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Sift Heads 2

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Money clikclak
All weapons terminator
Invincibility lukyluke
Aborted Flight level abor
Red Morning level redm
Hunter Storm level hunt
Shift And Sift level shif
Killed By A God level kill
Light City level ligh
Transaction level tran
Trap level trap
Let's Roll level lets
Last Run level last



Skip videos

Press 0 during a video.

Zoom in

Right click and select the "Zoom In" option. This can be particularly useful in levels 1 and 4.
tvptptr drome mbrnfbe vcto, wi


Right click and uncheck the "Play" option. You can then shoot your target, then check the "Play" option again. This can be particularly useful in levels 5 and 10.


Level 1 (Aborted Flight): Kill the person with the gray hair as he walks to the airplane.
Level 2 (Red Morning): Kill the person who is sitting and after that kill the man who is running across the screen.
Level 3 (Bad Time): Shoot either the window on the left or where the woman is standing. After that, kill the man who puts his head up in the right window.
Level 4 (Hunter Storm): Kill the hidden girl in one of the small dark windows on the right side of the screen.
Level 5 (Shift And Sift): Either complete the race or press 0 to skip it, then shoot the tires.
Level 6 (Killed By A God): Shoot the man who will pass in the Lamborghini that appears from the top right.
Level 7 (Light City): Shoot the lower left corner of the "" billboard to make the panel go down and block the light. Shoot the man before he enters the car.
Level 8 (The Transaction): Shoot the weapons when they put them out (no one should die). After that, shoot the sniper on the rooftop.
Level 9 (The Trap): Shoot the light at the top of the room. Then, shoot the gun or hand of the man.
Level 10 (Lets Roll): Shoot the man on the motorcycle with the Desert Eagle. Quickly aim for his head.
Level 11 (Last Run): Follow the arrow keys.