track. Note: If you save the game beforehand, use that saved game to do another track. Also, disable the Brave New World DLC if the Order, Autocracy, and Freedom social policy tracks are involved because they will be changed to Ideologies.

Easy "Dragon Emperor", "Honoring the Ancestors", or "A Righteous Victory" achievements

 PC  Win the "Samurai Invasion" scenario under the Immortal (for "A Righteous Victory"), Emperor (for "Dragon Emperor"), or Diety (for "Honoring the Ancestors") difficulty setting. Play as the Korean fraction in order to only defend. Build some ranged units and position them behind the river. Place two melee units in front of your capital. Japan will conquer your coastal cities, however after surviving the first large wave of attackers you should have a good chance to win the scenario.

Easy "Apocalypse Now" achievement

 PC  Start in the Information Age with Pacal and a duel map to begin at 1981 A.D. Timing is important, as well as having a starting city with Uranium (and good production) in order to quickly start the Manhattan Project, and a nuke. Build a naval unit to find your opponent. Because you will only see the Mayan count, manually mouse over to see the rest of the world year. When 2012 arrives, use a surprise attack to nuke your opponent.

Easy "Arab Trader" achievement

 PC  The Bazaar is the unique building of Arabia faction that replaces the Market. It can be built after researching Currency. Build a Bazaar then have an improved resource in the city radius, which will then grant you two copies of that resource. Trade the second copy of the resource to another player.

Easy "Conquest of the World" achievement

 PC  Start with Alexander The Great (Greece) on a duel map (Pangea type), under the Very Easy difficulty setting. Build at least two archers and two melees, then attack your only opponent.

 PC  Start with Alexander The Great (Greece) with an advanced setup of "Great Plains", "Duel", "Settler", "Quick", "Ancient Era", "No City States", and "No Barbarians". Start by building a second warrior while progressing research to mathematics. Sent the warriors to the other corner of the map to locate the enemy, and set them to "Alert" outside their border. When the second warrior is completed, create two archers then continue to catapults when technology permits. Once the city is surrounded, move in with catapult, archers, and finally your melee units.

Easy "Dark Horse" achievement

 PC  Play towards getting a standard diplomatic victory. When the World Congress vote happens, vote for another leader or abstain until you have enough votes to win. You cannot found the World Congress, as this will make you the first leader by default. Avoid finding the other civilizations and allow someone else found it. Because you are aiming for a diplomatic victory, playing a civilization that makes this sort of victory easier is recommended (for example, Venice or Greece). City state control is required and wars are discouraged. The Forbidden Palace wonder and Globalization tech will also be helpful with delegates.

Easy "Double KO" achievement

 PC  It is possible to earn "Double KO" after the scenario ends. Select the "Wait just one more turn" button then conquer both Rome and Constantinople as any enemy power.

Easy "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment" achievement

 PC  This requires the Double Civ, Scenario - Spain, and the Incas DLC. When this DLC is active, you can find the Fountain of Youth as a natural wonder in a regular game. However, you can increase the chances of finding this natural wonder in the Conquest of the New World scenario. Play as one of the Native American tribes to begin closer to the fountain and avoid scurvy. Create a large number of scouts to explore the New World. The Fountain of Youth is one of several natural wonders that may appear in the New World. If it does not appear after you have uncovered the entire continent, try again with a new game.

 PC  This requires the Brave New World expansion. Find the Source of the Nile natural wonder in the Scramble for Africa scenario to earn the achievement.

 PC   Consider using a large map such the "Great Plains". Start in the information area, select Rationalism as your social policy, and get free satellite tech. The entire map will be reveled with a high chance that the Fountain of Youth will spawn. If it does not, try again.

Easy "Emperor Fu Manchu" achievement

 PC  In the "Samurai Invasion" scenario, conquer the capitals of Korea and China as your civilization or your ally, Japan.

Easy "Enemy Blade No More" achievement

 PC  Play as Gajah Mada (Indonesia). Start in the Classical Era and research Iron Working to unlock the Kris Swordsman. This unit has a unique trait called the Mystic Blade. It is a red trait with a blue question mark. After your Kris Swordsman's first battle, he will get one of the following random promotions:

Invulnerability: +30% Combat Bonus when defending. +20 HP when healing
Sneak Attack: Flank attack bonus increased by 50%
Heroism: Unit awards combat bonus to nearby units as if it is a Great General
Ambition: +50% Combat Bonus when attacking. -20% penalty when defending
Restlessness: May attack twice, 1 extra movement
Recruitment: Heals all damage if the unit kills a non-Barbarian unit (only 50 HP)
Enemy Blade: Takes 20 damage if the unit ends its turn in enemy territory
Evil Spirits: -10% penalty when attacking. -30% penalty when defending
Your goal is to get the "Enemy Blade" promotion. Once obtained, capture an enemy capital. It is recommended that you do this against a City-State, whose only city is always a capital. Once the capital's health is completely gone, have your Kris swordsman go in and capture it.

Easy "Experimenter" achievement

 PC  Subscribe to a mod. Select "Mods" in-game and place a checkmark on the mod on the right-end column to activate it. Then, start a new game. You do not have to complete it.

Easy "The Explorer" achievement

 PC  This can be done over multiple playthroughs. The number of Natural Wonders will depend on the size of the map. You do not have to be the first civilization that discovers the Natural Wonder. The Wonders in scenarios will qualify towards this achievement.

Easy "Fetchez la Vache!" achievement

 PC  Play as Normandy in the "1066: Year of Viking Destiny" scenario. The Motte and Bailey Improvement is a unique improvement for Normandy. It can be built with Swordsmen and it acts just like a fort.

Easy "Flawless Strategy" achievement

 PC  Pick any nation of your choice, choose "Duel", "Pangea", and the Future Era. Found your capital with the first settler. Use your cultural points to fill the Autocracy policy. Then conquer the opponent capital while you found the other two cities and produce mechanical infantry. Consider also selecting "Quick" game pace, "Quick Combat", and "Quick Movement" to speed the process. You can also make things faster by finding a source of uranium (for building a giant death robot after researching Nuclear Fusion), and aluminum (for building Rocket Artillery).

 PC  Play as Washington, and select "Great Plains", "Duel", "Deity", "Quick", and the Information Era. Select all victory conditions, however set the "Max Turns" count to 5, "No Barbarians", and no City States. If the terrain permits, immediately build a city and have it produce a wonder, which should be completed in four turns at the latest. Purchase any remaining tiles that have required resources and immediately improve your workers. Begin spacing out the remaining two settlers, then move the military units towards the large gap on the map, which most likely is the location of your opponent. In order to double your army size, specify Freedom ideology, choose any two level 1 tenets, then select the level 2 tenet "Volunteer Army". This gives you six times the Foreign Legion units to begin marching. After two or three turns you should have an army on the move, three cities progressing towards wonders, and many land improvements. The game will end at turn five, leaving you in a better position than the CPU.

 PC  Start with multiple civilizations enabled and the turn limit set to "1". Enable all victory conditions and make all civilizations except for one to be in the same team with yourself. You do not have to settle with multiple civilizations, as your allies will get you a lot of points to defeat the enemy. Because the game ends after turn 1, you will immediately win.

Easy "Flip-Flop" achievement

 PC  Note: This can be done faster on a very small map and adding a few scouts to automatically explore to get to the conference quicker. After a civilization has met with a majority of the other civilizations, a conference will eventually be setup to deal with the world. Prior to each conference, leaders will be able to propose issues that will affect specific elements, such as banning luxury items or setting a world religion. Choose any resolution and when the conference occurs, focus all your delegates to approve your stance to enact that resolution. If it passes, complete ten more turns so you can submit another proposal. This time, select the same resolution that you passed earlier. Propose a repeal to that resolution and the achievement will be earned.

Easy "From Archaemennid to Safavid" achievement

 PC  Only Golden Ages that are gained by happiness will count towards earning this achievement. Do not build the Taj Mahal or chose politics which start a Golden Age because those can break the counter for that achievement.

Easy "Flying Fortress" achievement

 PC  This is a unique unit of the American faction which replaces the bomber. You can build this unit in the Atomic era.

Easy "Gimme Your Lunch Money!" achievement

 PC  Start a game, build up, then enter the "Diplomatic" screen for the list of city states. Work down the list, demanding money from each of them.

Easy "Go Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before" achievement

 PC  You must build a spaceship and travel to space. Collect the parts which can be obtained through researching technologies. You need six parts. After you finish them, you will get the victory and earn the achievement.

Easy "Greed is Good" achievement

 PC  Select an early era and the Settler difficulty setting. Research Horseback Riding for Caravansary and Compass to get Harbor. A coastal city is also required to build the Harbor and Colossus. For Petra, you must be on a desert tile or have a city built next to a desert. Thus, your coastal city must be next to a desert tile. Try using the Donut map type to have a better chance at this layout.

Easy "Greek Fire" achievement

 PC  Select the Normal or lower difficulty setting and the "Islands" map type, with tiny islands or an archipelago. Play as the Byzantines against ten or more Greek opponents. Build Dromons, sail to the Greek towns, and wait for a ship to spawn.

Easy "Hannibal's Crossing" achievement

 PC  Select a duel-sized map against Rome. Build an African Forest Elephant, and locate a mountain tile that is near, but not inside, Roman territory. Place the elephant on it until a Roman unit appears on an adjacent tile. Then, declare war and attack. You do not need to win the battle.

Easy "He Threw a Car at My Head!" achievement

 PC  Start a Deity difficulty game with raging barbarians without water. They must be able to reach your city without ships. Wait a few rounds and the barbarians should just raid your city instead of conquering it.

 PC  Play a Deity difficulty game with raging barbarians. Select a map with continents or islands, such as "Earth". Have only one or two opponents. Sail to Australia with a settler and one bodyguard. Find the city in the middle of that continent and kill the guard. Wait a few rounds until that city is ransomed.

Easy "Herculean Effort" achievement

 PC  The three International Projects are as follows.

World's Fair
First Place - Hosted Fair: Culture increases by 100% for 20 Turns.
Second Place - Groundbreaking Inventions: Free Social Policy.
Third Place - Exhibitor: 500 points towards next Golden Age.
International Games
First Place - Hosted Games: Tourism increases by 100% for 20 Turns; Free Social Policy.
Second Place - Won Medals: +3 Happiness; One time increase of 30 Influence with City-States.
Third Place - Parade of Nations: +3 Happiness.
International Space Station
Note: Becomes available for a vote after at least one civilization discovers satellites.
First Place - Mission Control: International Space Station wonder appears in Capital.
Second Place - Crew on Board: Free Great Scientist.
Third Place - Constructed Parts: One time Research boost.

Easy "Highway Robbery" achievement

 PC  Enable the path of the trade routes by selecting the letter sign near the mini-map. Move your unit on the route and declare war on the route's owner. Then wait for the plunder. You can also plunder a trade route manually by moving a unit on a caravan. Then, give an order to your unit to plunder it.

Easy "Holy Father" achievement

 PC  Make sure there are at least twelve City-States, and that the time era is before the Renaissance to keep Papal Primacy Belief present. Start out as normal, but begin by focusing on Faith. After enough Faith is accumulated, you will have an option to "Found a Pantheon". Do so and continue to accumulate Faith to generate a Great Prophet. Use the Prophet to found a religion. Continue to accumulate Faith for a second Prophet and enhance your faith. Then, select your Papal Primacy Belief that gives you influence boosts. Your alliance with twelve City-States does not have to be simultaneous. Simply ally with twelve different City-States over time. The easiest way to do this is to combine gifts with tasks that a city-state asks for. A gift of 1,000 gold will usually change a city-state from neutral to ally.

Easy "I'm on a Boat!" achievement

 PC  Discover the Optics technology to be able to embark a unit.

Easy "Intelligence Network" achievement

 PC  Select the highest difficulty setting, four opponents, and the latest era. When you start a new game, you will get five spies. Send each spy to an opponent's capital. Wait until you are told by a civilization that another one is planning to attack you. Then wait until your spy tells you that the civilization that shared intelligence with you will be attacked. Share that information with the targeted civilization.

Easy "Junta for Red October" achievement

 PC  Station your spy at a City-State that is already allied with another faction. Try a coup. Your spy will die if it fails, but you will gain a new ally if successful.

Easy "Kamikaze Attack" achievement

 PC  Disable DLCs. The original game has units with 10 HP maximum, while the DLCs (including the Gold and Complete editions) have all units at 100 HP maximum, making it harder to get a unit down to 1 HP. Bring one of your units down to 1 HP then kill an enemy unit with it. This is easy for Japan because their unique ability, Bushido, does not impose a combat penalty for injured units.

Easy "Know Thy Enemy" achievement

 PC  Generate two Great People by building the required Wonders or by running specialists in your cities. You can also complete the Liberty policy tree to get a Great Person. Position your Great Person so that it is adjacent to the city containing the Oracle.
mecnep yc, ace

Easy "Last Man Standing" achievement

 PC  Play in Hot Seat mode, as the host. In Fast mode, start a game at a duel map and conquer the "enemy" city.

 PC  This can be also be done solo in Hot Seat mode. Set the maximum number of turns to "8" or "10" and the Settler difficulty setting. Have a higher score than your opponent by the end of the game.

Easy "Longest. Name. Ever." achievement

 PC  Play an island map with twelve Celtic enemies under the easy difficulty setting. You can play as the Celts or the Huns. Wait until Llanfairpwllgwyngyll appears, then conquer it.

Easy "Losing My Marbles" achievement

 PC  After you research Archaeology, get Open Borders with a civilization that has at least five antiquity sites within their borders. Extract them with Archaeologists. If you cannot find any civilizations with antiquity sites, wait until you complete the Exploration Social Policy tree. It reveals hidden antiquity sites and extract artifacts from them.

Easy "Master of the Universe" achievement

 PC  Win the game with the following eighteen factions. Do this easily by starting the game with any of those factions on a duel map, under the very easy difficulty setting. Then, conquer the capital of your only opponent.


Easy "Merchant Prince" achievement

 PC  The 200 gold per turn total not only includes your own trade routes, but also for opponents to your towns. Note: Cargo ships carry more than caravans.

Easy "Model of a Modern Major-General" achievement

 PC  All units from the base game must be trained through normal means. They cannot be purchased, traded, gifted, or upgraded from lower units. Note: The Brave New World DLC may need to be disabled to get the Foreign Legion unit.

Ground units
Anti-Aircraft Gun
Anti-Tank Gun
Chariot Archer
Giant Death Robot
Mechanized Infantry
Mobile SAM
Modern Armor
Rocket Artillery
Missile Cruiser
Nuclear Submarine
Air units
Atomic Bomb
Guided Missile
Helicopter Gunship
Jet Fighter
Nuclear Missile
Stealth Bomber
Non-Combat units
Work Boat
Unique units
B-17 (America)
Ballista (Rome)
Camel Archer (Arabia)
Chu-Ko-Nu (China)
Companion Cavalry (Greece)
Cossack (Russia)
Foreign Legion (France)
Hoplite (Greece)
Immortal (Persia)
Jaguar (Aztec)
Janissary (Ottoman)
Landsknecht (Germany)
Legion (Rome)
Longbowman (England)
Madekalu Cavalry
Minuteman (America)
Mohawk Warrior (The Iroquois)
Musketeer (French)
Narasuan's Elephant (Siam)
Panzer (Germany)
Samurai (Japan)
Ship of The Line (England)
Sipahi (Ottoman)
War Chariot (Egypt)
War Elephant (India)
Zero (Japan)
Spaceship parts
Statis Chamber

Easy "Moving on Up" achievement

 PC  You will earn unit promotion during fights with your units. In the early ages you can kill barbarian units to gain experience. Killing two barbarian units for 5 experience points each will earn a new rank.

Easy "Nigerian Bank Account" achievement

 PC  Acquire the city-states of Sokoto or Bornu through diplomatic marriage in the Scramble for Africa DLC. Note: This is the Austria mechanic, set for any western Civ.

Easy "Ottoman Carpentry" achievement

 PC  Italy will attack almost immediately. The best way to defeat them is to capture their special ship units. Prepare your fleet to do so. If you fail to capture a ship and instead destroy it, reload a previous turn and try again. Do not reload the same turn you failed to capture an enemy ship, as the outcome of a capture is calculated on a previous turn. When you have at least five of those ships, capturing the Italian capital and finishing them off should be easy. You should be able to take the capital at about turn 30 and defeat them completely at about turn 40. To deal with Ethiopia, at the beginning start buying Egyptian gold per turn for your gold reserves. You will get victory points for gold per turn and not for the gold you have in the bank. Send your caravans to Egypt to also boost their gold per turn as well, because you will get the money back from them anyway. Sell the Italian cities that you conquer to Egypt. You can do the same with Morocco, but you will not get a lot of gold from them because they will be losing a war against France. After finishing off Italy, send your fleet to help Morocco. You will need them as allies to defeat Ethiopia. Take over all European cities on the way and sell them to Egypt or Morocco. Fortify a defensive position around your capital then send a scout to find Ethiopia. Next, pay Egypt to DOW Ethiopia. Get open borders with Egypt and Morocco and begin sending troops with lots of cannons and melee units to the Ethiopian borders. With about 20 turns remaining you should have a medium sized army at the Ethiopian borders and Egypt will probably be at peace with them. Begin attacking Ethiopian cities with cannons from within the Egyptian borders and send a melee unit to take the city. As soon as the city is under your control, sell it to either Egypt or Morocco. Note: The country you sell it to must not be at war with Ethiopia and you must have open borders with them. As long as you keep your units within the borders of your allies, Ethiopia will not be able to attack your units. When you sell the conquered city to your allies, all enemy units surrounding that city will be moved instantly. Continue sending reinforcements to the front because you will still lose units (mostly melee). You should be able to defeat Ethiopia with a relatively small army in about 15 to 20 turns.

Easy "People of the Longhouse" achievement

 PC  The Longhouse is a unique building of the Iroquois that replaces the Workshop. It becomes available after researching Metal Casting in Medieval era. Build a Longhouse in a city with four forest tiles in its radius.

Easy "Raiders of the Lost Ark" achievement

 PC  Start New Game with following settings: Smallest size, easiest difficulty, no city states, four players, Atom Age. Place yourself (America), Egypt, and Germany on one team, and have any other player as the other team. Start the game and if Germany is not next to Egypt, restart. Begin by building the University and a few archaeologists. Search for an archaeological site in Egypt territory which is next to German territory (two tiles or directly adjacent). Move your archaeologist to the archaeological site and place a second archaeologist on German territory. When ready, gift one archaeologist to Germany then begin extracting the artifact.

 PC  Start a multiplayer "Hot Seat" game with the following settings: Tiny map, Pangaea map type, no city states, Atomic Era, no Barbarians. When choosing players, remove a player and select America, Germany, Egypt as the rest. Change player controls from AI to Human. Place a checkmark in the "Ready" box next to the host player and start the game. You will have all three civilizations under your control. Scout where each player is on the map. Settle an Egyptian city next to a dig site and set everything to the requirements of the achievement.

Easy "The Rhodes Colossus" achievement

 PC  Control Cairo by taking it from Egypt by force or by using having a master diplomat convince them to give up their capital by trading. You also need to open borders with all civilizations your railroad will pass through when you complete it.

Easy "Richard the Lionheart" achievement

 PC  Use the "random Europe" map, making sure you spawn near Jerusalem by reloading it. Build swordsmen and catapults and place them in Jerusalem's territory. After getting two catapults and five swordsmen (with Honor policies), declare war and take over the city.

Easy "Rock the Kasbah" achievement

 PC  Play against the Moroccan civilization and wait for them to build a Kasbah. Then, move a Great Musician on that tile and perform a concert tour. Note A concert tour can only be performed outside your own territory.

 PC  Alternately, play the Moroccan civilization and create however many cities desired. Build a Kasbah in a city. Trade that city to the opposition. Generate a Great Musician, buy one with Faith, or build a World Wonder that produces any Great Person or specifically produces a Great Musician. Then, negotiate an Open Borders contract with the opposition that has the Kasbah to get your Great Musician into enemy territory.

Easy "Ruler of the Seas" achievement

Gift ships to city-states, then declare war and destroy them. Afterwards, make peace.

Easy "Sacagawea's Legacy" achievement

 PC  Set up the game by selecting the Shoshone civilization. Set the type of map to "Continents" and the size to "Large" or "Huge". Then, enter the "Advanced Setup" menu and remove every AI opponent expect for one. Begin game play and explore the continent with your Pathfinder. This layout will prevent interference from your opponent who should be stuck on the other continent. Your Pathfinder needs to explore the ruins for them to be qualify for the achievement; finding them is not enough.

Easy "Seoul Power" achievement

 PC  Play the "Samurai Invasion" scenario under the Very Easy difficulty setting as the Korean faction. Re-conquer the Korean cities as fast as possible to win.

Easy "Taekwon-DOH!" achievement

 PC  Start the "Samurai Invasion of Korea" scenario and play as Korea. Pause game play, then select "Retire".

 PC  Alternately, play as Korea under the hardest difficulty setting. Begin by declaring war on Manchuria and allow Japan to kill your units and do not attack them. The goal is to give Japan enough points to get ahead of China. Japan will eventually kill all your units and take all of your cities. You must then allow all 100 turns to be played, at which point you will earn the achievement if Japan has more points than China.

Easy "That's XCOM baby!" achievement

 PC  Play in the Information Era with the CPU set to a higher difficulty setting. Research Satellites and Nanotechnology. Satellites will allow you to see which civilization has the most troops built up. Select one, then move the XCOM Squad near the region. An area with two towns within striking distance (two ranged tiles) is recommended. The XCOM Squad can paradrop at a distance of 40 tiles and can easily start from full health and drop immediately into a serious situation. Repeat the process or simply use a nuke until the achievement is earned.

 PC   Start an Information era game under the Settler difficulty setting on a duel map. Rush the nanotechnology research. Ignore the CPU, as it cannot war on you. If you win or lose by accident, continue playing. When done researching, send a few XCOM squads towards the nearest city-state. Surround one squad with the others as best as you possible. Gift the surrounding squads to the city-state. Save the game and declare war. If your squad survives, reload the saved game and gift the city-state some artillery for their farther unoccupied tiles. If you have uranium, send some death robots to replace your other XCOM squads.

 PC   Note: To get wiped out easily, declare war on a nation with a coastal city. Approach that city from the sea and park your XCOM embarkation ship within the city's radius. It will be destroyed within one turn.

Easy "Three Musketeers" achievement

 PC  Have three musketeers round up an enemy while standing next to each other. Next, use the musketeer in the middle to attack and kill the enemy unit. Note: In the Brave New World DLC it can also be done as Spain.

Easy "To Stand the Test of Time" achievement

 PC  The victory conditions are as follows.

  • Domination Victory: In the base game and Gods And Kings, you will get a domination victory if you are the last player in possession of your original capital. You do not have to entire wipe out all other players. In Brave New World, you must control all opposing players' original capitals.
  • Science Victory: You must build and launch a spaceship. To do this, you must first complete the Apollo Program project, then progress far enough in the technology tree to be able to build the components for the spaceship. All of the necessary technologies for this are in the Information Era (Modern and Future Eras in the base game), and require developing almost the entire tech tree. Once you have all the required components of the spaceship (or they become available), assemble them at your Capital. The spaceship will automatically be launched afterwards.
  • Cultural Victory: Fill five trees of Social Policies and complete the Utopia Project. Each tree has five policies; in order to win you must have acquired at least 25 Social Policies in 5 different policy trees, for a total of 30. Social policies are acquired with Culture, with the cost increasing for each new one. Cities that are founded and annexed will increase the amount of Culture needed, depending on map size. Thus, this condition becomes very difficult for large empires. To avoid this, limit the foundation of new cities; and when capturing other players' cities, make them puppets instead of annexing them. In Brave New World, Cultural Victory is a "Cultural Domination" victory. The goal is to use the Tourism game mechanic to influence all other civilizations still in game and achieve at least the Influential level of cultural influence with each one.
  • Diplomatic Victory: Win a vote in the United Nations. To win the vote, you must have the majority vote, and in order to gather more votes, you can become allies with City-States. The player who built the United Nations first has two votes instead of the usual one. Every civilization leader will vote for another civilization that liberated his capital (in which case this leader will get the vote). City-States will only vote if they are allied with a civilization, or a civilization liberated them in the past. Try to ally with the required number of City-States on the turn just before the UN vote. In Brave New World, the United Nations is not a buildable Wonder. It instead develops automatically from the World Congress when a Civilization reaches the Information Era or at least half of the world's Civilizations reach the Atomic Era. At that point, a new automatic vote for the World Leader starts every twenty turns. The conditions for winning this vote are mostly the same as winning the vote for any other resolution, except for the minimum number of votes required is based on number of civilizations and City-States.
  • Time Victory: Won by the player with the highest score by the end of the time period, assuming that no one has achieved any other victory type. The deadline for a time victory is usually the year 2050 AD, but can be changed to an earlier year or a predetermined number of years. At standard speed, 2050 AD occurs at turn 500.

Easy "Treasure Hunter" achievement

  • Start a Skirmish mode game and have one of your combat units to explore the area. They will eventually discover a ruin. There are a large number of ruins located in a single generated map. To find one yourself, build a scout for their added movement bonus (or a horse if in Medieval time period) and begin exploring.
  • Start a game with a small map under the easiest difficulty setting. Use your scout to explore the area until an ancient ruin is found. Move your unit on it.

Easy "Turks Shmurks!" achievement

 PC  It is possible to earn "Turks Shmurks!" after the scenario ends. Select the "Wait just one more turn" button then conquer Constantinople as any enemy power.

Easy "Turtle Power" achievement

 PC  The Turtle Boat is a unique unit of the Korean faction. Gift an Ironclad to a city-state, then declare war and destroy it with a Turtle Boat.

Easy "War Canoe Attack" achievement

 PC  Play as Askia, the Songhai leader. Set up a one on one game with no city states on a very small map of continents in a later age under the Settler difficulty setting. Build up and attack any size 1 city.

Easy "We are Family" achievement

 PC  Choose a standard-size map under the lowest difficulty setting. A "Pangaea" map is recommended to keep all the civilizations on the same land mass. Start by sending some units to begin exploring so you can find the other Capitals. To found a religion, build a shrine in at least one city to start generating Faith. Because 200 Faith is required to start a religion, it will be faster to have shrines in multiple cities. You must be the first to found a religion. By doing this, it will be easier to become the dominant religion in the other Capitals, and there will be no one to reverse your work. Once you have a religion, send any Great Prophets available to the other Capitals and have them spread your religion. You can use faith to purchase missionaries by going to a city screen. Note: Missionaries can enter enemy territory without consequences. If you are the dominant religion in another Civilization's Capital, their missionaries will spread your religion.

 PC  Play as Theodora (Byzantine) because she has more belief in religion. Choose the play "Pangaea" map to avoid travelling across an ocean. From the start, concentrate on Faith and get it as high as possible so you can found Pantheon and Religion quickly. Friendship with Religious City-States is also very useful. Your first Great Prophet must found a religion and your second one must enhance it. There are two nice Enhancer Beliefs, "Religious Text" and "Itinerant Preachers". Theodora can take both of them, and your religion will spread quickly on its own. After at least 30 turns under the fastest game setting, only the most resistant civilizations will still have their own religion, even if you do not use missionaries. You can dominate their religion in capitals with two or three Great Prophets. Note: Take "Tithe" as a Founder Belief. Because your religion will be very powerful, you will have a lot of followers around the world and this will result in a lot of gold. This will prove to be very useful, especially near the end, when the population is large.

Easy "Where's the Biathlon?" achievement

 PC  Choose the Danish faction and build or obtain a Norwegian Ski Infantry unit. Then, move it to a snow tile.

Easy "Whack a Mole" achievement

 PC  Station a spy of your own in your city. Your capital is recommended, because the CPU usually stations their spy there. Make sure you have a technological advantage so that the enemies have to spy on something. Then, wait until the enemy spy is discovered and killed.

Easy "The Wonder Years" achievement

 PC  Build the following Wonders.

Ancient Era
Great Library
Pyramids (requires Liberty policy track opener to be built in Brave New World)
Classical Era
Colossus (city must be built on coast)
Great Lighthouse (city must be built on coast)
Great Wall
Hanging Gardens (requires Tradition policy track opener to be built in Brave New World)
Circus Maximus (may require every city to have a Colosseum)
Heroic Epic (requires every city to have Barracks or equivalent)
National College (requires every city to have a Library or equivalent)
National Epic (requires every city to have a Monument or equivalent)
National Treasury (may require every city to have a Market or equivalent; not available in Brave New World)
Medieval Era
Angkor Wat
Chichen Itza
Hagia Sophia
Machu Pichu (must have a mountain within two tiles away from the city)
Notre Dame
Ironworks (requires every city to have a Workshop or equivalent)
Oxford University (requires every city to have a University or equivalent)
Renaissance Era
Forbidden Palace (requires Patronage policy track opener to be built in Brave New World)
Himeji Castle
Porcelain Tower
Sistine Chapel
Taj Mahal
Hermitage (requires Opera House or equivalent replacement in every city to be built in Brave New World]
Industrial Era
Big Ben (requires Commerce policy track opener to be built in Brave New World)
Brandenburg Gate
Louvre (Requires Exploration policy track opener to be built in Brave New World)
Modern Era
Eiffel Tower
Kremlin (requires Order policy track opener to be built in Brave New World)
Statue of Liberty (requires Freedom policy track opener to be built in Brave New World)
Atomic Era
Cristo Redentor
Sydney Opera House
Apollo Program
Manhattan Project
Information Era
United Nations (not available in Brave New World)
Utopia Project (can be built earlier with five full Social policy tracks; not available in Brave New World)

Easy "The World Is a Mess, and I Just Need to Rule It" achievement

 PC  Create a new custom game with two teams, at least eight civilizations (the more the better, with all but one of them AI controlled), and the maximum difficulty setting. Have one continent at the smallest possible size. Place all but one civilization on the first team. The second team gets the remaining civilization, as the common enemy. Start the game and wait for your allies to kill the only enemy. If the enemy civilization starts directly next to you, restart until you get a map where the enemy civilization is surrounded by your AI allies.

Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar II)

Brave New World

Denmark - The Vikings

Gods And Kings


Spain And Inca

Wonders Of The Ancient World